My Vision

The world these days is passing through a critical stage. The political situation is growing extremely intricate day by day. The economic condition has become very depressing. Moral, religious and social degradation has almost reached its final limit. An atmosphere of rivalry, unrest and insecurity prevails everywhere. Every nation looks with jealous eyes upon her neighbour and utilizes all her resources in finding out means of exploiting it. The statesmen of the world are not quite ignorant of these facts. They are trying every means to reach a satisfactory solution of the various problems confronting the world. But the efforts of all the organisations set up for this purpose do not appear to bring forth encouraging results on the whole. The problem of world peace so prominent in the minds of the greatest politicians and statesmen is a mere illusion or a mirage.

The state of affairs in India does not hold out any bright prospect. Dissensions and party feeling are prevalent everywhere in the country. Self-interest is predominant. Moral principles are neglected. Problem of bread and butter is acute. But in spite of all these, some of us think that the country is progressing. The sign of progress they take to be the gradual drifting of the country towards the western type of civilization, which is based on pure materialism. But now the age of materialism must come to an end. The old order must change yielding place to new. The present structure of world civilization based upon electricity and atomic energy shall not remain in existence for long. It is destined to fall soon. The whole atmosphere is so much charged with the poisonous effect of absolute materialism that it is almost beyond human control to clear it. Time has almost matured for a change which is imminent and inevitable and for which the Godly energy in human form is already at work, as referred to in my book ‘Efficacy of Raja Yoga’. It may not at present seem convincing to some of us but it is a fact beyond doubt. The world shall know of him and his work in this respect after some time, when events have sufficiently come to light. Godly work is always accomplished through the agency of some human being of high calibre and not direct. The reason is that God does not possess mind (मनस), which is the only instrument to bring things into action. Man possesses mind which can be utilized for the purpose, but only when he has lost his feeling of individuality in toto. What remains in him after he has achieved complete negation of self, is not the human mind but only the Godly mind in pure and absolute state. Now Nature works through this Godly mind although apparently it exists within the frame of a human being.

I present before the readers a glimpse of the world that is to be, as I see it in my vision. Believe it or not, but that is my reading of Nature in the clairvoyant state. Signs are evident that the destruction of the undesirable elements in the world has already commenced. Such examples have occurred many a time before, during the period of the existence of this world. Rama's war against Ravana, Noah's flood, and the battle of Mahabharat are some of the many instances. Such a destruction is accomplished through various means. It may be through war or internal feud, through heavenly calamity such as volcanic upheaval or through similar other causes. The time is now ripe for its final phase and the world is rushing towards it with headlong speed. The action may come into full swing by the close of the present century, but some of the events enumerated below may take a longer time to come into effect.

The heat of the sun has been gradually diminishing for some time past and it may be a baffling problem for the scientists to tackle, as after some time life on the surface of the earth may become quite impossible, owing to insufficient heat in the sun. No solution of it is within their mental approach, in spite of all the material powers at their command. I may assure them that it will not at present diminish to that extent. The present decrease in the sun's heat is meant only to expedite nature's process of change and the personality deputed for that work is utilizing it for the purpose. It is an unfailing sign of the imminent upheaval in the entire structure of the world and after it, the sun will again resume its full glow. The same sign will appear again at the time of Mahapralaya (complete dissolution) but as it is a far-off thing, I do not like to dwell upon it here. One thing I may disclose in this connection for the interest of the readers. At the time of Mahapralaya, the pole star will deviate a few degrees from its position and will grow a bit hotter. A powerful energy in the form of a gas will begin to gush out from it and will ultimately destroy the world and everything else in existence. The action of destruction will start from the North Pole.

In consequence of the present upheaval, drastic changes will come into effect and the new structure of the world will be quite different from the one we see today. The fate of Great Britain will be sad. A part of it, i.e., its southern portion will sink into the sea. A volcanic energy in the latent state is at work in the heart of London and in course of time it will burst forth in the form of a volcanic eruption. The Gulf Stream will change its course and the country will become extremely cold. The fate of Europe too will be similar. Smaller countries will lose their existence. The future of Russia is in darkness. She cannot survive. The very weapon of Russia will serve as a pistol on her own head. Communism shall have its grave in its own homeland. As for America, she is in imminent danger of losing her wealth and in course of time she may almost be reduced to paupery. Her power and greatness too will sink along with it. India will regain her pristine glory and she will rise to prominence under her own government. Her suzerainty will extend far and wide and the world will look up to her for a beacon-light. But she too will have her share in the world upheaval. The germs of rebellion are developing in the country. A part of the country, i.e. eastern portion of Bengal will sink into the sea. The volcanic energy is also active and may seriously affect some parts of it, especially the state of Bihar. The Deccan plateau may, in the remote future, turn into an island. There will be enormous bloodshed all over the world and the loss of life through various causes will be so great that the world population will be considerably reduced. The new structure of the coming world will stand on bones and ashes. A type of civilization based on spiritualism will spring forth in India and it will, in due course, become the world civilization. No country or nation will survive without spirituality as its base, and every nation must sooner or later adopt the same course, if it wants to maintain her very existence.