Malik-e-Kul manifested in this form

Malik-e-Kul manifested

Life & works of Malik-e-Kul in human form is unique in spiritual and worldly aspects. We are duty bound to offer our profound respect to Him as Malik-e-Kul (Master of Totality), Khader-e-Mutalaq (Master of Nature) and Mabood (Worthy of Worship).Without His benign Grace and Love, there is no purpose of human life and we cannot experience His state, which transforms our life into Divine!

Ram Chandraji, affectionately called ‘Babuji’, was born in a respectable Kayastha family on Sunday, April 30, 1899 A.D. at 7.26am (Baisak Badi Panchami, Vikram Samvat 1856) at Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. His father, Rai Bahadur Shri Badri Prasad, was a well-known lawyer, a great historian, a scholar in English, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu and a honorary life-time special magistrate first class at Shahjahanpur.

Maternal influence played a significant role in Babuji’s life. Initially, He followed traditional methods of worship but found them unsatisfactory and non-beneficial. His thrust for something higher and superior remained and continued for years. He was praying all the time for a capable guide.

His search and long struggle yielded fruits at the age of 23 on June 3, 1922 when He came to the holy feet of His Master Shri Ram Chandraji (Lalaji saheb) of Fatehgarh in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

The immediate effect of His contact with Lalaji saheb was that it made Him decide on spot that He found a capable Master/Guide. From that moment, He became blind to everything in the world. He joined judicial service on January 12, 1925 as a record-keeper and retired in the same post in 1956, as His Master was also a record keeper in the district office at Fatehgarh.

He led a modest and ideal Grahastha (household) life. In 1949, when His wife Bhagwati passed away, His family responsibilities increased manifold and included upbringing four young sons and two daughters. He looked after them as an ideal father in a befitting manner, setting an example to all.

As a householder and responsible member of society, He observed all social customs and etiquettes while dealing with colleagues and relatives. Simple living was His second nature.

He avoided wasteful expenditure. He always cared for necessities of life and not luxuries. There is a lot to learn from His life while dealing in worldly matters.

It is noteworthy that Malik-e-Kul always kept His Master in His thoughts and views, leading a perfectly normal family life. He demonstrated that material and spiritual life can go on like two wheels of a cart.

Built of a fair, frail and handsome personality, Revered Master was very soft spoken and encouraging by nature. His humility and hospitality was to such an extent that most of the visiting abhyasis got carried away and bloated their ego. As many of them visited Him at Shahjahanpur daily, He ensured enough accommodation, good food and care with the help of His family members. Most abhyasis had emotional feelings with His family members when leaving His residence. His every gesture, word and act was so natural and captivating, reminding the age-old saying ‘practice before you preach’.

On the morning of August 15, 1931, He felt a great force or power both within and outside Him which, His inner voice assured Him of being bestowed by His Master, who went into Maha Samadhi (eternal rest) on the night of August 14, 1931. Thus His Master transferred His powers unto Him. That was, in fact, merging of Master in Him.

Revered Master’s contribution as works is rich and voluminous. Perceptible works are referred to in this web site.

In March 1945, He established the spiritual organisation Shri Ram Chandra Mission, named in the memory of Lalaji saheb, with Shahjahanpur as headquarter and became its Founder-President. He single-handedly looked after its administrative and financial functions smoothly with utmost economy.

His life-long mission has been to spread the message of Spirituality in India and the world over to encourage downhearted people towards the real goal of human life.

The great Master, appointed authorised trainers to impart spiritual training through Transmission (pranahuti) for the benefit of seekers at their respective places in India and abroad. As a result, the Mission’s training base expanded. He encouraged holding satsang frequently to develop understanding, respect and impart spiritual training, which was mixed with sweet tongue and soft suggestions, giving experiences and conditions. He used to appreciate and encourage abhyasis.

He never resorted to hi-tech publicity or high-sounding propaganda methods while spreading His message. Instead, He believed in each and every abhyasi to be a shining example depicting the Ideals of His Mission. He also toured across India and overseas for visiting Mission’s centres and to train seekers.

He also published ‘Sahaj Marg’ a bi-monthly spiritual magazine, in which He wrote many articles and also encouraged abhyasis to contribute articles to it, highlighting their views and experiences. He opened a press in His residential compound for printing the patrika and Mission’s books.

In spite of His pre-occupation with spiritual training and Mission’s activities, He authored several books in English, Hindi and Urdu, including ‘Commentary on Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg’, ‘Reality at Dawn’, ‘Efficacy of Raj Yoga’ (in the Light of Sahaj Marg), ‘Towards Infinity’, ‘Sahaj Marg Philosophy’, ‘Voice Real’ and His ‘Autobiography’. Each time, any one reads them, he/she gets new insights, inspiration and guidance. He also encouraged His associates to write books.

He was a role model to aspirants and demonstrated that the highest possible condition can be achieved in this very life itself within a short time.

We are fortunate enough to have a Perfect Master, whose state of being as Ultimate Reality is beyond the cycle of birth and death. It is this Divine Principle that we need to grasp and realise. Let us not be under the illusion that our Malik-e-Kul is not there. He is ever present in our hearts. The evidence of it is His Pranahuti!
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