By the grace of the Divine Master the Mission will shortly complete twenty five years in the service of humanity. On this holy and auspicious anniversary of the Great Master’s birthday, we are privileged to offer this publication – Voice Real – containing the quintessence of spiritual truth revealed by the Divine Master Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, President of our Mission. 

The paramount need for spiritual training at the highest possible level has been keenly felt, and the message of the Master contained in our earlier publications has only been an introduction to the practical spiritual training under Sahaj Marg offered to all aspirants. It is hoped that more and more seekers will find the way for achievement of the highest goal that is open to Man. It is with this hope that this Silver Jubilee commemoration volume is being placed in your hands. 

Vasant Panchami,



Publication Department

Voice Real (First Selection)