Part Two of the Autobiography of Revered Shri. Babuji starts about a little less (a few months) than thirteen years after the physical passing away of Shri Babuji’s spiritual guide and Master His Holiness Mahatma Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh,  known as Revered Lalaji Saheb. During this period of about thirteen years inner training for the work ahead, as well as some work in a sort of dormant oblivious state went on. In the first place Shri Babuji’s intercommunication with His  Master beyond material limitations continued, even though its open external expression remained suspended for certain practical considerations. Some persons, physically and socially close to Revered Lalaji, had claimed to be His representative and successor,  and they were trying some what deliberately to harm and even do away with the physical existence of Grand Master’s real representative in every possible way, including the use of certain spiritual techniques. Some  other quite  well advanced  disciples of the Grand Master, being averse to the false claims due to obvious lack of real effect, had started setting up organisations more or less in allegiance to the Grand Master, but centered mainly around these so-called advanced disciples as visible personalities to guide the multitudes attached to them on the age-old path of spirituality, as brought to them by the Grand Master, who had passed out of physical existence on August 14/15 (midnight), 1931. The visible work of Revered Babuji started taking concrete shape in the  summer season of 1944. The first entry in this second part of Revered Babuji’s Autobiography is on 10-5-1944.   This is preceded by a printed pamphlet or appeal in Urdu, in the name of ‘a servant of Revered Lalaji Saheb, belonging to Shahjahanpur’, and was issued by Shri Madan Mohan Lal, who was the recognized preceptor of the system of Yogic training at Shahjahanpur, as propounded by and practised under the guidance of the Grand Master, and His real brother Shri Raghubar Dayal Ji  of Kanpur, known as Chachaji or respected Uncle. This pamphlet preceding the entries in Babuji’s diary shall follow in English translation hereafter. In order to avoid personal references, to the best possible extent, proper names of persons, occurring in the text of the diary, have been indicated by a single letter with a number; and of places by a single letter followed by two dots.

Some additions in the text, with a view to making the meaning clear, were considered necessary.  These have been put within brackets.

Autobiography of Ram Chandra Part II Volume I