Ninth Maxim

"Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of Love and Piety in others."

WE receive power from our thought. It happens when we create harmony between the things of our making and those made by Him, in His way. The word "living" carries such a wide meaning that it covers all that sphere which appears next to God. There is uniformity too in divine behaviour, in a sense. For example, He gives to all equally. He has created air for all to breathe in, and so also many other things which foster growth of life, and on which alone life depends for its support. This is called the uniformity of behaviour. Now, His behaviour towards that which reaches Him after getting made up will be different. It is evident that man looks upon a thing made of clay when it comes before him, in a different way. We make a toy out of clay, our attraction towards it will be in a way, comparatively more towards that than clay. Similarly, when man goes before Him, with a make-up, His view of him will be entirely different. Therefore, it is evident that we have to mould ourselves in such a way that His Eye may be so turned to us that we may receive That Light directly. This is the behaviour of Nature which we have to imitate. Now, in our daily life which is before us, we have to behave in the same manner as God has done with us, and is still doing.

The dealings of Nature have been made apparent, and their effects too become prominent by looking at everything. Different colours are found in different things. A flower blooms in the garden and its colour is red. Another flower grows there only, the colour of which is yellow or blue; as if Nature is showing her glory in different colours. Everything is getting its share in accordance to what its ability and capacity is; as if she is dealing with them in this way maintaining her own form. We should just keep this very example in view in our dealings in every case. We should mould our dealings according to the needs. When this gets into harmony with Nature, it becomes effective; the result of which will be that people will begin to get attracted towards us. Now, if this is dealt in the right way, and you begin to give to others their due rights according to it, their attraction will automatically turn towards you. And this very attraction is called love. When you keep others right in view, others having come under the influence of the power developed in you due to the growth of harmony in you, will also maintain the same behaviour with you which you deserve.