Central Region

After crossing the Mind region there comes the Central region. Super- consciousness of the finest type comes in this region. The theory of invertendo comes in again-as explained in “The Commentary on Ten Commandments of SAHAJ MARG”.

Diagram No. V

What we find on the right side of the Heart, we find on the right side of this region too. D3 is the last stage of super-consciousness where every stage is gone- Zero-Nothingness. It is the super-finest state of super-consciousness.

This kind of super-consciousness is reserved for the Incarnation of Deity. The state is sometimes, though under very rare and exceptional circumstances, bestowed upon some special personality too, who generally comes for the change of the world. His position comes next to Incarnation of Deity. He practically enjoys the same position as regards the working of Nature.

Nature now requires change-a thorough overhauling-and for this purpose, I may assure you, a special personality has already come into existence and has been at work for about two and a half years.* The great sages of today with highest standing in spirituality, little known to the world in general, are working under his directions. Still more individuals are being prepared for the task ahead. Those who have eyes and vision may see and realise his working and its effect. The task ahead is of a very important nature, and Change will be the ultimate result. Time he may take, but the result is inevitable, after which the world will shine forth in its true colour. The time is soon at hand when the various forces of Nature, under his command will set to work under his guidance, after he has prepared field for it. They are waiting for the task. Such a personality gets power direct to keep the machinery of Nature in proper working order. Saints with clairvoyant vision of the highest type in spiritual phase (Yoga-Ja) who have got the capacity to inter-commune with the liberated souls, well developed, can justify these facts by directly communing with him or reading the Nature. Others will see the results in material form in due course.

*The period of two years and a half is reckoned from the date of the writing of the book, and about six years from the date of its first publication (1950). Thus it comes to about the end of the year 1944, since when he is at work for the change of the world.

To come again to the point, now here is the end of all our activities and we have now entered the Godly region in pure form. Our goal is achieved and we are admitted into it. Self is realised. We are above actual consciousness, which abides in the region of Heart and its potentiality which is rooted in the Mind region. We are now free from the endless circle of rebirth.

People may call this stage as Truth. It is not really Truth we have arrived at. Truth has been left behind and we are no more abiding in it. Truth carries with it the sense of something which is not there. Truth is really the refuse of the condition described as ‘ Nothingness '. To make it more clear, I would add that generally people admire “Truth” as it appears in the form of consciousness. Consciousness is not our goal. It is only a toy for children to play with. We have to reach a point where consciousness assumes its true form (i.e., what it really ought to be). We have to make a search for the Mother Tincture from which medicines are actually prepared. We are searching for the potentiality which creates consciousness, and if that too is gone then we find ourselves on the verge of true Reality-pure and simple. This philosophy is too high to be described adequately in words.

Do you understand when I say we have to find out ‘potentiality’? What is its origin or where does it come from? It comes from ‘ Tam’, the last resting place of a true Yogi. It is not one of the three Gunas but an expression of the condition at the stage as explained in my book “The Commentary on Ten Commandments of SAHAJ MARG.” The liberated souls partake of it-the real thing, just described- according to their rank and state. The impression held by certain philosophers that liberated souls do not possess the actual consciousness, but only the potentiality for it is wrong and misleading. No doubt the liberated souls develop their power so much that they utilise both consciousness and potentiality any way they like, but really they are above both; and then only follows liberation. If you have got potentiality developed in you, it means you have got something which is far away from the idea of Nothingness.

Philosophers generally want to drag others along their own line of thought. But to me it appears that it is not the proper way. It is really the practical experience only that can help one to realise himself. No other way or method, no book or scripture, can be of any avail in this respect. What a diversion from reality would it be to call realisation of Oneness or Nothingness as the realisation of truth. Truth has its own definition. But where we have to arrive at, finally, is beyond everything.

Before the discovery of the Central region “Truth” was predominant in almost every mind. Truth is everywhere, at every stage of human development. In spiritual science people generally use this word for denoting things as real. Anything away from matter can be called Truth. i.e., what remains where matter ends is called, Truth. But where both these things end, what would you call it? Can you call it as truth? No!, because when matter or solidity ends there comes activity proper or stimulus i.e. chaitanyata. If you move further on and cross both of them you reach a stage wherefrom these things have come, So long as you do not cross them, you are within the limits of Truth. When you cross it, it too goes away and it is only Inactiveness or Nothingness that remains.

People are hunting after egoism and they become prey to it. It appears either in the form of solid body or in the form of its final state or onwards. This is an impediment in realising God. It starts from the region of Heart and loses its density in solid form after the region is crossed. In other words subjectiveness abandons him and mineness (i.e., speaking of the body as mine) forsakes him after the Heart region is crossed and he has entered the Mind region of God. It is a fine state of egoism in this region, rather it is the refined form. But the defect is after all a defect. When it comes to the Mind region, where it resides, its force increases because you go with it and receive power from the motion appearing in the form of vibrations. Now if your goal is just what it really ought to be and the will for attaining it is also strong and perfect, you begin to draw in power from the Central region, which remodels it for further approach, When you proceed onwards i.e., into the Central region, it appears in the form of identity. It remains in force in that region till you leave your body. Thought is not there. You are in a way quite naked, so the egoism also appears in the naked form, which ultimately becomes the identity of the liberated souls. You may call it almost dead.

It will not be out of place if I dwell a little more on the subject for the readers to judge the stages of egoism in different spheres. The idea of egoism starts from the body. When you do anything under this influence, you feel the solidity of things with the idea that you (body) are doing it. This is the lowest or the crudest form of egoism. In this stage the eye of a person is located on his body. He sees and feels the body to be the doer and does not go beyond it. He has no idea of anything else except the physical body. This is the condition of ordinary people of the world. When you proceed onwards you feel that something other than your body is the doer of things. This is the second stage of egoism. Here the vision of a person passes on from the physical body to something inward or finer. Different people feel differently according to their own thoughts and beliefs. Some feel the soul doing all actions, and the body acting only like a machine or a tool in the hands of a Workman. It is the Workman who is really working, tools are only for his help. Similarly the real agency which is working is the soul and not the body. Some feel that Mind, God, Guru, (master) or whatever object they have adopted for their ideal, is really working and is the actual doer. Here the idea of the physical body as doing the action is forgotten. Go ahead and you will see that whatever is being done by you is not through the agency of either the body or something inward, as epitomised above. Now you take the right course and feel that the work is being done automatically with no idea of the doer. Neither your body nor the mind is the doer, nor do you feel any other agency doing the work. You only feel the work being done automatically, in whatever way it might be. ln this state, the questions, how ? by whom? or through what agency?, do not even cross your mind.

You go farther ahead, and no longer even feel the work being done. Rather you have no idea what-so-ever of the work being done either before or after the action has taken place, but it goes on automatically as need demands. It can better be understood by the following example. A man is sleeping; mosquitoes or ants bite him during sleep or he feels some itching sensation ; his hand automatically goes to that part of the body and he rubs or scratches it according to his need, but he remains in the sleeping state. Now he had no idea of the action, either before during or after it, and when he wakes up he does not even remember anything about it. When this condition is attained, i.e., the sleeping state in the waking condition, and you go on with it, doing everything as circumstances demand, without any idea of the work or its doer, then the actions you do leave no impression what-so-ever on you; and a little beyond, it is turned into identity.

These are the different stages of egoism which almost die out while entering the Central region. The thing I called identity, or the identity of the liberated souls remains even then. It disappears only in Maha-Pralaya, when everything comes to an end. Of course the so-called Zero remains even then. That means all the identities of the liberated souls, as well as those of others and everything else in existence merge into one and lose their individual identities; and this itself becomes an identity to bring forth Creation anew when the time comes.

One-who reaches there, controls the universe according to as he is directed. The directions come from the Absolute Base. I would have revealed here how directions proceed from the Absolute Base, but I do not, as it is likely to be misunderstood unless that sort of understanding (Anubhava) is acquired. Special powers are allotted to him and he begins to work with them. He feels the wave of Godly work and sets himself to it accordingly. Every order of God passes through him. He catches and reads everything in Nature. Everything remains vivid to his eye. Oneness is predominant. He feels everywhere the same, in and out. He cannot judge a stone, a man or a plant in the solidity of forms, as they are. Limitations end here. This is the final goal, and the problem of life is thoroughly solved. No worship or meditation is required here. The various powers of nature are at his command and he takes work from them. They obey him. There shall be one and only one such personality in the whole of the universe at a time. When the time of Maha-Pralaya comes such a one, then in existence, will work in conjunction with the liberated soul specially deputed for the purpose of dissolving the creation. The above mentioned liberated soul shall be nearer the Centre than the other ones. The landing place of liberated souls is shown in the diagram No. VI. They swim and swim near about the Centre the vast limitless Expanse- Infinite. The liberated souls will lose their identity altogether only when Maha-Pralaya, the state of dissolution comes in dead form as stated above.

The space shown round the dot marked C, the Centre, is the actual place of landing and swimming for the liberated souls. This is such a vast expanse that the first rishi of the time when the world was born is still swimming and has not yet been able to reach even the middling point of this ocean.

Diagram No. VI

Those who have got vision of the first type, or in other words that which they ought to have when they get into the Central region, can verify the truth of what I have stated above.

In this region the state I have described as Nothingness conveys the idea of something powerless. Centre in itself has no action within it, though near about it are the invisible motions, no doubt. It conveys the idea of something motionless and mute. If I open it further people will get puzzled. It is Infinite within itself and one will plunge into the sea of wonder and amazement if he steps further. It concerns purely with Anubhava of the highest type. Expression and imagination fail altogether. I shall be very glad if anyone, after higher attainments, offers me a chance for this humble service. Now God is described generally as having all power. We call Him ‘Almighty’ because we have some force within us which we think to be a part of the Big Power. The power we see in us is the outcome of that BIG ACTION which develops into power. You can better understand it if you take up the example of an electric dynamo.'This is a machine set up with magnets in a particular manner. Now this dynamo has no power in itself. But when it revolves it creates a sort of electric field and power begins to rush out from that field. The terminals that are fixed in the field at particular places pick up the power and the current begins to flow from the terminals although the magnets of the dynamo are not connected with the terminals, nor do they touch them. In the same way invisible motions near about the Centre create a sort of field of power which you may call as Central region. But there it has no action and is quite silent. It only begins to rush out from the Central region through proper terminals in the form of different powers of nature.

Have you understood the idea of ‘Nothingness’ or ‘Zero’ ? This is the greatest philosophy I am revealing. People may grasp it or not in the beginning, but in due course they will surely begin to realise it as such. Mysterious are the ways of God, as they say, because the mystery behind the scene is hidden from them. Naked form of God appears only to those who really go swimming in the waves and reach near about the Centre. I assure you that this is all my reading of Nature or Anubhava in true sense. It is all due to the thorough practice of RAJ YOGA and the blessings of my Master that lie pouring upon me in every fiber of my being.

People may wonder when I say it is the focussing light coming from the Centre to the end of the Central region, making something like a ring where the Central region ends ; although LIGHT is not the exact translation of the thing. Light, really, is a far more heavy thing than what that actually is, and is left far behind. But it has been expressed so merely for the sake of understanding. Whatever we find in the Central region is the real thing in pure and naked form. There is no amalgamation what-so-ever in it. Now, to enter this region, we have to cross what is expressed above as ring, and it is only the force of one’s master which makes his way smooth into that region (i.e. The Central region) where the powerful thing which I have called Light, for mere understanding, ends. It creates a force at the end which we have to cross, and this is only possible when a push from the Mind region is given by his master, who is the only power capable of the task.

The point marked ‘C’ in diagram No. VI is the Centre. Whether you call it God or anything else for expression, this is the main point, this point is absolutely motionless and there is no energy, no power, nor anything of the sort. Just adjacent to it is the latent motion, which generates power that issues henceforth. The Centre only maintains the latent motion. The colour of this place can be expressed as a faint reflection of colourlessness. It is throwing forth in the Central region something in the shadowy form expressed above as ‘Light.’ The shadowy form of the region is due to it, and it is the swimming place for the liberated souls. We can reach there even when having our bodies and can begin swimming like the liberated souls even in our life time. This is one of the marvelous inventions of my Lord Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh, U.P., who has made it accessible and practicable. As far as the vision of the inward eye goes, no such example is ever found in the history of spiritual attainments. If we develop this stage, we establish ourselves there even before leaving our body and the swimming continues after we leave the body. We are now swimming in utter ‘Nothingness’, so to say.

The latent motions generated power which rushed out and created something that can, for the sake of understanding, be expressed like the eggs of a fish in the spawn. These egg-like things are full of concentrated essence of power and energy created by invisible motions. Now all these three, i.e., the Centre, the latent motion, and the so called egg--like things are so adjacent to one another that it is very difficult to distinguish them each separately, and all seem to be one or adjusted together as one. The colour of the place may be expressed as greyish, like that of dawn, or more appropriately only a faint reflection of that colour, rather spirit or essence of the colour of which dawn is the material manifestation.

To come again to the point, one cell (i.e. the egg-like thing described above) is the master of one world, giving life to that part of the universe .and controlling it. There are as many worlds in the universe as there are cells (egg-like things) about the Centre. If a yogi utilizes the power which these cells contain, by splitting the energy it is composed of, the people may forget the atom bomb. Arjuna had the capacity of splitting this energy into parts and could utilise it at any time to create havoc. But according to the rules of war current at the time, none could use a weapon which was not resistible. So Arjuna did not make use of it. This was revealed by Bhishma Pitamah to Duryodhan, when the latter had consultations with him regarding the impending war at Kurukshetra.

So the splitting of the atom to produce atomic energy in the modern times is not entirely a new thing hitherto quite unknown to the world. There is also another instance, still older, which has been revealed to me. During the time of Ramayan Hanuman, by his will-force, utilised certain power or gaseous energy found in the sea-water round about Ceylon for burning the fort and city of Ravan, whether it is still there or not let modern science try to ascertain. This, which he could do by his will force, westerners require instruments for.

People may object that the power near about the Centre now appearing in the egg-like things goes to show that these things are part and parcel of the Centre, and thus the Centre has itself become a nest. But they must bear in mind that these are so described only for the sake of expression and understanding by an example in the solid form, There are, no doubt, some egg-like things about the Centre; you may call them power or energy working absolutely in a definite order. It could he expressed only as above. You may understand it better if you take the example of the field of a magnetic pole. In order to trace the field and its force, or the directions and the points of its working, put a sheet of paper or a glass plate and pour down some iron filings on it. Place a magnet beneath the plate, tap it and the filings will arrange themselves in a particular pattern. If you mix them up and tap again they will again set in the same manner, which indicates the lines and the points about which the magnetic force of the pole is working. But the lines and the points as shown by the filings are not the actual field or force. They have been used only to locate or understand the field and force. Similarly the example of the eggs of a fish has been given only for the sake of expressing the forces working around the Centre and which It maintains. Thus, as a result, the solar system and everything in the universe is complete. But as it is altogether a different subject I am not going to discuss it here. I may deal with it elsewhere if I get time. There is one cell or egg-like thing which is bigger and brighter than all the rest. You may call it the master cell. The master cell is directly connected with and controlling the world we live in, and it is due to this fact only that the personalities we have here in this world are not to be found anywhere else in other worlds. We (in other words our world) are connected with the master cell, so we have almost the same force and power as possessed by the master cell.

I may also reveal the reality about the creation. Before the creation came into effect there was only the latent motion around the Centre, and adjacent to it and in it was present the idea of creation (kshobh). You may call it motion, vibration, force or anything for your understanding. It was the ultimate cause of creation and of everything else necessary for it. When the time of creation came, the idea, which lay hidden or sleeping in the latent motion, matured and churned up the whole motion and created a force or power which rushed out. The jerks concentrated the power or energy in the form I have expressed above as cells or the egg-like things. The master cell is the outcome of the first jerk and has therefore the concentration of all the powers and energy in full force, hence bigger and brighter than all the rest. Other eggs were formed by the concentration of the energy that kept flowing, and could not be so powerful and bright. It can be better understood if we take up the example of a fire-spout or Anar (a fire work). The main current comes out directly with full force, the other sparks have not the same force or power; but all, taken together, make up a tree or fountain of fire sparks.

The master egg or cell is the essence of things appearing in the form described as egg-like things. Just as the thing below the Centre is the essence or substratum of life, all smaller ones are wound up in a large one having connection with it, which is called the master cell. It is like a big drop of ocean the foams of which are swimming about. In other words it is the power-house for worlds connected with this big drop. You will find the same wave in the master cell and its force applicable to other cells as well. It is like the cream churned by the first motion, You will see the greatest personality always in existence in this world. Sages born here in this world have often controlled other worlds too, under directions from the Absolute Base, which they receive in the form of vibrations in the Central region.

To tell you the truth the Personality who has now come down for the Change is the only person throughout the universe. He can appear in the Sun and the Moon, in astral form, at any time he likes. He picks up work for the worlds other than our own. If you just develop your vision you will find such a personality stretching himself throughout the Godly empire, although having his physical body at one place only. People may take it to be mere fancy or an imaginary drama. But we differ widely from them. He is playing the part of Nature in true sense.

It is commonly believed that “ God created man in His own image.” All the religions, philosophies and sciences of the world are unanimous on this point. It does not mean that the physical form of God is the same as that of man, with the human body made of flesh, bones, skin, etc., possessing arms, legs and other limbs. It really means that a man possesses, or is composed of, all the powers, forces and energy which are present in Nature in the same order.

A poet has said :

“Yeh jo surat hai teri surat-i-janan

hai yahi, Yahi naqsha hai yahi rang

hai saman hai yahi”,

"Your appearance is the same as that of

the Beloved. Its form, colour and

everything else is exactly the same."

Now I may tell you the position of these things in the human body. The Centre as explained by me has got its position on the back side of a man’s skull, called occipital prominence, as shown in diagram No. V. It has connection with the only Real thing. It is the essence of life and has got all the powers essential for the upkeep of the body. It is a pulpy substance, less than even a hair’s breadth, and the colour is grey like that of dawn, or only its faint reflection as already explained above. The cells or egg-like things described above, near the Centre, are actually found to be present near this point also in the material form. They have their connection with the master cell near the Centre. I am afraid I have not been able to express this idea fully well as it can only be felt or realised and cannot be expressed in words. I have said enough to express it as far as possible. This is all my research through Anubhava or reading of Nature which is due to my making by my Master, who, by his grace, has favoured me with this vision.

Now as we have practically finished the main subject we take up another point in the human body which is below the Central region. It is the crude form of the Centre-the reactionary thing-I call it the Destructive eye. Havoc can be wrought and the world can be brought to decay or utter destruction by its effect if thrown forth. I am not going to disclose its actual position as it has no connection with the main theme, nor am I allowed to disclose it. I have discussed completely, though in brief, every possible thing in this connection. I would now dwell a little more on this point too to complete the chain.

This destructive eye was kept open by Lord Krishna for eighteen days on the battle field during Mahabharat to the extent of destruction required at the time. It will be opened once again. Lord Krishna had come for the change. He saw the atmosphere growing poisonous due to the existing elements at the time. He ultimately contemplated the scheme of Mahabharat. He began to destroy those elements by his will-force twenty four years before the actual incident took place. When the time of Mahabharat came and the warriors were on the battle field, he opened his destructive eye at the spot. The signs are now again visible on the horizon, of course not so coarse as they were then; darkness is prevailing, poisonous elements have entered the cosmos, world is demanding change, for which duty has been assigned to some body by Nature herself.

I have shown the efficacy of Raj Yoga. It is the only thing which can weave one’s destiny. It is complete in itself. Practice and anubhava only can reveal it. I do not ask you to believe me blindly, but I would most solemnly request you to practice it in right earnest and see that things are coming to your knowledge. There are other methods too to practice Raj-Yoga ; but I assure you this method as given in this book is the most befitting. My sincere advice to the readers is to seek the adept in this science. It is very difficult to find such a person, but they are there, no doubt, in this world.

I tell you an easy method of finding them out. If you sit beside such a person, never mind he be a sannyasi or a grihastha, calmness-the nature of self, will remain predominant and you will be carefree for the time being. You will remain in touch with the Real thing so long as you are with him. The effect is automatic, i.e., even if he does not exert himself. So if you really want to search for such a person what you have to do is only to look to your own heart and note the condition of your mind. It becomes comparatively calm and quiet, and the different ideas that have been haunting your mind and troubling you all the time are away so long as you are with him. But one thing is to be clearly borne in mind that mind should not in any way be taxed and there should be no heaviness. Because this effect (keeping off the ideas and bringing the working of the mind to a stand-still) can be brought forth also by those who have mastered the baser sciences, e.g., mesmerism and hypnotism, etc. But the difference between the two is that in the latter case heaviness, exhaustion and dullness of the mind and physique will be felt, while in the former case the person will feel lightness and at the same time calmness shall be prevailing all over. It is just possible that you may not be able to judge it at the first glance, but constant company with the person will surely offer you clear hints and indications in this respect.

Now-a-days researches in this science are generally neglected. There are still many things to be known and solved. But you can pick up pearls only when you dive deep into the ocean.