My Master

Great men are not accidentally born, but when the time needs them most, they come, do their job and go-such is the phenomenon of nature. India, which has always been the home of spirituality, was groping in darkness and had totally forgotten the age-old system of yoga. Solid materialism had taken the place of fine spiritualism. Dark clouds of ignorance were hovering all over. Yogic transmission had become quite foreign to the Hindus. At this stage, when spirituality was tottering helplessly, some great Personality was urgently needed to set things right for the uplift of mankind.

At such a time the power of Nature descended in human form as Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, at Farrukhabad (U.P.). This spiritual genius was born on Basant Panchami, the February 2, 1873 in a respectable Kayastha family. His childhood was influenced by his mother, a noble minded simple lady, who spent most of her time in devotion and worship. It was due to her influence that he received inspiration at a very early age. The incident goes that one day while he was playing with his mates, some Divine force aroused in him the feeling that he had not come for the purpose he was engaged in. He had to realize himself and to equip himself for the greater task ahead. The soul was awakened, and he set to it in right earnest. He attained perfection in only seven months- really an un-paralleled example. Since then he devoted the whole of his life to the cause of spirituality.

He was an embodiment of moderation, toleration and devotion, devoid of egoism altogether. With him dawned the new era of yogic training through Transmission, of which he was the Master. He could bring a man to perfection simply at a glance. It was he who made it possible that a man could attain perfection in one life only, even while leading a family life in grihastha ashram. He used to say that the troubles and miseries of grihastha life are the penances and sacrifices for spiritual attainments. He had simplified the methods of spiritual training to a great extent and adjusted them to suit the requirements of the time. Among his innumerable researches in the spiritual field, one is given under the head of “Central Region” in this book.

With such a high calibre and spiritual dignity, he devoted every moment of his life to the uplift of humanity; and after serving the masses for about 36 years, he left his material form at the age of 58 on the 14th August 1931. He was really a Nature‘s Prodigy. The work which he did during his life time is beyond conception. Posterity will know his merits in due course.