Mind Region

After crossing the region of Heart we enter the First or the Super-Mind of God. No word can express the condition which one feels there. There are only such symptoms, as give an idea of this big region. What we gain in the region of Heart is beyond one’s conception. Now we take up the higher stage. The essence of the region of Heart lies there. The present form of the universe is due to the actions of that Big Mind. They are all power, no amalgamation and no light. We have said that calmness remains predominant in the region of Heart when it comes in original form. What kind of calmness prevails there is beyond one’s conception, but in order to express it somehow or other I may say that if calmness prevailing in the Heart region be refined, it may roughly express the type or character of the calmness in the region of Mind. It is only an idea of calmness that now remains; in other words the forgetful state of calmness is dominating there, which is not the only thing to be acquired. Our Anubhava-Shakti develops mostly when we enter this region. It remains now on one’s part to feel. From here the things come in shape and light. There is motion. Invisible motions, when multiplying together with the idea of creation, increase the force downwards. The outcome is the innumerable varieties we find in the universe. It is beyond ethereal force. Air does not blow there. This is the most powerful region of God. For your understanding you may call it the Power House for setting the Godly machinery agoing. Motionless things (appearing as invisible motion) exciting vibrations are there, having great power. It is very difficult to explain this idea which can only be felt. People may doubt how calmness can abide when motion is there, imperceptible though it be. I would say that there is calmness in refined form, and it is imperceptible, just as the idea about creation is expressed as imperceptible. Still it is something after all. We have not yet come to the point expressed as Nothingness or Zero. When can we enter this state? Only when, we make ourselves as such. We get power from the First Mind to reach the state of Zero. This is the state, which even angels crave for. Air of this state can be felt by him and him alone, who has abandoned all airs, i.e., who has become a living dead, Divine effulgence too now vanishes, though still there remains something. But where ? Only a little way off and then that too gives way. It means you are now making preparation for entering the stage you have to attain. The limit of divine effulgence extends only a little way farther, beyond which remains mere conception. Go ahead and that too is gone, Expression now fails. The region of Mind is crossed.