Freedom from Freedom

Freedom from Freedom

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We are here again to take stock of our work on the path of the Master Almighty, for the benefit of His children of all ages and climes. I eagerly wish that all my sisters and brothers in the world may taste the tasteless taste of Mergence. Then you can understand the efficacy of the System in a better way. Life is not the life we are living. There is something beyond and beyond. I hope all of us will see the better days, if we are devoted to Him and Him alone.

We should not dwell in the thought that God does not exist. It is the Place where we should stay and that is the main Goal of life. All of us are proceeding towards Divinity or the Goal of life — some consciously and some unconsciously. They who proceed consciously are as if swimming in calm waters. Those who are proceeding unconsciously are beating their hands and feet in the sand of the desert. Master, of course, is the medium between the two, and He tries to create relationship of an abhyasi with God. When that is done, part of His duty is over.

People ask the meaning of life. Life is meaningless in some person’s minds, and this is a suicidal idea. Life has its meaning, because there comes a force with it and this reminds us of something which should be very precious to those who want to keep it within them. Accepting turning towards the spiritual life is the beginning of life , the highest state of it is 'Life in Life', which lies hidden in life itself. We should start for that life, which is to be entered into. All our abhyas leads us to that life.

Transmission gives a new life to the sleeping condition of man and prepares for the highest approach reserved for human beings. Not only that; it transforms the whole being, shattering all the obstacles in the way of progress. The true meaning of Realisation is 'Death of Death' or 'End of End'. If a man is absorbed in this condition, it means the way is clear now. The time has changed to such a great extent that, so many persons in India do not know what Transmission is. It is my Master alone who gave light to the Original Source, which was nearly dried. His Message to Mankind may aptly be pronounced as ‘Oh, bounded ones, now start to look for becoming free’.

Everybody likes freedom. But few take care to acquire 'freedom from freedom'. This higher stage is the result of total submission to Master Supreme.  It is all absorbing attachment (bondage) to Reality alone, which liberates one
from every other bondage.

Liberation can make one free from all the earthly bondages. When a person wants his evolution, Nature helps him. Doctor gives bitter pills to the patient even when he loves the patient dearly. God wants to see His Creation quite befitting, pious and clean. So it is the Law of Nature that He does everything necessary to open the door of evolution. "A bad workman quarrels with his tools" is the proverb. What we think bad and troublesome, becomes the way of freedom. My Master, in great agony due to abscess of the liver, said on seeing tears in the eyes of His disciples that, though He could cure His disease in no time, He did not want to meddle with God's ways.

Really, we are living in the world which has been spoilt by us and it can be called a prison. We imbibe the vicious thoughts and its affect is there in this world. But in spite of the fact that we are in prison, we should be free from this idea. The accused are in jail and officials of the government are also in jail. The former think they are in prison, but the latter do not feel that they are imprisoned. If sufferings are there, nectar is also there.

Pangs and troubles created by undisciplined mind can be relieved only by making the mind well disciplined and that is possible when you adhere to the principles of Sahaj Marg. If somehow, members of a family are spiritualised, environment of the house is changed. Inner peace is more important than all the riches of the world. When we inwardly develop, in and out become the same. In this way, Purity begins to reign all over. Thus, we help Nature also.

Everywhere, I find the people poor in Spirituality. All of us should try to make up the deficiency. In spite of our labour, the flower is still in the bud. It is not that we are lacking in our efforts, but people are not cooperating as they should. Power we have got, but the welcoming attitude is not there. It will also groom in course of time. When the sound of the Mission resounds, it falls almost everywhere and produces its effects sooner or later. So our efforts never go in vain. If drops continually fall, river is the result.

We should have good heart for all human beings. Then the power will run to them automatically. I think this is the first step of spiritual regeneration. The edifice of Spirituality is to be erected on this foundation. When you have a mind to do the work for the good of Humanity, you will naturally get it. But our duty is to educate the people, so that they may take the right step. If you do something good to Humanity, it is not a desire, but duty. I have got such a broad heart given by Master that, I want to cover all Humanity. The helping hand of my Master is at the back.

May the Master's Blessings descend on earth and Sahaj Marg lead one and all from despair and bondage to real peace and freedom. Amen !

On the Eve of His 80th Birthday Celebration, 30th April 1979