Use Divine Power

Use Divine Power

I am so happy today to speak amongst us, with warm thanks to Chikkaputte Gowda, who has given this house for the work under the banner of Sri Ram Chandra Mission, which I am now declaring open. Things come and go, but memory flourishes, which always reminds the coming generation of the good task that has been done and they are encouraged to do so for the smooth functioning of the spiritual work.

The present question before the world is how to lead a happy life. But the difficulty comes, when we move forward, our back is towards the sun. The intellectuality works in its own narrow sphere. We should always take the broader view of things and widen it so that it may be able to cross its own boundary. When the boundary is crossed, you open yourself to be embraced to Reality. Dogmas will do you no good. They will attach you to their own narrow sphere, which is not fit to be looked into. When you begin to embrace Reality, It echoes towards you also. That is , due to that you are on the path. Develop it further, so that you test the taste of the thing. Generally, it has been our habit to talk about the substance, but not to grasp it. Grasping can only be done if you become all of Him. The scriptures will give you the clue to Reality, but you will have to proceed yourself. It is very easy to talk about Creation, but as to what part we have to play in it remains always silent.

They look to others and blame that they are not doing their duty well, but they do not peep into themselves to realise what they have to do to others. They are mostly prepared to blame Divinity, as to why there are so many miseries and troubles in the world. They do not think what part they have played for the good of the world. They never think that they are spoiling the world themselves and are creating complexities in the real flow of Nature. The thinking has become so rough that they always add their own impure thoughts in the span of Nature. Complexities after complexities are there and it is the creation of human brain. They are responsible for these things, because the Mind developed after the Energy descended from its Centre for the formation of the world. Alongside the mind, wrong thinking also developed, but they hold God responsible for all these miseries, pangs and sufferings of the world. So they must destroy their own creation so that world may become again glittering and shinning. The process they should seek, which may be the subtlest for the subtlest, and that can be Yoga alone. Our system, which we call Sahaj Marg, stands for It. There are researches in the field also and my Master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, has remodeled the Yoga in a way that somehow you may come into contact with the Divine speedily. The main feature of the System is, we get plenty of help from Master. Simple meditation is prescribed, which helps all along in the spiritual pursuit. Do not believe anything unless you have tested it. Sahaj Marg is an open chapter for seekers to have their own experience to believe

As an advice to seekers, I like to add that mind can be known by mind and Divinity can be known by Divinity, or in other words, we should use the Divine Power for the sake of Divinity. The sun is there, but the over-cloudiness you will have to remove yourself, to have its full lustre. For this, the method, which directly touches the core of the being is necessary.


On the opening of Yogashram at Channapatna on February 20th, 1972