Fifth Maxim

"Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful."

TO be truthful, in fact, means to represent oneself as he is. This is such a condition or state of being having attained which man begins to exclaim: "It is as it is"! No words can translate this condition in any way. This is the condition which is, in fact, real and real alone. It is like adding a kind of blemish in this state of being to really indicate it by the word "condition". This, in fact, is the point at which all the powers get drawn in and accumulated at the time of pralaya — Dissolution and nothing but Absolute Reality remains in existence. Now, the word Reality too, which I have used, does not convey its true sense as all perceptions end here in toto. If we call it as 'power' we lay a sort of veil of materiality over it. Now, what to say when even to say is negated! If we use the word 'Negation' for it, even then a faint idea or thought of some covering remains. Well, what now? Now, the word 'Existence' remains by which we may possibly express it. If we fix our thought on it, even then a faint idea of something begins to come at its end, and once again the feeling of the same materiality begins. If we let our thought run to it by banishing both these views, even then something or other remains. Now, tell me what to say! Nothing can now clarify it. It can only be exclaimed. "It is as it is"! Its image can be assumed only by negating all the assumption at the end of everything. It depends upon the practice so that one may bring himself up to it by means of right behaviour. The state of steadiness is exhausted even before reaching the Destination. Then Reality begins to come to consciousness, and when consciousness too ends, it may be considered to have arrived at its original condition.

We cultivate the habit of speaking truth because we should be able to behave in such a manner by getting attached with that which has been mentioned above, by which Nature has started its activities. Now, the colour of devotion begins by which a devotee begins to feel the devotion. Even the severity of the beloved appeals to the lover, and such tenderness is felt in it and such love drips from it that he is very pleased with it. The rebukes which he receives from the beloved appeal to him very much, and he also gets pleasure out of it. If the gross forms of the rebukes are considered, they take up painful forms. People begin to name them as miseries. Even this, which has come in solid form, is easily acceptable to him and its effect on the heart begins to give a kind of refreshing breeze. When this state develops, the attitude which develops in it can be called a state of thankfulness or gratefulness. This indicates how nicely he has welcomed it, and he is now happy in that state alone because all these have come from his Beloved.

Do not complain of misery, because it

(complaining) is far from etiquette.

Happiness cannot be had without

undergoing miseries."

                                                      — from a poet

The result of this is bliss all over and lie begins to enter into the sphere of Miss. When lie gets sufficient practice in this sphere, this bliss becomes his instinct and its consciousness too stops coming into his thought. Further on, it comes to such a pass that even its glamour and charm is found no more in this sphere. Nothing more need remain when this state has come. His swimming begins in that sphere which is the Real Origin. Further on, the concept of swimming would go away. The power generated by the forbearance and endurance helps him in this pursuit and lie enters the sphere the limit of which has been described above, and whatever happens next has been sufficiently dealt with. The rebukes of the beloved are very much appealing to the lover and a kind of tickling sensation is created in him by them. The stage is often reached by abhyasis in our System. He even gets pleasure and begins to like it. The result of this is that lie enters the sphere written above. Now, how much beneficial to him was this thing which had come for him from above! When lie proceeds further on this sphere, he begins to feel that all these things have come for his good, which have appeared in the form of miseries and rebukes. Think deeply, how much valuable these things have been which can be called as a form of gift!  Thus, why one should not become happy and spontaneously exclaim such words which people generally express in the form of thankfulness or gratefulness!