Editor’s note

Coming to this final third volume of Revered Master Shri Babuji’s Autobiography part two, careful sincere readers and students of these volumes/treatises will note the immensity and profoundness of Revered Master’s concern about and insight into the nature and character of real spirituality and whatever beyond, as against the deformities and defacements of the superb discipline/science, prevalent as popular establishments and notions of spirituality and Divinity everywhere. He stands majestically firm and uncompromising, inspite of all humility and courtesy, against any individual or tradition, where matters of principles be involved. In this volume we come across some detailed account of the growth of the Sahaj Marga System of Yogic Practice and theory along with the consolidation of the foundations of the organization , Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P). India. There are also passing references to rather mystical work of Nature concerning concrete events in the material-physical world and socio-political structures, available to external observation and so-called humane interest and sensitivity. These different aspects of the Revered Master Shri Babuji’s contributions may appear more or less interesting to various people or persons according to their individual inclinations and attitudes, which naturally go to constitute their bases of attachment or whatever to the personality and work of the author of the series of these volumes/treatises. The task of editing this rather voluminous text, as announced at the very outset, has remained limited mainly to an unobtrusive presentation of the whole material, as it is, without interference of interpretation or elaboration except where and what may be necessitated in the interest of clarity for various categories of those who are to make use of these volumes within and beyond the boundaries of class, clime and time; As a student, attached to Shri Babuji, chiefly according to His own choice, however, I like to mention my own preference and priority to the magnificient contribution, of the whole series of these volumes generally and this third volume mainly, to the continuation and rejuvenation of the tradition of pure and real current of Spirituality and Brahmavidya (Science of the Ultimate) through the ages as available to posterity. As such, it remains most useful as an inevitable help to continued training by the Revered Master to anybody so interested, as it comes to me. In this regard, I feel duty-bound to my fellow-brethren, to make a mention of my own view and feeling, as I have often been repeating otherwise, that we owe to Revered Master Shri Babuji, preservation and enhancement of this aspect of His contribution, above anything else. May it come to be like that through His ever-present Grace and Benediction.

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Shri Ram Chandra – Contribution (April 1945 – June 1955)