The President’s First Message To People in South India-Voice Real

Dear ones,

It is with feeling of deep pleasure that I found an opportunity of sending my message to you. It may be the shortest message, but it has gushed out from the deep core of my heart with love and affection.

The soul is longing to feel its real nature which has gone out of sight, and this insignificant being is seeking his fellow pilgrims to march on the path of freedom. My desire, my longing to get the fellow traveller is only for the sake of helping him to reach his destination safely. The idea may seem foreign to you at first sight. But if you pause a little, to consider the problem of the destination, you will surely come to the conclusion that you are sailing towards your own home, wherefrom you have been snatched away by the irony of fate.
When we use the phrase ‘irony of fate’, the idea of unbalancing of character presents itself to our memory. As long as there was the balanced state we had no form of our own. We have now simply to unfold ourselves and to restore the balance of our own which we have lost.

How simple it looks when we say that we have to restore our balance. It is of course a very simple thing, but it becomes very difficult to achieve, because with the unbalanced state we have created intricacies. We always like to seek our way, or to solve our problems of life through difficult methods so prevalent in our country. That is why disappointment and frustration are the result. They draw the oil from the fatty substance, that is, from those who are swelled with the material knowledge. But they never try to meet a real unassuming spiritualist to derive from him phosphorescent matter which might illumine the particles of their being, however soiled they may be. The difficulty then becomes greater in the struggle.
Adopt easy means for gaining the easy thing. Dogma can do you no good. It is the practical thing which will weave your destiny under a guide who has covered the entire distance upto the Origin.

There are such men in India who can very easily guide you to the destination. But the selection of a guide you will have to make yourself, the criterion for which should be service with no selfish motive on the part of the guide. One more thing to consider is that he who can instill you with the internal divine power to make your task easy is the only capable person to deliver to you the divine knowledge. To get such a man is the sure sign that the problem of life will be solved without doubt. I must pray for you all seekers that you may get such a guide. May God help you.

I think there remains now little on my part except to pray for a guide for your spiritual elevation. May you all see the light of the day. This message has gushed out from the bottom of my heart with love for our most dear ones.