Torch of Spirituality: Babuji Maharaj

Torch of Spirituality

I appreciate your enthusiasm marked with the celebration of my 75th birthday. If I look to myself, keeping it in view, the question arises, whether I am fit for this sort of occasion. The reply comes that it is all the power of abhyasis, which is working in harmony with my inner feelings. So the credit goes to you. I am simply a toy in the hands of the Master.

I was and I am weak still. But when I think of the Master, I become young with all-percolating influence of the great. The disease is hated by all who suffer.  But, basically, it is very purifying. When impure samskars come into bhog, the eyes of the Creator are towards us. It serves as a cradle for rocking the baby and we get nourished. Even when the virtuous samskars come for bhog, the eyes of God are towards us. It means, we are benefited by the disease also, which takes along with it the vicious samskars. All this is the play of His Love. Do not feel surprised, if I say love and hatred are the same. Love is only positive thinking and hatred is negative thinking. It is very strange that people do not like to remember God, who is so merciful and kind. All His actions are greatly beneficial to us. People think that remembering God is an unprofitable business, although I say, it is more profitable than the biggest factory in the world.

I feel happy when the word ‘Universal Love’ comes from the mouth of any person. Generally, saints of the day preach Universal Love, but they do not find ways to tell you how it is acquired. Only remove hatred, I say, and Universal Love is there. Suppose a man is a liar and he wants to get rid of this habit, he should start speaking truth, because a sort of character will be formed, with concentration at the bottom in a natural way. If you attempt to be attentive on lie to be removed, it would indirectly make it stronger and stronger, because concentration is there by which they get power. So is the case with Universal Love. It is there like silkworm in a cocoon.

I may just tell you an incident which happened during my recent illness. I was in the state of delirium. I transmitted with unique power and exactness to an abhyasi, fully watching his condition and helped him to cross 58 points within a few minutes. I was transmitting to my other brothers of the Mission also. I answered to a few questions of abhyasis too, and I was told, after my recovery, that they were to their fullest satisfaction. It is not very difficult; clean your subconscious mind to grasp the sense of discipline and the thing is there. At the same time, mark the efficacy and infallibility of our System, the work of Mission did not suffer at all.

The work of the Mission will save Humanity from doom by carrying the teachings of the Master to every heart. Mankind today is groping in the darkness of materialism. Fear, greed and jealously have gripped man and every sense of value is lost. Only the torch of spirituality can remove the oppressing gloom and restore the real man. Let the Light of the Real shine in the heart of everyone, so that we may rise up to the expectations of the Divine!


On the 75th birthday celebrations, in Hyderabad on October 24, 1974