Before following these Precepts, contact us for guidance, as there are pre-requisites for taking up the practice.

Meditation (morning):

Begin your meditation with Prayer and sit for an hour, thinking that Divine Light is present in your heart. Do it in a simple and natural way without forcing your mind. Never mind if you do not see the light there. Start with a mere supposition, so to say, and sit meditating in one posture, with your attention turned towards the heart in a natural way without any effort to concentrate. Try to be unmindful of the thoughts arising at that time.

Cleaning (evening):

Sit for half-an-hour with a suggestion to yourself that all complexities and impurities, including grossness, darkness, etc., are going out of the whole system through the backside in the form of smoke or vapour. Do not meditate on those things which you want to get rid of. Simply push them off.

Bed-time Prayer:

Just before going to bed at night, offer Prayer. The proper and the most effective method of Prayer is to sit in a supplicant mood and repeat the same mentally twice or thrice. Then begin to meditate over its true sense and try to get lost into it.

Constant Remembrance:

Each one has to develop a technique to be in the remembrance of Master Supreme (Malik-e-Kul) always. It begins at outer level and goes into subtler levels. For more on this, read articles posted on Constant Remembrance.