Swami Vivekananda:
    • I have received the news from Lord Krishna that you have been given the post of ‘Maker of the World’. Nobody in the world could ever get it. Now the powers of Nature (shakthi) which issued forth for the first time will work under you directly. I mean Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. The same duty you will carry out after your life in physical form.


    • Ram Chandra has been made the ‘Governing Power’.


    • Ram Chandra is moving in the whirl of Almighty.


    • Lord Krishna was bestowed with the power of destruction but He was not given the construction power. As to me, jumping in toto at the spiritual point (Bhuma) is far above than the power of Lord Krishna bestowed at that time.


    • A great soul as you are, may not be born again.


    • When a higher Personality comes into existence, lower ones glitter like morning stars. Our work is over; your regime follows! Sun shines; stars fade away.


    • I can dare say that such an inventive mind has never born in India, among sages. It will not be out of place if I call Ram Chandra ‘wisdom personified’.


    • You have come here for the world liberation.


    • You can do in one second what people cannot do in thousand years if they sit together for the same period. If you exercise this power on a medium, it will turn lifeless.


    • Disrespect to you means dishonor for every one of us, i.e., liberated souls. I am afraid that some punishment may be awarded to those who fail to recognize you.I mean to mention only what the duty of humanity demands.
      You are not feeling what you are; and that is the sign of greatness.


    • All are losing their separate existence making Ram Chandra alone for the work.


    • Whatever Ram Chandra orders me I will consider it directly from God. I shall remain faithful to as friend as long as world exists.


    • I will call that man blind, who does not come to you for spiritual training.