Divine Boon to Humanity

Concerned over the plight of Humanity, Malik-e-Kul pronounced the Prayer as a Divine boon.

The unique Prayer (Salah) emanated from Malik-e-Kul as vibration, which He expressed in Urdu.

The Prayer consists of the real goal of human life, man’s present state, calibre of Master and submission that without His help, it is impossible to reach Him.

Unlike other prayers, traditional or contemporary, this Prayer has no praise or demand but a submission of man’s helplessness to Malik-e-Kul.

Only Master Supreme can bless Humanity with such a Prayer, which He has redefined.

The Prayer also addresses Him and makes us accept the real Master (Malik-e-Kul) in the innermost core of the heart as its manifestation.

As the crown of creation, man is born with well-developed senses, faculty and mind to opt for Malik-e-Kul as the real goal of life and become like Him with His attributes such as purity, simplicity, subtlety and divinity.

By including Himself in Prayer for having manifested in human form, Master Supreme admits that wishes are obstacles in reaching Him as the real goal of human life.

Humanity owes eternal gratitude to the Malik-e-Kul for Prayer.