Readers of these volumes/treatises will notice that while the first volume contained intercommunications of Shri Babuji with His Master Lalaji Saheb, the second volume abounds in a spate of intercommunications with so many Reverend elders of the Yore, renowned to be top most originators and trend-setters in the hoary history of the science of spirituality and beyond and yet beyond from time to time.  What remains remarkable is that the author emphasizes in undertones not the importance of being in communication with high personalities of Yore so much, as the aspect of training being received continuously in preparation for the task ahead. Moreover the author’s single pointed attachment to one and one alone even for receiving training or gift, however superb and from whichever high source, is to be noted as the ideal for the sake of one’s own guidance in the realm of Yogic Sadhana (practice).  Such an attachment to one and one alone generally breeds arrogance and discourtesy to the extent of strengthening of egoistical impediments on one’s way to the goal. To Shri Babuji the training in normal courtesies and ordinary culture, befitting an humble aspirant from the human fold, is of prime value; and even in this regard dependence on just the one and one alone remains the only method to be adopted and relied upon. In a way everything is coming from within oneself, but recognised as a gift from superior sources.  Herein lies the greatness of special personality. Revered Shri Babuji never had the least speck of doubt about his intuitions; and yet he always spoke of being tested by the competent persons whether all that was coming to his experience could possibly be a construction of His own prolific fanciful self seeking. It is this combination of most humble open-mindedness and adamantine firmness of will that constitutes the acme of human grandeur devoid of anything grandiose about it. It is this element that is needed for real contribution by the greatest innovators in any field, most of all in the realm of Spirituality and Brahmavidya, the superb science/discipline of infinite human unfoldment.  That element, tender as a flower’s fragrance and yet hard as granite unruffled by thunderbolt lies abundantly exhibited in the structure of this second volume of Autobiography of Shri Ram Chandraji Part II, that now follows hereafter.

The Autobiography of Ram Chandra - Declaration (Oct 1944 - March 1945)