Seventh Maxim

"Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts."

ALMOST all the religions of the world are unanimously saying that whatever happens is the result of our actions. Nobody can ever suffer contrary to this. When such is the case, why should we not think that all this is in reality the outcome of the fate thus formed by us! We had ourselves formed our fate. How was it formed? When we do something by applying our "head and heart" (intellect and interest), we form impressions in that Original thing which is the base of all those things; and that remains there in the seed-form as long as we do not erase its impressions by undergoing its bhog (enjoyment or suffering). It is compulsory to undergo its bhog. As a rule, Nature wants to keep everything pure and crystal clear just as it had originally come down in the beginning. Even the slightest covering dims its lustre. This covering itself assumed a form of life because of there being power and force in it, and it gets related to karma accordingly. It is because we have assumed ourselves as the doer of works. The force of this very thought has formed impressions in it. The animation increases in it still more when sufficient matter is accumulated, and many twists have been formed in it, and in which the heat of thought power also mingles. A sort of boiling begins in it due to the increase of animation or consciousness. It is the law of Nature that everything tries to return back to its source from which it has come, and it develops a tendency to go towards That only from which it has come. Due to continuous application of heat, such a condition has developed in it that it is now unable to endure the heaviness. Therefore, it becomes necessary for it to go back to its Origin in order to relieve itself. A thing coming out from even a small thing expands widely when it finds sufficient field. Now, this expansion, which has taken place, will be sufficiently forceful due to the size of its body. When the size of the body is developed, stress too is developed in it in proportion to it because the thing added also contains force. It takes up a form of different kind at this stage. It tries to percolate in the spaces wherever available, and will effect its influence on those coverings which are reserved for bhog, thus pain begins. I have explained this briefly; otherwise, the form of each thought can be shown separately. Such forms either develop inside or may get assistance from outside, the purpose of all of which will be to somehow purify it. People form their thought about the external help which they receive in undergoing the bhog of their karma as the wrongs done by others; and due to ignorance spoil their thoughts about the thing which is helping them in bhog. This attitude is quite improper because it has indeed helped to purify that thing; in other words, it has benefited you, in a way. When this is the case, that work really done by the same external power through somebody has helped you very   much in getting cleaned; in other meaning, he has done the work of a friend. Now, since the thought does not generally reach up to that extent nor does anybody ponders over this philosophy, it has just been advised to consider it as from Almighty so that enemity may not be created in the heart, and he may not fall from etiquette under any circumstances. Anything which comes for the betterment through any person, fills the heart spontaneously with delight, nay, this very condition can be called as that of gratitude.