Remembrance is Key

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

There are miseries all round for the embodied one. Even then we remain so much attached to the body that this thing does not forsake us up to the end and we even wish to be born again. It matters little that the wish is for being born in a prosperous home or in a royal family, since as soon as the name (individualised existence) has arisen, my brethren, misery would start, in howsoever subtle mould, it might be cast.

Our gathering however, is some what different. We (human beings) are there, from where nothing comes to us by way of knowledge even about our ownselves. That means, we possess that stability in a natural way, which can be described as a stance of balanced balance. Everything has started after it. In other sense, we were there, when the Creator (Brahm), Preserver (Vishnu) and Destroyer (Mahesh) had not yet come into being. Now, what is there? Greatness! No! What is the destination, where we have to reach? It may, preferably, be called Insignificance. If we chose to designate it as such, it is an Insignificance, of which we know nothing! and Greatness of a sort, viz., similitude, where no knowledge of similitude itself is to be found. And this, dear brethren, is the real essence!

If we consider ourselves great, we put up a wall to that greatness, where we have to arrive. We create a bondage, so to say, that becomes an obstruction on the path. What's the harm? When we assume greatness, we start considering others as low (insignificant). Now, that path which we have to trudge also gets closed, and we are wholly lost to all intents and purposes. Somebody takes it on his mind that he excels someone else in some particular way. That assumes various forms, and we strengthen egoism for nothing, without getting anything in return. We blow our own trumpet in our own thoughts, and lose a lot in the process.

To stiffen one's neck is a defect. So long, as it is not removed, one is not aware of one's own base. What I mean by 'base' is that, when a person is wholly rid of this defect, there arises a state, which has been attempted to be translated by the use of this word. To live in that state is human culture. When that state grows a bit denser, it enters the region of the attribute of poverty or humility. When such a state is achieved, then the subject (of the lord) becomes a subject in the real sense. To achieve such a state, hundreds of transmissions and prayers are prescribed. Man ought never be away from his own level, and this level is called abudiyat (the subdued). This is the essential object for the subject (of the Lord). It is here, as I have written so often, that the burden of egoism is very much lightened. The fulfillment of purpose comes after this. The better way may be that whatever you are, you go, with all of it, towards That (Ultimate Purpose), i.e., there should remain nothing, whose face does not get turned to that side; which means that all the belongings — physical and spiritual that may be there, be surrendered to Him, so that you are left with nothing in yourself, except Remembrance.

Now the question arises, how to arrive at that state? That one thing — Remembrance — brings everything in its trail. If remembrance is there, take it for granted, the remembered one is close to you. Let closeness, in the trail of increasing heat of remembrance, be enhanced, and then behold what bliss and ecstasy follows, and also how quickly you reach There, with its help. When this thing has approached the limit, which constitutes the beginning, i.e., if, perchance, it has touched the plain, region or circle, be sure, the call bell at the door of the Beloved would have been pressed. When He has come to know that someone happens to be His real seeker and lover, then it would become a sure condition for His coming close to you, and for breaking the barrier that held you from entering the Home. Start a while, dear, and then you will know what this thing happens to be.

Once this attainment has set in, you would have achieved godly attributes.  Now, having reached the attribute, say you have come into the sunshine. It has become clear that this light is from the sun. Prior to it, we were aware of only our own attributes. Now, your swimming has started in what lies just beyond God, i.e., just after it. Having come up to here, we now get tidings of going still ahead. When Remembrance has progressed to the extent that the awareness of Remembrance itself is lost, then the form of Remembrance gets changed and this we know on moving beyond it. ‘One is unaware to the extent that he is aware’. (Jisko Jithna Hosh Utna Hai Wah Behosh Hai). It will be premature to reveal it. The tidings of this, on arriving at the state, will come, when one automatically starts trying to reach it by oneself. The simple fact of the matter anyway remains that, whatever is there be surrendered to Him. If the Lord be had at the cost of your head, you should know the bargain as quite cheap. (Sheesh diye yadi Hari mile, tho bhi sasta jan).

The sages of yore have regarded the state of acceptance of and happiness in Lord's will, as surrender. Now, I give a prescription: 'Yearning', pure and simple, to reach Him and Him alone! If the real thing is not there to begin with, just imitate it. If someone continually imitates a mad person he is bound to go mad. Even so, if man continues to reach the Lord (Ultimate), the real is bound to be His lot, at last. Amen !

On the 83rd birthday celebrations in Surat on April 30th, 1982