What is Life?

What is Life?

Brothers and Sisters:

The grace of my Master Supreme has enabled us again to assemble here and feel the cosy warmth of the sunshine of His everlasting benignance. As a burning flame of His blessing splendour, I do not belong to India alone, but to the whole world. So, I want that all may taste the beauty hidden in love for Ultimate.  People everywhere seek better climate and better conditions. But, as Indians, we are interested to produce the same environment in us so that others may be benefited by its radiation.  People do not know the value of Spirituality, because such things are not infused in them by society or parents. However, the present day circumstances will mould them to come under the banner of Spirituality. We should try to give them real peace; that is our duty and our business. A time will come, when they will be forced to come on the proper path by nature itself. It will be for their own good.

God has created the world so that every flower may grow in its right standard. But the lashes of time have made it forget the purpose of God. So some feel enjoyment as the purpose of life, while others feel life to be monotonous. But the question is, what is life? It is a state of being which should remain permanently, as long as we live, thoroughly in contact, with smelling at each step, the fragrance of the Being.

The subtle state of Being can only be felt when you become subtle yourself; feeling is there but is difficult to put in words. A man should have the desire of drinking the whole river of spirituality. Then comes a day when the real spirit of inner and outer begins to dawn. We feel what we aspire for. The understanding comes when the seed at the bottom is fried up.

Things come and go, but what lies in between these two is our real condition. This changeless condition of ourselves is the end of all spiritual activities. Blankness is another expression for this condition. The whole system is vacuumised in the end, and man becomes a Real Man. It has been found difficult to define "man", but when we add the word "real", it defines the beauty, a man should have to belong to.

The changeless state is always there; but we are connected with the changeable, and either we take interest in it or reject it; and both of these are the links for bondage. WE should rise above all these, if we want to live life. Our method brings out these results if we practise it with interest.

It is a hidden dictum of Nature that every soul must live happy and restful life. If we go otherwise, we are spoiling His world. We are all family people, but we must be moderate in all our dealings. We should live a life like the coots and ducks in water. When they are out of water, they are free from it. Similarly, we should love all without getting soiled with attachment. Really speaking, in this way we learn non-attachment in attachment.

Life in a family is a life worth having, because in it we learn how to love others. It is a school for training real life. You have to remove only the brokenness, and you will feel the love flowing equally to one and all and it becomes universal. Life in family also brings worry and nervousness etc., in its trail. Worry is indeed, reserved for Humanity and not for animals. Really, that is a great justice and favour for Humanity from Divinity. Why so? Because it is a part of wisdom that takes a man to higher sphere. A piece of cloth is prepared by the wisdom of the weaver. His hands are at work, but he displays his wisdom by the movement of his hands. Wisdom has its own centre, but it guides manual efforts as well, where it is needed.

Nervousness, you should remove yourself. A warrior is never nervous on the field, because he has some aim before him. The courage starts when confidence is there, and confidence is there when you have willed to reach the destination. We should try only to build the future and not waste our time in thinking of the past. When we run forward, we do not look behind. We should try to be happy even in unhappy life. Happiest man is he, who is happy under all circumstances, and that is the part of a saint.

We have come out from Divine Energy and it has become our Base. But it has gone out of sight, which we have to revive, if we want to maintain ourselves.  Love is the way of inner awakening to Reality. Sahaj Marg has come in the front, with the basic principle in view.

May His Grace guide us all to reach the cherished Destination and fulfil the hopes of Mankind. Amen !

On the 79th Birthday Celebrations, 30 April 1978.