Inaugural Message

On the occasion of opening of Mission's Gulbarga Branch

It offers me the greatest pleasure to present to you not only my simple views through words, but also my very heart to help you to erect the temple of spirituality. The foundation has already been laid in the form of the Mission's branch. Shri Raghavendra Rao, one of our most capable brethren, is in-charge of it and he works as a preceptor. Now, it rests upon you to provide the necessary material required for the erection of the temple. The material does not comprise of mere theoretical knowledge of certain truths and dogmas but of practical personal experiences only. Acceptance of things by persuasion counts no way. Merits of a thing can be rightly judged only by direct experience. Hence, it is only a life of practicality that is required for the solution of the problem of life.

If you really aspire, in good faith, for the attainment of the Absolute, all that you are to do is to turn your attention that way with full sincerity of heart, linking yourself closely with One Ultimate Reality. The Divine Current will readily begin to run through every fibre of your being, kindling the feeling of true love and devotion in the heart.

God is simple and extremely subtle. In order to realise this Subtlest Being, we must take up the means which are equally fine and subtle. The difficulty arises only when intricate methods are applied for the solution of this very simple problem. In other words, they apply a huge crane for picking up a needle.

We have set up a tiny creation of our own in the form of our individual material existence, having layers after layers of grossness and opacity. What is now to be done is to shatter those layers of opacity one by one and assume the absolute state we had at the time of Creation. This is the gist of the philosophy of our system called SahajMarg. We are, so to say, to dissolve this tiny creation of our making or to unfold ourselves.

The easiest and surest means to achieve this end is to surrender yourself to the Great Master in the true sense and become yourself a ‘Living Dead’. This feeling of surrender, if cultivated by forced and mechanical means, seldom proves to be genuine. It must develop automatically within you without the least strain or pressure upon the mind. Even if the knowledge of the fact is retained, then it is not the true form of surrender. What remains to be done when you have surrendered yourself in due sense is, I believe, nothing. In this state, you will be in close touch with Reality all the time and the Current of Divine Effulgence will continue its flow to you without a break.

This is, in short, all that I hereby wish to bring home to your mind in order to enable you to solve your problem of life in the easiest and most efficient way in the shortest possible time. I pray for the success of you all in this respect.

On the occasion of opening of Mission's Gulbarga branch, Gulbarga