Spiritual Regeneration

Spiritual Regeneration

My Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Yoga is the oldest thing in India, but its development stopped for sometime, because they forgot to extract phosphorus from bones. India is now India within, and the same thing is also coming out. Therefore, the true conscience of the people has taken its turn to make it run outside also. And, they are compelled to do so as good times are ahead. The irony of fate is that we do not see the Thing behind the things. Hence, we measure the consciousness from our outward experience. Indian saints of the past have done lot of work for the good of Mankind, but most of them have reserved Reality for a selected few. According to the orders of my Master, I want to bring It out, and pass It on to the majority.

No doubt, the world is in us and we are in the world, but we have to search out who is behind the scene. Meditation and everything is for that alone. We feel He is hiding from us, although it is not the case. We see stars sometime, but after some advancement, we begin to feel the lustre of the sun, and after that there comes the time when we are able to the see the sun itself. As long as we think of the lustre of the sun, the real sun remains hidden from our view. I earnestly pray that all may reach the Goal — the cause of all our existence.

Had there been ‘not-to-be’, the world would not have existed. If we deal it spiritually, then ‘to be’ has the sense of ‘self’. If we want to go into ‘Non-self’, then we will have to annihilate ‘to be’ in thought, and will come to ‘not-to-be’ in its real sense. It means the ‘life without life’, i.e., ‘we are and we are not’, as also we are not and we are. The thought of one who is at ‘One in Himself’ brings us to state. “When knowledge revealed itself, it was only knowledgelessness”. And there, the whole habitation of desires get turned into desolate ruin and the cup of the besmeared individuality is broken, so as to be incapable of holding anything in it.

Spirituality ends in Divinity and Divinity ends in its real essence. Man, after Liberation, gains nearness to God and enters into a sphere where even silence is silent. Liberation in body is also a chapter in Spirituality. Material science cannot explain further after matter is left out. Spirituality is a sort of feeling or consciousness of the Highest. It is the doorway to enter into Divinity pure and simple, i.e., the highest evenness all along. In comparison to Reality, we are but a drop in the Ocean of Almighty, and somehow we should try to become a river from the drop.

I have developed liking for service to others, and so, I always seek the better means for the service of those who are beaten by the whip of thoughts and actions, which cause uneasiness and tension. If poison is there, nectar is also there. When we stand facing the sun, we get light and when we stand with our backs towards the sun, we get darkness. That means, we produce both darkness and light by our actions. When we feel ourselves to be doer, difficulty comes in the way. Of course, thistles and thorns also bear beautiful flowers, which please the eye and fill the heart with joy. Even so, in case God is the flower of His Own Tree, we enjoy God and not the tree to that extent. There are drains and gutters in the house. They are made use of and not demolished. You try to improve them and try to modernize them but do not dilapidate them altogether. On the other hand, good men are there and they may not care for Spirituality much. If they get the Fragrance, which comes in the wake of spiritual regeneration, they will rise towards their transformation very soon. But, we should give our due consideration and try to improve the lot of the unvirtuous also, who may feel the thirst for the Real and develop yielding attitude to the Master.

In my opinion, Civilisation of the East and West have very little difference.  Here, we try to use the inner for the inner vision, whereas they use themselves for the inner vision. Spirituality is not the monopoly of Indians only, but it is the birthright of everybody. I have a strong desire that our associates in different parts of the world may not have to look towards us for their spiritual benefit. So I say I do not make disciples but masters. I believe every country of the world should have its share in Spirituality. There is spiritual awakening throughout the world. Communists will also adopt the same system in due course of time. Almost all of us have come to peace, which is the basis of Spirituality. When the thing is started and will reach the whole world, it will take them to what is after peace. Thus far, we know what is before peace, but hardly few persons know what is after peace. I feel that everyday my work is becoming easier, because it is now the Divine dictate. Almost everybody now wants peace, and the last pitch of peace is entering into Reality. I am hoping that a day will come, when Spirituality will run after all of us, if our preceptors are so willing to have the idea for the betterment of the people in all respects. I, myself, am very weak and worn out with age. Still, I am doing my best to bring real peace to Humanity. I want capable men and women to help me in the task ahead. No doubt, the world will be Paradise, but for that we have to work very hard. What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity. I never felt disappointed and worked single-handed and the result is before us all. I have full confidence in myself, with the Master's Hand at my back, and It has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.

Finally, Love makes every task easy and paves the way for the shower of Master's Grace to smoothen the way to the Ultimate Goal. "Love is the hunger of human soul for Divine Beauty", according to Socrates; and "love is the Inner Awakening to Reality", according to me. Love Him who loves all, and thus everybody is automatically loved through Him. Amen!

Message on the eve of His 81st Birthday Celebrations at Delhi.