First Message

Dear Brothers:

I have devoted the major part of my life to Constant Remembrance. I was 22 when I gained access to the Holy Feet of my Master Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, who brought me up in the lap of His Grace and affection. My only objective and the main pursuit of life has ever been the devoted worship of my Master and this continues from the beginning to end (i.e., till my present state). I took Him into my heart as an object of worship and never took nor do I take even now anyone else into my view May God keep up this feeling of mine forever. I did not take in any one but my Master nor did I ever look to any other but Him. It is, as a general rule, the primary duty of a true disciple and the only key to success. That is the only means which helps in removing of impurities from the heart and overcoming of all obstructions in the path. It effects the unfoldment of the knots. It is, in fact, the real essence of all sadhanas. One who has tasted it once, shall never part with it in life nor lean towards any other side. This is the unfailing process which our Revered Master and all the sages of eminence had followed.

As for myself, the process went on within my heart by itself during all my routine of daily work and it permanently turned into my habit. It was, in short, the very foundation of my life. It helped to get over all stages up to the present extent of my spiritual elevation, It is, therefore, on the basis of my life's experience, I strongly affirm that it is the only method which ensures unfailing results and guarantees the fullest help and support of the Master. I wish you all to have a practical experience of its deep-rooted effect. Those who want to adopt this method may ask for its details personally.

There are several stages of it. When an abhyasi has got over one stage, he may then enquire about the next. He may also go on reporting the conditions he passes through during the course. The process was advised to me by my Master during His life time. But one of the most important points, to be kept in view in this connection, is what sort of Personality must He be from whom this process is to be undertaken by an abhyasi? For this the example of my Master is already before us. One who is merged in a state of utmost moderation and balance is the fittest Personality to whom this process can be directed.

This wonderful process which is based on spiritual science is of immense value to an abhyasi. In my case the process started by itself. As a matter of fact, the process indirectly involves meditation on the Form of the Master. As such it is quite necessary that the Form taken up for the purpose must be of one of the  highest calibre endowed with all the greatest moral and spiritual values. In that case the process will help the development of similar virtues in an abhyasi. The scientific principle underlying this process is when an abhyasi meditates his thoughts create a vacuum in his heart, which begins to be filled up with the power of that which is meditated upon so as to keep up the balance in accordance with the law of Nature. So long as it persists the power continues to flow in automatically.

Let us now consider for a while how one makes or mars oneself. The world is composed of the finest paramanus (sub-automatic particles) which are dense and dark, but in between there exists a faint glow also. That confirms the idea of the presence of both Purusha and Prakriti side by side. The wise and the prudent, inclined towards Divinity, take into view the brighter portion and get profited by it.  On the other hand, those held up by the charms of material objects get themselves linked with the darker paramanus and go on contacting the grosser effects there of which get solidified by the effect of their continued thinking. Thoughts create impressions which go on growing stronger forming coverings. They offer a fertile ground for the mayavic effect to settle in. The effect thus cast upon the particles of the body, being thereby focussed on the membrane, is reflected upon the centre of  the brain. This leads to the formation of sanskaras, which having deepened make him easily susceptible, making his mind all the more rigidly adhere to environment and association which tend to support his evil tendencies. Thus, he goes on from bad to worse. At this stage, it may only be the power of the Master that can save him and help in the transformation of his darkened inner state.

A true Master can be He and He alone who possesses such wonderful power and can, at a glance, create a state of light in an aspirant, diverting his thought from darkness to light till his tendencies, which were previously directed towards darkness begin to absorb brightness within them. His passage towards Light thus becomes smoother, and his own internal power begins to act for it. His problem is thus solved and he is saved from all adverse influences, imbibing only that which is to his advantage. Another remarkable thing, which if adopted will leave no stage uncrossed is that one should try to copy Master's merging. I did the same and it helped me to attain my present state. May God grant you all the capacity for it.

One thing which I like to introduce in our Satsangh is at 9 p.m. sharp every abhyasi, wherever he might happen to be at that time, should stop his work and meditate for 15 minutes thinking all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them.  It shall be of immense value to them, which their practical experience only shall reveal.

Happy be the time that brought forth the present day which promises fulfilment of the Master's Mission. Everyone endeavours hard for it but only he whom God ordains is successful, But what may be the Master's Mission and the purpose at its back? The simple answer may be: When a Great Master leaves for the Brighter World, He usually appoints one of His initiated disciples as His Representative to look to the betterment of His associates for which He received light directly from the Master Himself. In fact, His job is the hardest. He cannot move even an inch nor take a drop of water without the Master's permission. For at the slightest mistake, He becomes the target of the Master's great displeasure.  

A controversial point arises as to why this declaration was not made by the Master during His lifetime. The reason for that is already explained in the notes, which anybody can go through if he likes to do so. These together with other facts may be sufficient to satisfy the people. The events too are already throwing light on them by themselves. Moreover, it is not always essential for a Master to name His Representative at the last moment of His physical existence and there are numerous instances of it. No further proof being necessary, I think what I have said above is all enough. Anyone who likes may try and test to judge things for himself. Besides this, my daily diary together with the Master's occasional comment on it may also offer sufficient proof of it. The Master frequently quoted from my diary during His talks with associates and quotations from it have already appeared in the book Shri Ram Sandesh. All these points together with my diary notes of the 15th August, 1931 (the date of Master's merging into Infinity) offer clear indications of my present state which everyone is quite welcome to ascertain by any possible means.

But unfortunately, some interested persons with their selfish motives are trying to blacken it be misrepresenting facts in numerous different ways.  I, therefore, place before you the details of events related with it. My present state was exposed in the last week of April 1944, and direct communion with the Master was established. Accordingly, on 4th May 1944, I started working under His direct instructions of which there is a detailed record. From that day I went on transmitting to all His associates in general trying to check in them the growth of misdirected emotions (described by the Master as the pinching pain of a boil) which they had misunderstood as a state of ecstasy. I went on with it for some time, but to my regret, I was afterwards ordered to stop since the good results achieved thereby were attributed to the credit of others.

Dear Brethren! I have no personal motive in this matter nor do I have any desire for money or fame. All that I feel concerned with is those connected with the Great Master be benefited and the Master's Mission be fulfilled. This shall be a source of satisfaction to us all.

You may also be surprised to note the link of connections which existed so far is now no more,since it has been cut off under Divine directions and another one has been established in its place which everyone has necessarily to come up to.

It is, therefore, essential for you all to turn round — the sooner the better — towards this new link and offer me an opportunity to mend and correct your connections without which one shall remain deprived of the Master's Infinite Grace.