Natural Path

IT IS with deepest feelings of heart that we have all assembled here today to celebrate the inauguration of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission Ashram at this sacred soil of Tirupathi. We hope by the active cooperation and support of our satsangis and sympathisers of the Mission, it shall grow rapidly and be in a position to work full fledged for the spiritual uplift of the masses.

The system promulgated by the Mission is known as Sahaj Marg or the Natural Path of Realisation of the One, the Ultimate. Unfortunately, the realisation of the Absolute has so far been thought to be the hardest job almost beyond the capacity of a common man. This mistaken notion, prompted by the misplaced teachings and preachings of the so-called leaders of religion, has so deeply settled down in almost every heart that the very craving for higher aspirations seems to have died out therefrom.

God is simple and can be achieved by simple means. This is what Sahaj Marg stands for and presents to the world. The purpose of the Ashram is served if people begin to realise this simple truth and apply it in their daily routine of life. As a matter of fact, the very simplicity of Nature is in itself the veil, which serves as an impediment in the way of our progress. Under the Sahaj Marg System, this toilsome task is accomplished very easily by the help and support of the preceptor through the yogic process of Pranahuti or transmission. Yoga begins to settle down when the impressions caused by our thoughts and actions begin to be wiped off from our mind. Sahaj Marg proceeds on with it from the very beginning.

In the end, I may express my feelings of gratitude to all those kind and generous souls who have extended their active help and support in this enterprise.

On the opening of yogashram in Tirupathi  - December 19, 1965