Heart Region

People generally think of the heart as made of flesh and blood only. Whenever the idea of heart comes to them, they locate its position as that of the heart made of the things said above. This is one of the limitations in viewing the Heart region in its broader sense. It is really a vast circle covering everything inner and outer. The things after the First Mind all belong to the region of Heart. All the lotuses or chakras are set within its limits. In other words they can well be called a part of this big region. The stages of human approach are lying hidden in it; Super- consciousness lies there ; sushupti is a part of it. We are all playing like ducks on the water in that region. The stage of inter-communication with the liberated souls of the brighter world starts from this place. Individual mind plays its part in this region. It is the main artery of God. We cannot reach Him unless we proceed through it. Narada is playing the tune in this region.

The majority of the people feel nothing but their own body. Their thoughts are located to this very point. They think their body as the only thing worth keeping. They consider it as everything. They do not want to see their body decomposed. They are all along with the doctors when they feel it diseased somehow. All care for the body becomes their aim and object. They do not want to free themselves from the idea cradling in them. They are all the time found serving their own master, the body. Soul has no value to them. It is an afterthought for them. They do not find any leisure besides. How many circles they have put around their body! It, the body, was solid itself. They have hammered it round and round making it all the more hard and solid. Where do their ideas now lie, on the body or inside it ? When you lay stress upon a certain thing the ideas begin to jump inside but in consonance with the thoughts already made. What you find within it is the idea working for the body. New you are working for the body. You remain in contact with such a body and you make it more solid still. Naturally your ideas, when they rebound after touching the body, become solid. Solidity was to some extent within, as they had, in some form or other, the idea of the body. Now they have become one with the body having the same relation with one another. You can now well be defined as a solid globe having the poles as well as the axis within. You know about certain limbs of the body. You find also the heart beating. You feel the respiration. You connect all these things with certain organs working. You also know that all these parts are set in different places of the body. You have the idea of liver, heart, lungs and so on. You are truly playing the part of the body as one unit but with solidity of things. You have nothing in your mind but this. You do not know the real play of things. You do not know where these dramas are being played. You do not know that you are tossing in your own ideas. You have made yourself quite distracted and disturbed. Why do these things happen? Why do such ideas flash across? Who supported these things to come in? Who has the reins of all these things, or who is reigning? The Heart and nothing else. You have yourself made your heart in this fashion, bringing out such results. The consequence is nothing but disturbance.

All these thoughts were due to the heart, and subsequently all your actions will be governed and regulated by this thing only at the first step, wrongly, if unwisely directed, correctly, if properly directed. It means that it is the master of them all. It is the controlling agency in itself. This is the condition of your heart within you. It is working in different ways and colours. The main artery of Almighty with the idea of creation is working through it. The pendulum-like movement in your heart is nothing but the effect of invisible motion below the Centre. Our heart, being in touch with that invisible motion, plays the same part in its own place according to its capacity. Thus its function is almost the same as that of the invisible motion. Lo! the visible form of the Godly Invisible Motion. It is a drop of the ocean. It is but a unit issued forth from the Centre. It is the same power in a limited sense. The big thing has its unlimited powers. Limitation, however, is the outcome of your own narrow-mindedness. Invisible motions descended from the main artery for the creation of the universe, and they spread like showers in the big vast circle. These revolving motions constituted the world no doubt, and we see the forms created by the Almighty through the invisible motions all round. This clearly proves that we are connected with the force of power, which effected such wonderful results as we see in the world. Thus, though diversely related with each other, all things are finally connected with one and the same thing. These things are all running throughout the bigger circle of which we find our heart as a part. We have limitations created by our own force of will. That is why we find our inner circle of heart separated from the things said above. Everything abides within this region. PRALAYA comes here when things change and return to the source, they have come from. Before things come to the present form revolving motions commence, at some places in greater, while at others in lesser degree. The stoppages, i.e., points of greater and lesser degree, serve to increase the resistance like the brackets, which increase the power of the current. At each bracket there is marked a lotus, named after the working it does. So they are all within one circle called the Heart region. Functions of each of these lotuses are different. The stages of human development in spirituality are governed to some extent by these sub-circles, called the chakras or Lotuses.

If, somehow or other, we cross this bigger circle, then we have nothing to cross but the First or the Super-Mind of God-the cause of all this creation. Behind it there is centre-the real goal of life. It is a big thing oval in shape, because the revolving motions move in that way. Why do we feel that there is some thing under it? The current of Almighty flows in this region, or rather abounds in it. There is a great mystery underlying it. On account of the revolving motions there are some particles like those you see when you enter some dark region. This is a daily practice in your life. When you go into a dark room you find ring-like sparks of light in it. These ring-like sparks are all present in the sacred region of God. They are different powers which the circle consists of. When you proceed through Raj- Yoga these begin to melt in till they are exhausted. Reaching the top of this circle various powers begin to come to the abhyasi. Opening of each KNOT means the advent of some power or the other. The able Master of Raj-Yoga hammers them down to make the surface smooth. The power so caused by hammering comes in the disciple automatically. Each such spark is the result of such motion coming from above. You can reach at its highest point whenever you dissolve these things. If all things are dissolved in toto, you feel yourself as calm as you must have felt a little before coming to this world for the first time. Calmness prevails all over. Simplicity abides nearby. Plainness is the result. God has given brackets in sub- circles of the Heart region. They begin to get loose till they lose their identity and come to a standstill. No power of brackets now remains. You untie every thing. This untying of a certain thing produces some result, because it is the natural phenomenon that every action must bring out some result. The rays you feel in the different corners of the sub-circle all begin to disappear. The light which you feel by the amalgamation of matter with the real thing begins to fade till it disappears altogether. There are a few parts in this region having a dazzling light. People in certain Sansthas sometimes meditate upon this light as well. They take the light as the real thing and they go with curiosity in it, fully applying their will. The result is that they expand the matter for the light to come in a higher degree. Power of light no doubt increases as the capacity for having it improves. But really speaking they are on the verge of MAYA in solid form. I use the word 'solid' for the light. The scientists may object to it, but if they think in true sense of the reality, where there is no light or darkness they will find the former far heavier than the latter. This thing happens generally in Trikuti and beyond it. The topmost portion of the body is the end of this big circle. Such is the sphere of this big circle.

There are very many things in this vast circle, which can only be felt. No words can express them. The various powers of nature reside here. Atri rishi(saint/sage) is playing his part here. He has not gone far above in this circle although thousands of years have elapsed. Rishi Agastya has his working in this region only. They get command for the work from the Personality who has crossed this region. Besides these, there are very many rishis working in this very region. I open a secret of nature. We worship VISHNU, thinking him as our god. I may disclose his strength today. He only keeps the different particles in order to keep up the creation. His circle of work is within this region. No god or DEVATA can ever boast of crossing this circle. It is but for a human being who has at his command the power and means to do so, and thus his flight is far above that of the gods. It is really we, who give them power by the force at our command. I use the word ‘ we ’ for the personalities who have crossed this region, i.e., the Heart region, and entered the region described as the First or Super-Mind of God. Nay, I am using this word for the personalities, who have crossed even this region. Still I am incorrect. I must say that it is for those who have gone far above the First Mind of God.

It is easy to cross the big region of Heart by following the advice of one's master. But remember a capable master can only be he, who has crossed all the regions far and above and has the power of transmission. Firm will is, no doubt, required on the part of the disciple. This thing is not really so difficult, as it appears to be. Abhyasis adopt intricate methods for gaining the simple thing. That is the main difficulty in the way. Narada was at the lowest rung of the ladder leading up to this big region. He played his tune, no doubt, with vina(a musical instrument) in one corner of the Heart region. He was only the catcher of the sound or SHABDA felt in the heart. He was absorbed only in the inferior type of the sound produced in the heart. I do not want to deal further taking up the examples of other big rishis. I am afraid the people may pounce upon me if I disclose their condition or true state, but I may reveal these things to my representative whoever he may be. I have to disclose very many things. Some of them will come to light during my life time, others will follow me, i.e., when I shall cease to exist in material form.

The Heart region is extended almost from head to foot. All the creation of Almighty is within this circle. The work, of course, is divided and pushed on by different senses. If we go below the middle point of the Heart region, we find several functionaries at work, of course on different lines prescribed for each one of them. Powers of Almighty are also found in them, which can be utilised as such. It is a big machinery of Nature.

When you clear off the matter and exhaust the power produced by you, I mean your self-created power, you enter the state, just as it was in the beginning. In other words when you untie your own knots in this region, calmness prevails and becomes predominant. Everything that you find there (originality is now there) looks calm and simple. Nothing of your own making now remains. Dots and particles disappear. Twinkling light also now begins to fade till it names to nothing or Zero. There is no heaviness now. The state is of course beyond conception for the soul which has not yet come to the standard of reality found in it. Self has always a longing for its own realisation. It is only possible when it becomes one with the Centre. Outward things (the coverings with regard to this region) are no more now. Cosmic powers reside in this big region of Heart. Before crossing this region on to the Real Mind you acquire many powers, which are utilised in Godly work. I am not going to discuss these powers in this book.

I am revealing my research, innovation, or discovery, as you may he pleased to call it, as regards this region-The Heart region. I take the heart made of flesh and blood and divide it into two parts as shown in the diagram No.I. The first part of the circle marked ‘U’ is brighter than the other marked ‘L’. There are three points, one above, the other below, and the third somewhere between the two. The upper point is denoted as ‘A’ and the lower one as ‘B’ in diagram No.II. You will find different seeds and Vrittis whirling there. Between ‘A’ and ‘B’ there is a point which, if pressed, you can have communication with the liberated souls of the brighter world after some practice of Raj-Yoga. Whenever you think of anything, the idea comes first at ‘A’. Whatever you think repeatedly, located at the point ‘A’, you will form your fate accordingly. At the point ‘B’, if you meditate that you are becoming devoid of all sensual things, the result will follow in the shortest possible time, which you cannot even imagine unless you do it yourself. The Abhyasis under our system of ‘SAHAJ MARG’ practice on these points and find remarkable improvement.

Diagram No. I

If the practice is systematically done on both these points, desires will soon begin to bid farewell, The point between ‘A’ and ‘B’ is kept a secret, as havoc can be wrought if it is improperly used. So I am not disclosing it at all. The upper region marked as ‘U’ is the first point of the heart and the lower region denoted by ‘L’ is the second part of the heart. The upper one is the landing point of the great rishis. They come in this state after a good deal of penance and sacrifice. The thing is not open to everybody, although so near, but only to him who really deserves it.

Diagram No. II

The lower region is generally the place of common folk. Super- consciousness of the inferior type abides in the region marked ‘U’. You begin to become conscious of many godly things when you reside in this region. The man always intoxicated with worldly things cannot reach even this state of Super- consciousness of the inferior type. If you enter the upper region, cleaning the points ‘A’ and ‘B’, you make yourself deserving for reaching the other sort of Super- conscious state which lies in this region of Heart. One who thoroughly cleans the point ‘B’ receives, then, the happy tidings of his entry into that sort of super- conscious state I am going to deal with here-after. I am locating the points ‘A’ and ‘B’ by actual measurement. The heart lies in the left part of the body or near the lower part of the left lung. Measure two finger widths straight to the right of the ‘left nipple. Then proceed straightway downwards up to three finger width. This is the position of the point ‘A’. Now you proceed two finger widths straightway downwards from the point ‘A’, you will find the point ‘B’ just above your lowest rib, measurement to be taken with one's own fingers. Our Super-consciousness travels in this region, till we come to the point of the superior type of super- consciousness, as we call it. This is shown in diagram No. III.

In the heart the upper region lies on the right side whereas here in this part it lies on the left side and the lower region is on the right. Here ‘A1’ and ‘B1’ are the points akin to those (i.e. ‘A’ and ‘B’) in the heart. In the portion called ‘D1’ there is superior sort of Super-consciousness. The only difference is that the ideas creeping in at ‘A1’ are finer. It is left to the Abhyasi to purify the point ‘B1’ so that finer things may begin to reign. You get purified to the same extent in this portion as you purify the points ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the Heart.

Diagram No. III

The people generally proceed with the right side called the lower region, because they have not purified the heart so much as to enable them to enter this portion in brighter state. They want to enter with all things they possess. Thus they try to attempt an impossibility by trying to proceed with the left side. It depends much upon the worthy master or the guide to lead his disciple on to the right (correct) side with his things or belongings cast asunder.

Diagram No. IV

Here the cosmos begins, which is a part of this big circle of Heart. Here people often feel the light being displayed in heavy showers. But this is not our goal. We must tear it off before we cross this big circle of Heart.

Similarly we now come to the other part of the region, called ‘D2’ the upper one. Right side is the lower region as shown in diagram No. IV. Here we find the superfine state of Super-consciousness. It all depends upon the point ‘B’ of the heart which, if purified to the core, will land you at the point ‘A2’, which lies in the region ‘D2’. A little beneath the superfine state of Super-consciousness (i.e., behind the skull) where the region of Mind begins, there are again two parts having the same points, but they are passed over easily to reach the point which I shall show by a diagram later on. I have discussed enough of the Heart region, though only in outline. I shall now deal with the finer stages that we come across during our march onwards.