Sixth Maxim

"Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such."

THE perfection of human nobility lies in a devotee being always within the sphere of devotion. That which has come from its Source should be considered the same as all are proceeding out from One Source. When this is the state, its form will be like a baby coming out after getting nourishment and growth in its mother's womb. All those brothers and sisters who are born from the same mother have got the same relationship with one another and all are connected in this. Now, the same relationship which is of brothers born of the womb of the same mother should be considered between those that have come out in different forms out of this sphere. Nobody understood the point implied in it. All are connected with the same Origin, or the Centre due to the movement around which everything comes out and all begin to work together. There is, in fact, no disconnectedness. It is due to our own making that our brothers and friends appear as strangers. It is everyone's own selfishness which gets entrenched in all, and makes all of them to be imagined as strangers. This thing needs cracking up so that the real brotherly relationship may begin to be felt. This too is a veil which obstructs a devotee. Just as the members of a family appear to be far off when it grows large, in the same way our own brothers and relations began to be felt far off due to the passage of time. That state which was one in all began to vanish from the sphere of thought, and only the form of its solidity remained in view. We began to love that (form) only. We became blind to that thing which was the Origin and which existed in all. Only that pattern remained before the view, which was formed by the effect of such blindness. We kept on loving this pattern to whatever extent we could. But where there is love, the secret of enemity too would be there hidden in it. The currents of thoughts got so entrenched that they formed their effect in different ways. Something came up somewhere and some other pattern formed somewhere else Everything became different. Scattering was created. Now, this separated us from one another. All these contributed to the formation of a kind of individual network on account of which we lost sight of those currents which were appearing in every being in the form of feeling of oneness. Now, the practice to know a brother as brother means to break open the individual network and to get nearer to that thing which is giving the feeling of the relationship of the brotherhood. The feeling of brotherhood comes to consciousness by this practice only. The result of this will be that we will be appearing very close to it. Its practice will help us to gain the knowledge of Reality, and only that thing remains in view, which really exists. When this in total is before our view, it certainly extends to mutual meetings and organisation. Proceeding further, our dealings too will be such in the same relationship that we will feel the air of fraternity and cooperation in them, and we will be mutually receiving peace and calmness. How nice would it be if our dealings straighten up! Having accomplished this, we proceed on further, which too becomes easy to realise by this. This world is, in fact, a reflection of the other world. When we mould this image, it will affect the object also. When the object is affected by the reformed image which is its reflection, it too will begin to have the flow of purity, and our objective will begin to appear much easier. We shall be helped to some extent in attaining that thing. When our activities are set right here, its effect appear there too. My meaning of the world which casts its reflection or image is the Brahmand or the Astral world where everything first comes in the subtle form, and is manifested in this world after that. The things come down in the Astral world from the region higher above it, and this sequence continues to extend up to the Highest. Therefore, if we rectify the last layer, its effect will begin to fall upon the reflecting thing and it begins to get purified. The effect of this purification helps to purify the next higher layer in this way. And this sequence continues to proceed till that primary layer too gets purified in this way. Say, how much easily our work goes on getting accomplished!