Odes in the Memory of Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, U.P.

  1. Thou art the Sun of Divine Knowledge and the sagacious Knower of its mysteries; Thou art the Guide of the followers of the path, and the very life and soul of Knowledge.
  2. Every phase of Thy life was saturated with Spiritual Grandeur, and every action of Thine displayed the Light of Divine Knowledge.
  3. Though Thy Physical Form is non-existent, Thy Samadhi - the last resting place - is still glowing with Light and every Particle of It displays spiritual charm.
  4. When Thou didst see darkness prevailing all over, Thou didst overhaul the entire perspective of Spirituality.
  5. Thy innovation led to the Foundation of a Natural Path of Spirituality, having built the entire edifice of Spirituality on a new base.
  6. What a Glory was there in the movement of Thy Eyebrow which illumined all the spiritual atmosphere!
  7. Thou has infused a new Spirit the Grace of which still flows everywhere, granting blooming freshness to the flower-garden of Spirituality.
  8. Every word of Thine was a stream of Love, and every gesture of Thine a revelation of Divine mystery.
  9. Thy Patience and Perseverance were remarkable, and the seekers of Reality were completely devoted to Thee.
  10. Thy Sacred Words at the time of Thy Union with the Divine that "the fortunes of true seekers will again shine forth, and for my devotees the Light of Divinity will be lit up again by itself attracting the aspirants like moths over a burning candle," have fortunately come out to be true.
  11. Now, by Thy Benevolent Grace, we have today amongst us that very Light burning bright and, giving Light to every lover of Divinity.
  12. O, Bismil!* The eager eye of a true seeker may well discern with joy the flower garden of Spirituality blooming bright!

Madan Mohan Lal
Vakil, Badaun, U.P.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A humble devote of the Great Master.

* The Poet's nom de plume
**The Poet in original Urdu.