Know the Unknown

Know the Unknown

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Generally, I am not in the habit of attending such functions, which concern me directly, but the love and the great insistence on the part of associates of Madurai Centre and nearby places, rather compelled me to come amidst you on this occasion. For this, Sri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, the General Secretary of Mission, played no small part, which made me agreeable to come to you all in person.

Most of the brothers and sisters assembled here today, have in some way or the other, a lurking desire in their minds to achieve God or the Ultimate. When one has got a mind and a strong sincere desire to reach the state of Realisation, he will surely get the means to take him to the state of Realisation. The maxim goes ‘Where there is a will there is a way’. Idea, when it leaves its boundary, becomes thought. When thought becomes stronger, the activity for realisation develops. One who dives deep gets the pearls. The burning desire for Realisation brings the goal nearer. If anybody wants that he should get benefitted, he should encourage himself to cultivate the right faith, the right cognition and the right morals.

The basis of Yoga has always been right morals and proper behaviour. That is why my Master Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, had laid very great stress on this point. He always emphasised on cultivating principled character. The way of life should be pregnant with high morals. If it is not there, a person is not capable of having the fine type of spirituality, which is beyond everything and is worth having. Freedom we want, but we do not know its definition. Suffering is the root and results are flowers which every associate should strive hard to have.

Many of the associates write to me about their troubles and want me to remove them. To them as also to all others, I would say, the trouble reminds us of its silent stage. We get comfort in the state of discomfort. We remember it when its opposite is there. In this way, we develop forbearance and a little bit of peace also. Really speaking, the difficulties are the operations of Nature for our good.  Some people are a little confused, because I have used the word ‘Nothingness’ for God. They forget that only ‘Nothing’ is not used, ‘Ness’ is also there. When we think of the subtlest thing, the idea turns backward in search of the thing, which is really there. If you say ‘Yes’, the idea of ‘No’ is also there. If I say ‘No’, the idea of non-existence is there. If I say 'Yes', the idea of existence is there. But, He is beyond both. He is neither ‘Yes’ nor ‘No’. So ‘Nothingness’ and not ‘Yesness’ is the only proper and appropriate word which can be used for Him. In short, our ultimate goal should be ‘Ultimate’ Himself. In whatever condition He may be, we do not have much concern. Further, we are bound by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, but we do not know where to apply ‘Yes’ or where to apply ‘No’ in the correct sense. This thing comes from experience and experience comes from experiment.

I often receive complaints from some of my associates that, they are having tension and I should help them in removing this tension. They forget that when tension is caused, de-tension goes. When tension goes, de-tension is there, which is not so heavy, but still it is something. When both are gone, that can be called the stage of silence or partial vacuum. Of course, there is no total vacuum, but we want to have as much as is possible. Total Vacuum is God alone, When we merge in Divinity, the state of vacuum begins to dissolve itself; it comes to the nearest. Silence is a part of a few grains of Spirituality and not Reality itself. For explaining it, I can only say silence is nearer to God. That means silence is itself the seat on which silence stands. There are many worms outside, which our naked eye cannot see, but they are there. So, silence is there in abstract form, even though we may not be able to see it. It can be seen by constant practice, which Sahaj Marg provides. Our prayer, in this regard is also very important. By the prayer we go from outside noise to outside silence. By cleaning, we go from outside silence to inside silence. By prayer, we come nearer to our goal, because we come in contact with the Being. The same thing gives you nectar if methodically done and the same proves harmful, if it is not methodical. Proper method has been prescribed with complete clarity in the Sahaj Marg System.

Before concluding, I would like to say something about the thoughts coming during meditation, for which I receive complaints from many associates from practically all over the country as also from abroad. Thoughts during meditation are just like children playing on the road. When your attention is not towards thoughts, they are wholly ineffective and are of no value. Actually, thoughts do not disturb you, but you yourself feel disturbed. I have very often said the best way to get rid of them is to be unmindful towards them and treat them as you treat uninvited guests. They rise for the sake of fall. They are leaving their field waiting for Divinity to come in. When the force of meditation tears off the veil of heat, these thoughts are attracted because of a little bit of vacuum, which is there. When thoughts arise, you feel disturbed, so thoughts do not meddle with you, rather you meddle with them. Some people talk of love, while others complain of fear. To them, I have to say fear and love both have the same centre. If we drag ourselves towards the world, things of fear begin to display their character and when we are towards Divinity, Divinity plays in Divinity itself, So, both things are remarkable because they belong to the same centre. But, we should be wise enough to take the right thing and reject the wrong one. This will be for our own good.

Real love develops in purer mind, having its nature divine. We can only know the Unknown when we become unknown ourselves. Sometimes, these things come and go, but we should grasp them and make them permanent with us. From there, you rise above. My object of life is not only every one of you present here, but the entire Humanity should become the real life personified i.e., life in life, as I often say. Many of you have not yet fully seen the beautiful flowers of the garden and have not smelt their fragrance. I pray that you all may smell it to the full. This is the thing for which kings of the ancient used to leave their thrones and go to forests for penances. But Sahaj Marg provides a System in which, while living a normal worldly life in the way that all our actions may become penances themselves, we try to achieve our highest Goal —The Ultimate. Here, I can help to the best of my capability but, then, it is your own effort that will count the most. May you be bold enough to make these efforts sincerely and seriously. This is my prayer for all of you.

Message on Eve on His 78th Birthday Celebrations Madurai, April 30,  1977