Fourth Maxim

"Be Plain and Simple to be Identical with Nature."

THE meaning implied in this Maxim is very difficult to explain. Simplicity is the very essence of Nature. This is a thin covering which remains latent in God. Birth and growth proceed from this. It will be more fitting if this is considered as the quintessence of God. In fact, this is the life-substance of Nature. All activity and movement spring from this. This alone is totally real. All that follows this falls within the sphere of maya, in which alone people are generally busy working, and all the drama and glamour is akin to this only. In other words, this becomes the cause of the beginning of the Universe. People go on developing this thing (maya) in themselves. It comes to such a stage that they form such kind of knots that it needs special will power to undo them. By getting entangled and enwrapped in this, people take up such forms that a sign of solidity begins to appear outwardly. The external atmosphere and environment also began to affect it. Actions and interactions begin to appear in it. The result goes on getting more and more decadent. The expansion of simplicity goes on getting hidden in this covering (of maya). Man forms such a network for himself by the combination of all this that he automatically begins to get entangled in it, nay, gets fully stuck up.

Perfect calmness prevailed before Creation. It stirred. The Cosmos manifested. The things which were created brought the reflection of their Original power with them, and there was present more or less every power in it in a fractional way. Their function is proportionately the same as was that of the Original. The Cosmos and the powers to maintain it manifested by the effect of the stir. In other words, a network like the spider's web got set up. And everything, or the particles which formed the network or the linkage possessed power. Its form is the same even now; and it will remain so until it does not come to the time of its return. When man was born, his condition was in the dreamy form. There was then no growth and development in those particles which he had brought with himself. Those powers went on developing gradually, and brought him to such a state that the First Thought, which was the basic factor to manifest him, had acquired sufficient development. This alone was the thing which sprang forth from God and became the cause of the Cosmos, and effected the expansion and all the manifestation. In other words, His full power got fully entrenched in everything and in each p article in accordance with the placement of the powers. If a p article is broken up into many small pieces, the same power will be found in all those thousands of pieces, which was there in the original particle. Thus, the Original Thing, or Thought, or Stir, the swell of which is also there in man in an expanded form, possesses the same power according to the principle enunciated above. But, since the intention of God was to make His power descend down from above, i.e., from higher level to lower level, which are opposite to one another; this thought, which is present in man, took its opposite form, and he began to expand in himself in that form, in which God had done in His standard. Since this particle (man) has mistaken the opposite aspect as his origin, he began to manifest such forms which are opposite of Nature, or Divine currents, and began to weave a network, or a cobweb of similar form in himself. His form now is the same in the opposite as that of God in its Purity. The only difference is that there is Purity and here is its opposite due to contrary movement. Both did the same work, though.

The time for the return of the expansion of God comes when the period, which the vibration of the Thought had fixed, is over. The return of man, namely, the return of the currents of man, which exist in the form of network, or cobweb, can take place when he exhausts the vibration which he has created to make these things. Since this vibration, which man has created, is contrary to God, it possesses solidity, and perverted form of that Original Vibration which is created by the First Stir in God. The form of the vibration is evident in God in the Original form, and in subtle way according to its status. Just this much is the difference between those vibrations: There is inversion in this, whereas there is Originality in That. The same powers, which exist in the Original, manifested in man because those particles, which existed at the time of the First Stir in God, were included in man's thought. They worked contrary to That because there was inversion in man, and those faculties which entered man began to be used in the opposite way. All this combined to promote the growth of a network which man has formed by his thought power. And in similar portion, each particle of it became as powerful as the network of God, and he too formed a world in himself. Each faculty became so powerful that it began to talk back, and got animated, and the mind and thought began to work in everything. As many men there are, so many thoughts are included. Similarly, since every faculty has been made powerful, so many thoughts were born in him in their positions. It is, as if, you too have formed a world of your own in yourself like God. The balance got disturbed. War and battle has started. One faculty is inducing to go out for a walk in the open air. Another is telling that it is too chilly, and that there is the fear of catching cold. The third presented another point, and the fourth yet another. The fifth one started to worry about earning money, and the sixth one suggested to take up some employment. The seventh one says it involves hard labour. The eighth suggests to develop friendship with a rich relative and capture his heart so that he may give you all his wealth. Another faculty comes forth to declare that all this is quite useless so long as he does not get married and have children to enjoy that wealth. Now, he got entangled in the thought of marriage. He also got children. The problems of education came up. There grew up thought of entertainment. One Jameela is playing good part in a certain theatre. Therefore got tempted to see her. Went there. Saw the play. Saw it continuously for four or six days. The coquettish movements of Jameela compelled to attend the show again and again. Now, that became so much charming that her actions and signals induced still more activity in that faculty, which man has developed earlier. Everything of Jameela began to attract the heart. Love started. Now you are wearing out in the same anxiety, and are making that thought and condition still stronger, and the habit is also being formed of thought. The linkage is growing up. Habit is worsening. The effect of this habit is showing up in making every synonymous thing to appear as Jameela, and the same thought is affecting him. Now, the concern grew up that it cannot be satiated without money. But where is leisure from the thoughts about Jameela, to earn money by doing honest work? Therefore, the desire to steal money from somebody, took hold. Simultaneously, the thought came that it may lead to imprisonment and law suit. Therefore hesitated. But the thought of Jameela and other similar thoughts which he had formed afterwards, have entrapped and compelled him to such an extent that lie consented to steal, and got ready for unlawful gains. What was he and what has he become? How have his thoughts aided him? What methods have they adopted and how have they bound him? These are some solid examples which have formed solid links in that network. And heat began to get generated by the conflict and friction of these thoughts. The heat did the work of warming them up due to which they got still stronger. Solidity went on increasing. The network became still stronger. Now, new effects began to appear by the string in which he had bound himself. The heat began to appear again in the form of anger at some place. Lustful desires began to increase at some other place. Such circumstances developed somewhere that they helped to follow the dictates of the faculties. To what extent can it be described! In short, a conglomeration has developed. Now, the method of their going back to their original state can be for him to remove, or throw out the effects which he has taken in himself and to give room for the Original condition. He should strengthen his thought and remove it from its inversion, and divert his thought upwards. He should divert his thought and turn its direction upwards. Since this diverting the thought upwards has now gone out of his power, he should attach himself to some great personality whose thought has become steady upwards, and in whom the power to turn it downward by himself is not remaining. Since there exists inversion or topsy-turvyness in the thought, it means that lie has assumed a dense form having come down to a lower level. Therefore, when such a person forms the intention to go up, the thought also gets help because of the fellowship. If he develops love and attachment of thought with his fellow being of the higher calibre, he will not come across such opposing thought elements which may create derangement. He should, at the same time, also cultivate such habits which could be helping in shattering and plucking out that network. The ear should listen to the blessed subject. The eyes should look to the blessed subject. The heart should consent to do blessed deeds. There are many such things which will automatically be coming to knowledge by practice. Apart from this, he should try to break this network automatically. There can be different methods of meditations and mental practices to break it at every state. Along with this, he should necessarily form the will "I shall certainly break away this network," and get busy in the attempt. Different knots have been formed in different chakras in this network and have been forming. The contact of such a person who has broken up the bonds of his own network can give much help in this work.

This philosophy has to be pondered over with great diligence. These are the top hidden secrets which are being opened up, so that they may be practised after pondering over. After dealing with this subject, my humble request to you is that you should try to re-own the latent power which is the quintessence of Nature by breaking up the network interwoven by yourself. We should try to reach our Destination by fixing the example of perfect simplicity as our goal, which can come to view to every person, in perfect vacuum. Our attempt should be in such a way that all the faculties of perception and feeling, etc., should become harmonised with and merged in Him, and having lost the impressions of their earlier actions, their condition should become such that your condition may become one with Him. Then you may consider that you have made yourself inclined towards That. The method for it can be the same which has been mentioned above. That is, go on reducing the flutter and glitter; go on giving shocks to those things which have mingled and accumulated in you so that the network, which have woven yourself only, may be broken up and you may correctly display the blooming condition which you have to attain. This thing can be had when you adopt the company of such a person who has sufficiently swum in it having broken up his own network, as mentioned above.