First Maxim

"Rise before Dawn. Offer your Prayer and Puja at a fixed hour, preferably before Sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and seat for worship. Purity of mind and body should be specially adhered to."

THE Divine Fire, lit up since the Day of Beginning, has not yet cooled down. Thought stirred when the time of Creation came. Heat was created in the parts. The First Covering enveloped from the very First Day, so to say. This Energy began to give movement to the p articles by continuously heating them. Its intensity went on increasing. Veils after veils went on adding up. Solidity went on increasing. Tremors continued to be generated. All started their own actions, and actions went on in That also. The outcome of it was like a silkworm that developed a covering over itself. In other words, only the white shell of an egg remained open to view, and Reality got hidden inside. Co-relationship began to spring up. Now, one who was very closely attached to It, received more of It for his share; and the same Heat, which existed on the First Day, manifested in man. This Heat gradually went on developing, assuming the form of organic growth. Every particle got affected thereby, absorbing its due share. An earthly tinge got mixed into it, and it always remained subject to the influence of That whose share is included in it. In other words, the bigger layer, which has been formed by heat, maintains its connection with it. Now, the influence caused on the greater thing will naturally be reflected on the smaller thing. If the external influence falls on the greater thing, it will also affect the smaller thing in proportion to its size. External influences also fall on these things. The influence of the rays fall on all things, either small or big. The action of both get to become almost the same according to the size. The heat produced by the external causes also begins to exhaust itself after some time, and peace comes only when this heat gets extinct. The Summer season can be taken as an analogy. When the effects of the external heat, which takes some time to get reduced according to the size, are removed, some ease or peace comes definitely. Now, the great souls have taken into consideration that time when the external effects begin to get removed from it; that is, it is the time
when the heat gets exhausted, and soon after the exhaust of heat, cooler effects begin to come. The junction of these two is called Sandhi Gati. The Mahatmas (Great Souls) have made devotional practice and worship obligatory at this time. It is the time of coming of that which is opposite to heat. And what can that be? It can be only That which was in existence before the generation of heat at the beginning. Just consider what a good time is fixed after deep consideration, which is in close conformity with Nature! It is this time which is very similar to the condition which we have to reach. In other words, this time is the very image of the state we have to reach. I shall tell you one more point: This point is the image of Reality, or this is the point which gives us the opportunity to proceed further. This point is very well conceived, which corresponds closely with our Destination.

Importance is also given to sandhya (junction time for devotional practice) at the time of noon (tam). But that power is utilised in a different way. The Sun's rays are quite direct at that time and produce much heat. This heat too is included in that, and had come from That alone, which is the Source of all. Now, we get attached to the Real Power which exists through the heat at this time; that is, we come close to That Power. And this state continues till the time of the cooling down of this heat approaches. In other words, we have derived benefit from That and have also come close to That by this method. Now, the time is approaching when we reach closer to That, and gradually enjoy that condition which is just separate from That. After having secured that closeness, we are now approaching closest to that time which is following. This practice has helped us to enter into That. Therefore, the Mahatmas (saintly personalities) have prescribed sandhya at noon time. The reason is, by continuous influence, the Sun's rays get connected with the plane wherefrom they have originated and which is next to Ultimate. Since the rays of the Sun are directly perpendicular at noon, the effect brought about by them is more direct due to the closeness. The heat which appears to have come from the Sun is, in fact, the heat of the particles. Thus if we meditate at noon, our thought gets unconsciously attached with the Centre or Ultimate. It is just like we often suppose an answer first in order to solve a problem. Similarly, in order to solve the problem of human life, we have to first assume that Real Thing, however hazy its form may be to our thought, because on arriving at the Ultimate condition of a thing, the cognisance of its previous condition is lost. In this way, we utilise the excessive intensity of heat to our best advantage. Since the material heat, or the heat of the particles is also too much, we do not treat sandhya at noon time as compulsory in our System.

The evening time follows the gradual completion of the noon-junction or sandhya. The heat would have subsided to certain extent. In other words, we begin to advance towards coolness till we reach the point where both the heat and coolness are at par, and this is the evening time which is fixed for the practice of sandhya. It helps us to derive the full benefit of the time by getting more closely attached with the coolness of the hour. As time advances, we go on getting closer and closer to coolness. Finally, we reach the point where we are closest to it, and that is the time of Dawn. The Sun's rays have their least influence at that time. It is a scientific principle upon which the division of the timings for worship and sandhya is based in accordance with the heat and coolness.

A question now arises as to why sandhya has been fixed only at the time of Sat and Tam, and not at the time of Raj. Probably you know the principle of Invertendo of Ratio and Proportions. Both the terminals, that is, the beginning and the end are taken into account. The beginning is Sat, and the end is Tam. The middling one is nothing but an hypothetical line which connects the two ends.

I am now revealing the philosophy which is little known to people. They generally consider Sat to be the Real Thing and treat it as the yard-stick for measuring the knowledge of God. But the mystery behind it is quite unknown to them. A special thing which is at its bottom is not yet revealed to them. All these are the states of Tam and Tam alone. This is the only thing worth achieving for the Yogis. It is very difficult to gain access to this point. It is very easy to attain Sat, but the state which I have termed as Tam cannot be attained so soon. There is nothing beyond it. Though generally people talk a great deal, yet none goes to the bottom of the things. Even purity, simplicity, and peace are not there. It is, in fact, beyond all of them. This is the very thing which is acquired after years of labour and innumerable lives. I can boldly assert that even the greatest saints of the world have remained short of this vision as I have described above. The state of Negation, which you are craving for, and which is the real life, abides in it, and all activities cease before one reaches that point. This is the Divine mystery which I am revealing today. This point alone is the integral axis of God, or the state of Self. People have been speculating and seeking for aeons, but have always remained short of reaching the Real State. Perception has no entry here. People consider this state of Tam as their deadliest enemy. But if you ever happen to study a person in whom this state of complete ignorance is reigning in full swing, you will find that at the highest pitch of advancement, he, like an infant, cannot express his own condition. But if a slight touch of Sat is applied to It, he will then begin to have cognisance of his state of Tam. Why is it so? It is so because the meeting point of the two leads to the creation of a new state identical with that which is the basis of the creation of the worlds. Now, the same principle of Invertendo comes, which I have mentioned above.

The decorous panorama of Nature is the third phase of the Real Maker. In fact, people remain busy in this alone, and go on forming heaps of desires by straying their inclinations hither and thither. First of all, your sight falls on the glittering thing which you call as Sat or Reality. This glittering thing is nothing but maya (illusion). People talk a great deal extolling this only, which is, in fact, miles away from the circle of Spirituality and Reality. They have developed such a state of torpidity that they are neither prone to listen nor attempt to perceive anything in this connection. They have lost sight of that Reality which is beyond both light and darkness. This is what has been shown in the emblem of our Mission, and which is, in the true sense, the real state of man's perfection, from whence no decline or fall is possible. This is a very delicate point of philosophy. Saints have called this state as Satpad (State of Reality) where there is neither light nor darkness. But their thought is not correct because this state is even beyond that. That is, in fact, merely a reflection or shadow of this. Reality is, in fact, beyond that.

People may be astonished to know these matters; but I have written this essay for those who are well advanced in Spirituality and are thoroughly acquainted with this Science, which I am describing. Revelation or Experience alone can show it. This is not found within the religious bounds. Its path is entirely different. This knowledge is a Science in itself, and for which one may not be well qualified unless a person develops the capacity to perceive Nature with his inner eye; and till then that person can have no approach even up to its fringe, leave alone knowing and understanding. The religion can help you to understand only "that there is something more to perceive in Nature." But one has to dive deep into the Ocean to pick up pearls. In fact, the very Simplicity, Purity, and Innocence of Reality have become a veil to It. This book has been written not for a beginner of Spirituality but for the adept who has done enough swimming in the river of Spirituality.

Completing sandhya (meditation) before Sunrise is stressed upon for the reason that the external heat and other influences, which have been driven out of the body, may not creep in again by the effect of Sunshine, by which we may not be able to derive the best advantage of the time. The Mahatmas have stressed upon the principle – and the Western culture too supports the view - that a separate place must be reserved for each type of work so that relevant thoughts conducive to the nature of the work may spring up on arriving at the place. Man possesses power, and this power has come to him by the connection of his thought with the Real Source. When we resolve to do something, the string, or the attachment, or the stress which exists between these two gets intensified. Thus we begin to draw power from the Real Source in accordance with our thought. When the power begins to flow in, and we practice by associating it with a particular point in time, the remembrance of that work begins to revive in our heart. Therefore our thought gets directed to it if we fix a particular timing of sandhya (meditation), and we automatically get busy in its remembrance in some form or other. We charge the place with our thought power when we practice meditation (sandhya) sitting in that particular place which we have fixed for that work. Thus the feeling of sanctity begins to be sensed and that place takes up those very influences. Therefore we get aid in that work. The influence of sanctity (purity) will not remain limited to that place alone but it begins to spread. Now it depends upon our force to expand it as much as we can. It is seen, and the places of worship testify that its influence is not exhausted even after a lapse of many years at many places; so much so that even pilgrims and casual visitors are influenced by it. Not only this, since the air flows through, it also carries its fragrance to those layers which are related to it, and each layer is subjected to expansion and contraction. Thus the effect which has entered continues to grow and expand.

Now, listen about asan (posture). This is one of the steps of yoga. It is treated as a preliminary step of yoga and is much emphasised by the Mahatmas, though the mystery at its bottom has not been revealed yet. Everything comes to light at the destined time. Everything and all were nearly in a static state before Creation, and were dissolved into their origin, and had almost lost their own condition; nevertheless, their earlier impression persisted. This was because of the shade of Reality under which they remained till the time of dissolution, which helped them to retain the effect of the impression during the entire period of their existence. How long they continued to absorb this effect is beyond human thought to determine. It must, at least, have been equal to the period of their existence during which they have been absorbing the effect of Reality. Imagine the long period during which these things were continually aiding the manifestation of order. They have been absorbing the effect through out that period. No doubt, they had lost their solidity, but the effect necessarily remained, and they had dissolved into That along with that effect which they had absorbed. That was the movement which was generated in That due to the shocks of that Root Power. This being saturated with the effect, remained silently active; and this continued indefinitely. It is known as the Latent Motion around the Centre. This went on till the time of Creation came again. Now, why did this time come? What was the need? What was the cause? The Latent Motion, which is a concentrated energy, cuts out crevices for the power to burst forth to flow out afresh leading to the reformation of the Universe. Man came into being. The latent craving to return to his origin also began to spring up in him, because the real essence which he partook of, being very powerful, began to attract him towards it. The thing which, after coming into motion, led to the cause of Creation, was also inherited by him. And that was contrary to that static condition because its basis was activity. When the thought of going back to that static condition came in man, it became essential for him to bring that activity which has sprung up in him to a latent state as far as possible. He began to search for the means for it. It came to his understanding that just as the latent motion was grosser in comparison to the Absolute with which it was connected, in the same way, he must also take up something grosser for the purpose, to enable him to attain that aim which is the condition of Self or the Source. This led to the conclusion that he must create in himself a form of contraction, or withdrawal similar to that as at the time of pralaya (dissolution). Self is all-pervading in man just as it is pervading in the entire Universe, taking the Universe as an integral whole. The state of pralaya comes when contraction takes place in the Universe. Similar contraction in man leads to his individual pralaya. This means that the begins to proceed from his state of grossness to the Real State. What can be the form of contraction in man? It is contracting one's own expansion present through his body, in any way. The contraction always begins from below and gradually proceeds upwards because of its upward tendency. Therefore in order to go upwards, he must begin contracting from below. The form would then be to bring his legs and allied parts to one pose and to keep them steady. The form would finally be that of asan, in whatever way it might have been done. It is essential because it paves our way to Ultimate. The posture must always be the same form. The reason is he gets associated with the Great Power in this way, which is the very thing he takes up in the beginning for the attainment of his particular objective when he willed to enter into the Self. Thus the form which he has associated with Reality helps him a great deal in his primary initiation.

Performing sandhya in an upright sitting pose has, in principle, been thought to be most advantageous since ancient times, because the streams of Divine Grace which benefits a seeker descend directly, and there is full power of grace in them. If an abhyasi sits obliquely, or in an unsteady pose, there will necessary be confusion between those streams and their real grace, and thus that abhyasi will be deprived of the real absorption and bliss which he would have got by sitting upright in one pose. We have to sit in one proper manner in order to receive the spiritual grace in the proper way; otherwise, it is possible that we may remain deprived of the real grace. Some may probably think that the steady upright pose may be reflecting a tinge of pride. It is not so. A devotee should, in principle, present himself before his Master in the same manner as a soldier generally does in front of his officer at the time of parade. The call of 'Attention' is given soon after the officer comes. Then it becomes the duty of a soldier to keep his body steady and straight, looking towards his officer with concentrated attention. This indicates alertness, healthy disposition, and freshness of the body. The same principle holds good even in the case of the duty of a devotee while sitting before his Master.

The ideal of Purity, held by Hindus in particular, is indeed very high. But now, in its degenerated form, it merely exists in imagination. All its principles are forgotten. Only bathing is remembered. The principle of Purity was based on the thought that the Eternal and Pure Existence, which we have to enter into, is entirely free from all contaminations or blemishes. There is Purity and Purity only in That. This highest standard of Absolute Purity, free from all impurities (mala), distortions (vikshep), and coverings (avaran), was taken up for the ideal. All these three are in us. Where there is Purity, it is devoid of all these things. Our thought got directed towards that degree of Purity. We began to imitate that by external means; that is, we began to rub and clean the body, paid special attention to clean the dirty place, etc. Thus that Purity which we had kept as our ideal, began to influence our heart by our external methods. Growing further, the Purity began to prevail in the heart also. This continued process, supplemented by our attention fixed up on the Ideal, contributed greatly to the attainment of the highest Purity. The process thus being accelerated, real Purity began to flow in all through, and the mind began to get purified, producing good thoughts which helped us further in our pursuit. Thus we were doubly benefitted. We had already resorted to the means for the internal purification, and now the external methods also began to help us a good deal in the work; and both combined together helped us immensely in the attainment of the objective. When both of these get harmonised with each other, it becomes in itself a power which makes our path all the more smooth, and we go on soaring higher and higher, and we begin to get everything. Thus this Purity helped us so efficiently in the attainment of the Ideal.

Our first and foremost Maxim relates to meditation and devotion (sandhya and upasana). The reason is, we will be drawing the power, which we have to finally attain in due course, by following that Maxim. I shall tell you another important point about it. When Divine Currents began to flow, their actions and counter-actions created solidity. Atoms (anu) and sub-atoms (paramanu), and p articles of numerous different shapes were formed, and they began to manifest in their particular forms. That too remained current in them by which Heat was also generated which is the foundation of life. Thus numerous forms came into being and innumerable actions began to happen. The Heat remained, and this is present even now although its stress has gone downward. Where is the question of the thought of up and down? When we conceive of the Highest thing, the thought of the lower also gets fixed up Also, when we have come from the best condition, the next condition is considered as the next best, or the lower one. Therefore, we consider That as the Greatest and the Highest of all. Thus height and depth immediately enter into our thinking. But, when the downward stress is reduced, the very thing which is throwing heat upon paramanus -- and this work of it is continuously going on -- will help the particles turn upwards, or towards the Source; and it makes it light by the same motion which causes heat in it. The property of the light thing is that it always rises upward. Its rising upwards means that it wants to go towards That where its Source is. Now, this thing, in which sufficient movement is generated due to the effects of the currents, wants to fly towards its Source. This has come in a greater share to man. Therefore when the lower tie is snapped, that is, when his lower tendency is stopped, the thought of flight and reach to his Origin automatically springs up in the heart of man. This is the reason why he begins to like to do meditation and devotional practice (sandhya and upasana).

There is a great difference between this Heat and the heat caused by the effect of the Sun. The origin of that heat (Sun's) is, nevertheless, comparatively free from materiality, and is heavier than this Heat. The origin of this Heat is the Real Source in which there is no materiality. In my view, this may aptly be called stress. But this Heat is in a latent state in stress, whereas it is more evident in the Sun. There is a difference of heaven and earth between this Heat, which is a namesake, and that heat (of Sun). The Sun's heat is merely a flame, and this is the promoter and preserver of life. The words in both places have come from the same, but it is a pity that such matter does not come soon within the boundary of expression. The thoughts have, as far as possible, been confined in words. But the difference between this heat and that Heat depends upon the real experience.

In our System, the trainer at the very outset weakens the downward tendency of an abhyasi by the effect of his own will power so that the particles may automatically get diverted towards the Divine. This is the state of the higher stratum of mind, and that lower tendency is of the lower stratum. This is the philosophy and is also the basis of training. This, which I have, described, offers a chance to great philosophers to ponder over. The subject is written briefly. I consider it necessary to mention one more point in this connection: A saint has mentioned at some time: "God has closed that door of a devotee which would provide an answer to every 'why'. What is that door? It is known by pondering over that. That veil pertains to knowing. A poet has also said: "One can acquire the intelligence of Sahban (a great Chinese philosopher) in eloquence and rhetoric, but none can attain the knowledge of the Holy Almighty."

Now, listen about that veil. What is that which is becoming an obstruction to know His real mystery? When we form the thought of God, our understanding forms a circle and sets up a modus operandi. This alone is the knot which bars an answer to every 'why'. If somehow we could get over this knot and the boundary is removed from our thought, we can know even the subtlest point. But another circle comes after this circle, which is the shadow or reflection of that circle. When we force our entry into that one, we can perceive the condition of the Centre there. But the breaking of these limitations is possible only when we are able to shatter our own particles by some means. But this power is very rare because it is not possible to follow those rules which are compulsory to attain that power. If, however, such a Personality is born who can shatter these particles by His Will Power, that circle will disappear from the view, because the view has become one with That in its expanded form. In order to have the knowledge of it, it is also essential for him to be able to gather those particles and arrange his body in the same order which existed before the shattering of the particles, maintaining the same ratio and connection. Common imagination may not conceive of such a Personality having ever been born, but my perception testifies that certainly there have been a few of such personalities. The condition which exists after the shattering of the particles is similar to that of the Latent Motion, and His Will remains hidden in it. Just as That, which was hidden before Creation and after Dissolution, became the cause of Creation again, That, which remains after shattering of the particles, becomes the cause of the gathering of the particles again, and no cleavage remains in it.