Eighth Maxim

"Be happy to eat in constant Divine thought whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings."

THIS is a very great philosophy, the beginning of which is from materiality and its end is the same where we all have to reach. A happy disposition in such a state, the effect of which begins to filter down, and all things are purified by it. This is a state which can aptly be translated as indeed the state next to Self. By fixing our thought on it, we are as though thinking of that which is the final Destination. In other words, we have begun from that great state beyond which remains but That alone. This is the warp and woof which Nature herself has interwoven. As though, in other words, we may call it Nature's being - the material part, though that materiality be merely for namesake, which reveals that pure state at which we have to arrive at. Now, the word materiality is used for that thing which is felt because it somehow comes into the ken of human thought. Possibly, people may misunderstand it as the veil of maya, but that will not be its correct rendering. This is the state which, in fact, has got infused in the veil of maya. Now, we bring it in our thought while eating food, the influence of which falls upon its lower substance; and when we eat food, that which is then in front of us begins to enter into food; and its effects begins to percolate sufficiently in the food. This means we have also brought the thing which we are eating, under the influence of that whose effect goes into our veins and arteries and becomes included in them. In other words, we got our work done by making the best use of that which is filling in the external state. Those atoms or particles which are in the body begin to get purified due to this, and the impulse of thought is also created in that thing which becomes helpful in our spiritual and physical health by mixing with food. The power of pran (life) is pervading everywhere. Nothing is free from it. It is inside the food as well as outside of it. We apply the impulse of our thought to it, which brings it to the state which causes spark by the friction of two stones, although its state is different from and purer than the power which causes the spark. We reach towards God through the same thing which comes out of the connection with God, because the state after that does not possess the power which can lead us up to the Original state. All ideas and imagination are left lagging behind it. This paves the way for us to reach into God. Now, we have given it such power by fixing the thought of purity in food that the spark of which takes us up to that layer which we have called as the state just after God. Thus we cross over so much distance so easily.

We have shown it as a duty to eat in constant Divine thought in our principles. All our activities should be as may be helpful to us in the realisation of our aim. While eating food, we fix our thought upon the Ultimate which we have finally to attain; in order to take its effect as well as to enhance its purity still more in such a way that it may affect it with doubled power which may be redoubled. Our beginning has been from Purity. Those pure currents which have been the cause of our appearance, have come out of the Pure Source only, and the thought of purity occurs to us due to those currents only. Those currents, which are existing everywhere, are in the state of Purity only. It has never come to pass that any impurity might have developed in them; so much so that even time could not affect them, because they have originated from Almighty, and purity is running in them in toto. These currents are the result of the action of the Original Stir which became the cause of Creation, and they are all pure. And the things formed out of these were also pure in the primary state. But the effect of time upon these formed things did not keep them in the pure state and this was, in truth, our own doing as has been explained in the Fourth Maxim.

A thing acquired by Nature is very pure because its basis has originated from Purity. A thing earned by you can also remain in the pure state when it is acquired by pure and pious means. The influences there of will affect their closer layers and will help in purifying the network which you have woven in yourself. This is why the sages have laid great stress on honest and pious earnings.