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“End of Raj yog is beginning of Sahaj Marg.” Think and certify the statement through spiritual experience

Provisional reply:

There are 2 aspects in which the statement can be explained:
1. Raj yog as 8 fold path given by Patanjali.
2. Raj yog:utilization of thought power.

1. In Raj yog the last two parts are meditation and samadhi. Meditation is an act of dwelling on a pious thought. When this condition is elongated for considerable amount of time it is said as samadhi (concentration).
According to Malik-e-Kul :
Samadhi = Sam + adhi i.e the balanced state; or condition prevailed when we came here for the first time.
Sahaja = Saha + ja means, that which has come along with the birth.

Raj yog considers samadhi as the last step of yoga but it is actually the state which we were born. It can also be said as sahaja avastha. This is not our final state but a beginning state in the evolutionary process, to proceed towards the Reality and further to Ultimate Reality. This is where the training of Malik-e-Kul starts or Sahaj Marg starts. This is the baseline of Sahaj Marg.

2. Raj yog is utilization of thought power in achievement of our human goal.
The main principle behind Raj yog is every thought has power just like every cause has its effect. But we receive power from thought when we create harmony between things of our making and those made by Him in His way. In other words when individuality is dissolved or when limited thinking of man ends; thought becomes powerful. Individual effort will show its effect up to certain level but after that it is only the pull of Malik-e-Kul.

Sahaj Marg is for uplifting man from human level to Divine level or Divine Consciousness which has no mind. Here we are moving towards Reality which does not accommodate any thought and moving still further we are in ‘void’ ness state where there is neither end nor beginning. So which is the power which can bring us to this state? Only Malik-e-Kul. ‘That’ pulls us towards the Ultimate leaving behind all other powers which come under final wastefulness.

Great men are not born accidentally likewise Sahaj Marg also is not given accidentally. It is given by Malik-e-Kul Himself, who opened the doors to entire humanity, of ‘Reality’ and thence to ‘Ultimate Reality’.

Raj yog has a beginning and an end. Sahaj Marg takes one towards ‘no beginning and no end’

To substantiate the explanation with Malik-e-Kul’s statement; some can be quoted here:

  • Demolition of the past is a chapter in Sahaj Marg.
  • When the corpse like condition (living dead) develops then it should be considered as the beginning of Spirituality.
  • Where all others end Spirituality, from there Ram Chandra’s Training begins.

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