In this section, reader will find the efficacy of Sahaj Marg System of training. The students who are practicing this method have expressed & submitted their thoughts based on their understanding & experience on a particular subject, to the Guide/Preceptor. Topics are informative, educative and transformative.

What is the importance of meditation before sunrise, at fixed hour, fixed place,fixed seat, same pose, with purity of mind and body.
Before going to the subject proper, I would like to write few words about Ten Maxims.
Malik-e-Kul has said the book of ‘Ten Maxims’ to be His masterpiece. One can take any maxim and try to dive deep into it; it will take one towards the Goal. If we think over the subject from 360 degree angle, Malik-e-Kul has given ten angles (10 maxims) to contemplate and act upon. These ten directions are so extensive that it will bring the remaining perspective as well within one’s comprehension.

Ten Maxims are not like religious rites and rituals to be observed, which are mechanical in nature. It indicates the Principles of life which will be imbibed in a student as the evolutionary process of nature when he adopts the method of Sahaj Marg. The relationship between oneself and the Goal then becomes dynamic, transforming one into the Goal itself.

We notice that the first maxim describes the ‘Beginning’ aspect which can be related to beginning of day. The last maxim is the bedtime prayer done at the end of the day before advancing towards the state of rest (sushupti). In between, are the maxims which deal with the activities concerned to the living aspect. This way, the entire aspect of one’s life is covered and the way to get it decorated is also shown, so that one may become eligible to receive the Grace of Malik-e-Kul and proceed towards the Real Goal. Thus the student who has become the embodiment of Ten Maxims will be the ‘Living message’ of Malik-e-Kul.

Now coming to the question asked about importance of Meditation before sunrise, at fixed hour, fixed place, fixed seat, one pose, purity of mind and body:
The first maxim is very important because it includes all the three precepts in it i.e. cleaning, prayer and meditation. Also the knowledge of science, spiritual and practical is needed to understand the significance and efficacy of it which will augment the progress of aspirant towards the Goal in leaps and bounds.

Before Sunrise:
When we say the time ‘before sunrise’ there is science behind it. We all know that the earth rotates on its axis and hence we have sunrise and sun set. Sun is continuously emitting the heat. The portion of the earth, which is slowly coming under the influence of sun rays, is the period ‘before sunrise’; which can also be said as dark to dawn. At this time, earth and its particles will come to such a state where the heat is continuously getting exhausted and then it proceeds towards the state of ‘no heat’. The arrival of this state or ‘Point’ is the condition which had prevailed before the generation of the Heat (lit of Divine fire). Here comes the spiritual aspect. What does this Point signify? It signifies the image of ‘Reality’. How wonderful is this Nature’s setup which gives the concept of Reality! We should utilize the natural condition developed at this ‘Point’ and try to proceed towards ‘Reality’ and further dive deep in it. Malik-e-Kul has said that we should attempt the finite for the Infinite and adopt those methods which introduce from the very beginning the character of the Infinite. The Sahaj Marg stands for It and makes it possible for us to do our duty the way the finiteness demands and to proceed alongside towards the Infinite.

Meditation is also said as the waiting process. What do we wait for? ‘Divinity’. We sit for meditation before sunrise for an hour waiting for ‘Divinity’. During this period we come across this junctional ‘Point’ without our knowledge and conscious effort. This Point awakens the condition of ‘Divinity’ in our consciousness, which later influences all the particles of our being. So, in a way, during our daily meditation we wait for this junctional ‘Point’ and then begin to dwell in ‘That’ condition. This is real meditation. It is all made successful by Master’s help and support. The very instruction given by Malik-e-Kul i.e. ‘Before Sunrise’ expresses His Will which comes as support in the form of Transmission, doubling the effect.

I would like to mention one more important effect of doing meditation at this time. The heat in us continuously casts its impact on atoms and sub-atoms stressing it towards downward direction. Due to Master’s support the downward tendency in us is weakened. The same heat now makes the particles lighter creating an upward movement to move to its Source. So this brings in the thought of flight towards our Origin again and again. This way we develop more interest towards meditational practice.

Malik-e-Kul has revealed the Nature’s secrets and its mechanism hoping that seekers may utilize the time and take benefit from it to its fullest extent. If we miss the time we may miss also the ‘Infinite Ocean’.

Fixed Hour, Fixed Place and fixed Seat:

Many of you have mentioned about it aptly. Our day today experience has very clearly shown the benefit of fixed place, fixed seat and fixed hour. All of these become incumbent upon us as we have fixed our Goal of Life.

Fixed hour gives the orientation to the mind, and its power begins to show its effect.

Fixed place and seat produces the similar effect of ‘Prana Pratishtapana’ which creates impact on oneself and also the downhearted ones who happen to arrive there.

One pose:
Divine current was split into two forming two parallel lines. One is line of Divinity and other is line of humanity. The line of humanity which is related to man consists of several points from higher to lower. During meditation we try to align our body such that the higher point in us gets connected to the flow of Divine current. And this is possible only when we sit in one pose. The lower centres (or points) also will be affected by it because higher centres take charge of the lower centres & the process of dissolution starts which help us to proceed towards union.
When we talk about dissolution the posture of our body too should be in conformity with that. So we are bound to sit in an Asan which is contracted form of man.

Purity of mind and body:

If we have to talk to a baby we pose innocence like that. Similarly, purity is the prerequisite to merge in HIM. Purity in and out refers to internal and external cleaning. That is the reason we do cleaning process before meditation as given by Malik-e-Kul and also keep the body clean. Cleaning and then Prayer develops deservingness and the state of submission.

Abhyasis should grasp the spirit behind the practice and do it with love and devotion. As the saying goes ‘Better late than never’; one should resolve firmly to practice as instructed by Malik-e-Kul and should not let go the chance given by Malik-e- Kul to solve the problem of life.

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