Statements from our literature
  • Each nation has it’s own role to play in the world. For some countries it is politics, for some it is technology, for some material possessions. But for India it is Spirituality.
  • This special role is allotted to India by Nature, ages ago. We have no choice but to follow destiny.
  • The world is crying for peace. All efforts for bringing about peace appear to end in failure.
  • Only the torch of spirituality can remove the oppressing gloom and restore the real man.
  • The Sages or Yogis of India used the power of creation for the reformation of humanity.
  • Yoga is the way of accurate living in Divine consciousness away from egoistic consciousness.
  • In real yoga the flow of Infinite Divinity is at It’s full and there is no stagnation whatsoever. It is ever fresh, evergreen and ever present. It is a state of deathlessness, utter purity and without sinews. No bondage whatsoever exists here. Yogi is in perfect conformity with Nature.
  • To find such a Yogi and such a Yoga is left to one’s Viveka (power of discrimination).
  • India has got great spiritual inheritance and expected to be highly advanced in spirituality. Let this great tradition be kept high.