Points to ponder over from our literature

  • Yoga is the process of unfolding oneself into Divine.
  • The technique of linking oneself with the core of Reality that embraces both the life and death is perhaps the only way. Yoga is said to be the description of this process of linking one with that Central Reality.
  • Yoga starts with the transmission of the central force into the being or heart of the individual seeker. The original dhyana cannot begin unless the Pranahuti (transmission) is the force behind it.
  • True yoga consists in ordering all things and functions within the body.
  • Normally, Yoga is conceived as Union as opposed to separation, yoga as opposed to viyoga. But it is our thought and thought alone which creates the conceptions of union and separation. When thought goes to its naked state where one realises the source which causes the activity of thought and when the source is seen simultaneously in both phases i.e. static and dynamic then there is neither yoga nor viyoga and from this point alone real yoga starts. Here Yogi is in perfect conformity with the Nature.
  • In real yoga the flow of Infinite Divinity is at Its full and there is no stagnation whatsoever. It is ever fresh, evergreen and ever present. There is the death of all other deaths, and it is a state of deathlessness, utter purity, and without sinews. No bondage whatsoever exists here. All the knots are rent asunder. No touch of maya or ahankar remains here, for, the yogi has surpassed, or transcended, or even transformed maya and has realised Reality of aham or the inseparable. This is the culmination of yoga.