SHRI Krishna's peace Mission has failed. Krishna, Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva, and Panchali were sitting together in a serious mood. Yudhistira was coaxing Shri Krishna to find out yet some way to avoid the ghastly war. Bhima, Arjuna and Panchali were very impatient with the eldest of the Pandavas for his pacific attitude. The two youngest brothers were just watching the elders. At last, Shri Krishna asked the youngest of the assembly, Sahadeva: "Young man, why are you keeping quiet? Is it possible to avert the coming fratricidal war?"

Sahadeva replied with folded hands: "Sir, what can I say? I am ready to follow whatever you command.

Shri Krishna did not leave Him at that: "even the young sometimes get very bright ideas. I give you liberty to speak quiet frankly. Do you feel that the coming war can be averted?”

"Yes Sir."

All eyes were turned towards him.... “How?” Sahadeva again kept silent. Then Shri Krishna said: "You appear to have got some bright idea. Do not feel shy. This is a very important situation. Without any fear or hesitation speak out your mind.” Then Sahadeva folded his hands and bowed to the assembly and said: "Sir, in my humble opinion the fundamental requisites of war are: two parties ready to fight and planning. Yudhistira does not want to have war. Hence if the following measures are taken, there will be no war: Break the weapon of Bhima and the bow of Arjuna so that they may lose their arrogant confidence in their weapons. Let Panchali have a tonsure so that she may not repeat her cry for vengenceful wish to smear her head-dress with the blood of Kauravas. And finally. my Lord, as you are the real planner you must be firmly bound."

All were taken aback with this blunt realism. Shri Krishna smiled and said 'Well Sahadeva. your plan is really bold and imaginative. It may work even but there is a catch in it. If you prevail upon then it is possible to carry out the first two tasks, namely, the breaking of the deadly weapons of your brothers and shaving the head of Panchali. But how can anybody arrest and bind me? Even Duryodhana could not arrest me in his own royal palace with all his force at his command."

Yes, it was indeed extremely difficult.
But Sahadeva calmly replied; "Sir, I shall do if you permit."

Once again there spread a wave of surprise. Shri Krishna smiled and said: "Yes. do it. I permit you. Let me see."

Sahadeva took his seat, closed his eyes and started to meditate on the auspicious form of the Lord in his heart, with intense love and devotion. The whole atmosphere began to change
Yudhistira about war. Bhimasena. Arjuna and Panchali forgot all about their vows and vengeance. Nakula was already lost ln beholding the bewitching form of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna
Himself began to feel all His plans regarding the destruction of evil forces were likely to get upset. He was feeling bound and dragged
towards Sahadeva by the strong force intense love. He could not allow it to continue longer. A little longer, the whole Universe would
have entered into the heart of the Yogi? So Krishna said: “Please stop your Meditation. As you love and revere me so much, will you
please promise me something that I request of you.”

Sahadeva opened his eyes and said: "My Lord, it shall be as you wish. I am ever ready to obey your command.”

Then Shri Krishna said: “Promise that you shall not do such Meditation once again without first obtaining my consent.”

Sahadeva promised. So the battle of Mahabharata started and the Lord fulfilled Himself.

Dear readers, this is a fictitious story. At certain stage of spiritual growth, a devotee gets mastery. For such a one, nothing remains impossible, The beloved himself becomes the lover of such devotee. How beautifully Kabir has expressed this: Peechhe peechhe Hari phire, Kahat Kabir Kabir. ( Hindi ) Another poet has conceived it thus: Khuda khud bande se pooche, bata teri raza kya hai. (Hindi)

(Sahaj Marg Patrika, No- 4, 1963)