In this section, reader will find the efficacy of Sahaj Marg System of training. The students who are practicing this method have expressed & submitted their thoughts based on their understanding & experience on a particular subject, to the Guide/Preceptor. Topics are informative, educative and transformative.

Have you crossed the barrier of religion? If yes, substantiate.

“End of religion is the beginning of spirituality” – this statement given by Malik-e-Kul, has prompted me to ask this question. This is one of the revolutionary statements made by Malik-e-Kul, which has not been told so far by any of the Great Personalities, Avatars, Prophets and Saints.

Why did Malik-e-Kul give such statement? What does He mean by saying ‘end’ and ‘beginning’ ? Does this statement relate to masses (common man) or selected few? What does Malik-e-Kul expect from His abhyasis? These questions crop up.

We claim ourselves to be practicing Sahaj Marg system and belong to Shri Ram Chandra Mission.  Also we say we are in the pursuit of Spirituality but when certain circumstances appear; our practice, our ideology takes the back seat and we find ourselves in the clutches of ‘religion or religious rituals’.  We find an escape root saying that we do not believe it but our elders insisted us to do so.  Even when we reach the status of the ‘head of family’ same trend continues.  We are not bold enough to take such a step which may educate the people around us about the present day religion having lost its real spirit and having become hackneyed. Bigotry, prejudice, narrow mindedness has become its permanent feature, creating a barrier to evolve.

The above statement of Malik-e-Kul may appear as a general appeal, but to an abhyasi it is an explicit word of caution; as spirituality is for only selected few.

Being an abhyasi, if we pin our souls towards the contrast (or opposite) and lead a double standard life how can we make impact on the people around us? It’s a high time now that we should realize the responsibility and mould our living as per instructions, ideologies, teachings set by Malik-e-Kul so that the people may identify the significance and the magnificence of Malik-e-Kul, The Creator! Through us.

Having said so I want to list out certain aspects something like checklist, which the abhyasis may verify themselves whether they have gone beyond religion:

  1. Conviction that Creator or God is in the innermost core of the heart and not outside.
  2.  Concept of God as Immaterial, Indeterminate Absolute.
  3.  God as beyond Sakar or Nirakar, Saguna or Nirguna.
  4.  No concept of multiple gods.
  5.  No attachment to the Do’s and Dont’s of a community which we belong.  Like specific dress, eating specific food, serving food in specific format, etc.
  6.  No exhibition of one’s religious affiliation with symbolism.
  7.  Not influenced by social restrictions which exist in their religious community.
  8.  No rites and rituals being performed (Rites and rituals means a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly especially as a part of ceremony).
  9.  Not attached to Dogmas (It is a fixed belief or set of religious belief that are expected to accept without doubts).
  10.  No false devotion or flattering God to fulfill the needs and desires.
  11.  No idea of gain but ‘losing Self’ persists.
  12.  Going beyond the feeling of guilt.
  13.  No prejudice and hatredness.
  14.  No fanaticism and bigotry.
  15.  No self projection.
  16.  No feeling of self superiority.
  17.  No distinction and differentiation between men based on caste, creed, creed, religion, nationality etc.
  18.  No fear of God.
  19.  No Idolatry.

Idolatry is defined as:

  • Worshipping solid or concrete objects like idols, photographs, signs, symbols.
  • Attachment towards material things.
  • Supposition of something which doesn’t exist.
  • Being slave of our habits.
  • Love and attachment towards his family, children and so on.
  1.  Free from laziness. Laziness is due to lack of search of God.
  2. One should not identify oneself with body.
  3. Mind not being slave of senses and faculties.
  4. Not expecting anything from God.
  5. Thought of transformation and accountability.
  6. Opting the path of freedom of soul.
  7. Single pointedness.
  8. Free from mechanical sort of practice i.e.

It is said as mechanical when:

  • No clarity of goal of life.
  • Bound to some form or practice without clear idea of its significance and approach.
  • Being rigid. No dynamism.
  • No introvertedness.
  • No training.
  • Lack of faith in Reality, Malik-e-Kul and method.
  • Every action performed becomes mechanical if there is no thought of Malik-e-Kul.

These are the things which have come to my understanding. There might be some more. But I would like to say here that that the first point mentioned is very significant and it has the capacity to cover up all other points. I am happy that almost all the abhyasis have mentioned about it.

Abhyasis should develop full confidence in themselves and unflinching faith in Malik-e-Kul and take a leap (or jump) towards Him without turning back and minding the consequences. This may instantaneously result into beginning of spirituality, in turn means having crossed the barrier of religion.

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