In this section, reader will find the efficacy of Sahaj Marg System of training. The students who are practicing this method have expressed & submitted their thoughts based on their understanding & experience on a particular subject, to the Guide/Preceptor. Topics are informative, educative and transformative.

Malik-e-kul says :”Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility “. What is your opinion regarding this? Explain.

I am overwhelmed by the response of all abhyasis who have presented their views on the topic raised. I am happy to see that every abhyasi has expressed precisely in their own way, covering the topic from almost all angles. This also, in fact, can be called as satsangh.

The purpose of raising this topic is to know to what extent the abhyasi has grasped the significance of practice and incorporated it.

I just want to add few points to it.

I want to remind you all the statement of Malik-e-Kul in one of His talks. He said “Reality, I didn’t get cheaply. I laboured for it.” Malik-e-kul manifested in human form and adopted a life of a practicant and opted training in this field under a Samarth Sadguru.  Though He was a born Master, He demonstrated to us His studentship and surrendered to whom He had accepted as Guru. He literally lived a life of a practicant with intense restlessness and pain. He became a Model of a ‘Genuine Abhyasi’ so that the practicants can follow in His footsteps. This proves that practice is important, inevitable and unavoidable to the aspirant.

Some fundamentals of practice which is observed and followed are:

  1. Interest in spirituality comes by birth which might be the effect of past life and it cannot be thrusted upon anyone. Right from childhood to adolescence, the interested ones will show their eagerness to know about this subject somehow or the other like reading books on spirituality, talking about this subject with others etc.  If fortune favours and one gets a Guide of high caliber and also his association, then thinking is oriented towards a specific direction. Here most important thing is one should have acceptance and willingness on Guide\trainer. Holding on to him alone very firmly without looking for hither and thither is the important discipline which a practicant needs to follow. It is he who forwards one’s case to Malik-e-Kul because one cannot establish the link to Him directly. The Guide\trainer can do so because the link is bestowed to him by none other than Malik-e-Kul Himself.  Also to develop love, devotion and faith on the Abstract Non-entity, is very difficult. Hence a medium is chosen.  That medium is the trainer where he directs it (love, devotion faith) to Malik-e-Kul.   He becomes the medium to forget oneself.


* I have observed that during function abhyasis take individual sittings from several preceptors. What is the necessity of taking sittings(special) when the Grace is showering continuously?

* An abhyasi has to attach himself to a single preceptor who is nearby, and report his conditions at least once in a week or fortnight so that he can keep an account of your condition.

* Mania of taking repeated individual sittings from many preceptors have to be avoided.

* Preceptor\Trainer\Guide who is permitted by Malik-e-Kul, always thinks about the spiritual upliftment of abhyasis.  So abhyasi should accept that Preceptor is a bit more experienced than himself and he should be willing to follow scrupulously whatever Preceptor says. This leads to mutual love, understanding and trust.

  1. We come across practical difficulties only when we practice. Only then we realize our shortcomings like incapability, impotency, infirmity and sought for Higher power or Divine power to release us from this shackles.  Seek for help, brings in us the helplessness condition in which dwelling further, arouses the feeling of “nothing belongs to me & nothing is controlled by me”.  This leads to natural development of the state of surrender. And further, when this feeling deep roots “Nothingness” begins to proliferate. This is in a way arrival (or manifestation) of spirituality ->Reality->Ultimate Reality or Malik-e-Kul.  Hence abhyasi has effectively discharged his responsibility and Malik-e-Kul  has executed His.
  1. If we have in mind the resultant effect of sadhana (practice) like power, region, circle, points etc. which are related to spirituality, we are making more than one channel, which is against the theory behind the practice i.e. “Single Principle contemplation”. This will subsequently become a hindrance in our progress towards subtlety.

Conviction on Malik-e-Kul being Malik-e-Kul cannot come without practicing and without experiencing. So the abhyasi should realize the importance of abhyas and be regular, sincere, and serious making it as the only priority and our only responsibility.

Here the practice includes entire teaching, preaching & ideologies given by Malik-e-Kul.


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