Q: Do you believe in the existence of God? If yes, whether you seek God or His grace?


It is believed strongly, in the existence of God. Religious people think His existence outside, whereas spiritual practioners think that God exists in the innermost core of the heart in all of us. So far, it has not been made clear whether God is sakar or nirakar or saguna or nirguna. No description or definition could be given. Better to say He is what He ought to be, like Indeterminate Absolute or Immaterial Absolute. We seek such a God, for that journey is simple and natural. But it is Infinite and never ending. God is present in us and can be realized only when “I” is not there.


Much has been said about the Divine Grace in all the religious books of the world. Dictionary meaning of Grace is pleasing quality, charm or favour. The other meaning is Divine influence.
‘Grace’ actually denotes something like ‘caprice’ whim or fancy of some unpredictable person. Only Divinized Being can help the willing ones in seeking the Original condition.
Hitherto every aspirant for Divine Grace had to wait for indefinite period but now it is possible to get control and command over that power by human being. The flow of Divine Grace can be directed through the Will power.
The seeking tendency or willingness helps to create receptivity for the Divine Grace. Surrender to God, Co-operation with the divinized Master, love of Sadguru are all methods to create receptivity.