Q: Though man is in the zenith of science and technology, leading a modern and an advanced lifestyle, why is the world still in chaotic condition?


Science deals with the creation and Spirituality deals with the Creator. To know God, the creator and the mystery behind the creation, one has to follow the spiritual method. Spiritual method, because, we don’t know the creator and the mystery behind the creation.

There has been tremendous progress in the field of science and technology that conforms sensual need, comforts as well as destructive powers within the living aspect of life.

The fundamental truth is ultimate reality of one’s own existence. This cannot be known by looking outside at His creation, but by looking within one’s own internal state. Unravelling the mysteries within oneself.

Extroverted tendencies in man increased and still increasing as a result there is a competition. Powerful people have become enemy of the weak. Thats why this chaotic condition, prejudice, hatredness and unhealthy competitions have developed. They want to become over-powerful.

No doubt one should respect science for its spirit of enquiry, but also be aware that it is making him more materialistic away from the truth.

It is easier for a man to perceive through his senses. Rapid progress in science and technology is invoking desires in man to own it and become more extroverted. There is no end to it as it is transient. A new desire replaces the old one.

Need of the time is to become introverted. Let the man know himself in his own ultimate existence. Because, the ultimate reality is hidden in himself in the form of soul which is akin to the Universal soul. Thats why self realisation is considered as God realisation.

Everyone should try to realise his own existence. For that, help of a person who has realised is necessary. So that, he may guide us in the realisation of Ultimate reality, that is God.

A quotation mentions “It is necessary to remove the spirit of scientific enquiry from its present-day shackles so that it may soar higher and higher to subserve and fulfil the spiritual aspiration in man.”

Follow spiritual practice sincerely, seriously and regularly with love devotion and faith. This is the only solution to get rid of chaotic condition and make one’s life contented and blissful.
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