Cleaning What is cleaning?

Cleaning basically means getting rid of dirt/dross may it be external or internal. External cleaning refers to physical aspect and internal cleaning refers to removal of all the impurities, complexities, distortions, darkness, coverings etc. that has eclipsed the soul like silk worm in a cocoon.

Different ways of Cleaning

a) By undergoing Bhog

When we do something by applying our ‘head and heart’ (intellect and interest), we form impressions in the Original Thing and remains in seed form till impressions are not removed by undergoing Bhog. Feeling of enjoyment and suffering is due to this only. Hence Bhog is cleaning process which is meant to bring back the Original condition.

b) Master’s Pranahuti

Master’s Pranahuti (Transmission) when transmitted cleans the samskar and coverings; their density/solidity is converted into energy. It is then disseminated throughout the body and gets accumulated at the required site available, affecting even the layers reserved for Bhog, and minimizes Bhog to be undergone.

c) Auto suggestion to clean oneself

It is one of the precepts recommended in our system. It is potent weapon in the hands of an abhyasi. Obstacles which are coming in our way towards the attainment of goal has to be got rid off by auto suggesting oneself of having it burnt and thrown out. Support comes from Master.

d) Constant Remembrance

Being in constant remembrance of Master does two things simultaneously i.e., we are in touch always with goal and no further formation of impressions. Thought of Master ceases to be a cause and consequently has no effect. In case, human thought about our Master’s Mission & Method Master does not cease to be a cause, then it will have its effect which is welcoming one and that which we aspire for.

e) Through Dreams

Cleaning takes place also in dreams. Pleasant or sorrowful state may be created which indicates Bhog.

f) Through Curse

Curse is also a way of cleaning. Its resultant effect is misery and sufferings. It is a process to speed up Bhog. Hence saints of yore opted for miseries of the whole world. Our Master says in one of His ten maxims to be thankful for all the miseries undergone.

g) Through Blessing

Blessing is another kind of Bhog which turns into pleasant state. This is also a form of cleaning.

Area of cleaning:

The area of cleaning is: body, organs, system, 5 senses, 5 faculties, heart and its region, mind and its region, causal body and its region. Note: region extends from top to toe.

Sites of cleaning are: cells, intercellular space, atoms, subatoms, genes and darker portion of each gene and cell.

What has to be cleaned?

Cleaning of dirt/dross is categorized into general, heart, mind and causal body.

General cleaning includes:

1. Impurity: something external which comes makes it impure.

2. Impediments: not a complete block.

3. Obstruction: is total block.

4. Grossness: any thought other than goal.

5. Complexity: dual thinking.

6. Network: constant brooding over a thought forms network.

7. Denser things: the network of thoughts later on becomes denser. It is pervious in nature. Master’s Mission & Method

8. Solid things: the density when increases turn into solid, resulting into Bhog. It is impervious in nature.

9. Materiality and sensuality.

10. Darkness: lack of transparency.

11. Bondages: that which binds.

12. Self.

13. Individuality: awareness of one’s existence.

14. Any causality: any cause that has effect.

Heart includes:

1. Superficial and deep impressions.

2. Impressions of old desires in the heart.

3. All power points, sub points, buffer points.

4. Narrow mindedness: to develop broader vision.

5. Narrow thinking: to develop free thinking.

6. Differences.

7. Pride and Prejudice: formation of mindset with pre-conceived notion is prejudice.

8. Hatredness.

9. Rift.

10. Groupism.

11. Enemity: constant hating develops enemity.

12. Mano- Vikaras: Kama and Krodha have to be modified. Lobha, Moha, Madha, Matsara should be removed.

13. Formations of desires.

14. Laziness.

15. Anything which is acting as obstruction in developing love, devotion and faith has to be cleaned.

16. Anything which is obstructing to become total insignificant, total ignorant, unassuming and fallen being are to be cleaned.

17. That which is obstructing in developing Constant Remembrance is to be cleaned i.e., no interest in practice, no dynamism.

18. Obstruction in development of spiritual value based being is to be cleaned.

Mind includes:

1. To attain balanced state, regulation and moderation so as to get rid of wavering tendencies and to make the mind dwell on single pious thought.

2. Total cleaning of Chit, Mana, Buddhi, Ahankar to the extent of receiving the divine vibrations and decoding them.

3. Consciousness (waking), sub-consciousness and its different levels and super-consciousness are to be thoroughly cleaned to develop Divine consciousness.

Causal body includes:

1. The opacity on First Mind and dark clouds surrounding it has to be cleaned.

2. Its cocoon type of coverings has to be cleaned.

Method for Cleaning:

Cleaning is suggested twice a day. One is before morning meditation and second in the evening time.

Before morning meditation (for 5 min): Auto suggestion is: One is sitting in the ocean of Bliss (Anand), and Master’s will power is coming in the form of powerful waves having the capacity to dissolve all obstacles, darkness, grossness, heaviness etc. in the sites of cleaning. At that time it should be imagined that the body is transparent hence the waves are permeating and passing through the body.

Evening Cleaning (for half an hour): Auto suggestion: Have a thought that Ultimate Being i.e., Master Himself is sitting and cleaning His place of dwelling, working and body. His power of transmission from innermost core of the heart, entering the heart with force and passing through the purified blood to all the areas of cleaning; burning and melting the dirt/dross mentioned above. We have to draw all those burnt things towards backside and push them out once in a minute or ½ a minute. All that burnt things are passing through the back after becoming smoke or vapour. This process has to be continued for half an hour.

The above mentioned process if done sincerely and regularly having the Goal in view with love, devotion and faith will transform a person as pure, simple, subtle and blissful. Thereby, one’s body (Sharir) such as gross (sthul), astral (sukshm) and causal (karan) will be divinized and becomes akin, facilitating to merge with the Ultimate Being. This can be only achieved by individual effort with Master’s grace.

Mechanism of our System:

Entire system is based on two principles, they are:

  • Cause and effect theory
  • Conversion of energy into matter and vice versa.

Cause and effect theory:

For every cause there is an effect. Every thought acts as a cause and has its resultant effect i.e., it creates impression.

Energy converted to matter and vice versa:

Process of Creation is basically energy getting converted into matter. Matter is nothing but condensed energy. The process of dissolution is conversion of matter into energy. Here matter means impressions. When impressions become impervious, samskar is formed where one has to undergo Bhog.

Master says “matter sees matter only”. Here, first mentioned ‘matter’ refers to the impressions and other refers to 5 elements (Panch Maha Bhut). The statement means one feels attracted to charms of the world as per one’s stored impressions.

Cleaning process converts matter into energy making an abhyasi transparent. Vibrations are felt throughout oneself before one gets transformed into a bundle of energy and thereon to a speck of energy.

Importance of Cleaning: 

  • Cleaning prevents the formation of impressions and thereby samskars. 
  • Develops deservingness. 
  • It creates vacuity and divinizes the entire being into pure, simple, subtle and still.  These are prerequisite attributes for oneness. 
  • It facilitates ocean to enter into drop.