SPIRITUAL training in the practice of Raj Yoga is offered in the System of Sahaj Marg through Yogic Transmission (Pranahuti). Transmission, as practised now-a-days, consists of an agency of the human mind through which Divine Grace flows and is focused on the heart of recipient. Therefore, Yogic Transmission is basically a Divine activity. If the element of Divine concept or idea is missing, it is not Transmission as understood by practicants of Sahaj Marg, who have attainment of the real Goal of human life in their view.

Recently, many persons have sprung up who claim to possess the capacity or authority to transmit Divine Grace. Someone may go to the extent of claiming that he alone is authorised to transmit and none else! Some perverted fellow may even claim that he has withdrawn the power of Transmission from other transmitters. There is no dearth of gullible persons who believe in whatever nonsense is uttered in the guise of exercising the power of the authority of the transmitter. May God have mercy on them! Our Master has written “Ordinarily, a spiritual teacher should never consider himself fit for training others, unless he has secured his approach up to Brahmand Mandal, at least... In our Mission, permission to impart spiritual training is not generally granted at this stage even.” (Reality at Dawn; chapter: The Guru, last para).

Transmission is a scientific principle. Havoc has been wrought by ignoring the idea of Divine Principle in Transmission, as has been done with other scientific discoveries and inventions. Fanaticism, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, hatred, and similar undivine and gross things can either be removed from the hearts of the people by competent persons, or be introduced by clever persons in their associates. Thus, the technique of Transmission should be guarded against its misuse and degeneration. Fortunately, the Founder of the System of Sahaj Marg has moulded the technique of Yogic Transmission in such a way that it either works in the direction in which He has intended it to work, or it does not work at all. Even if it is forced by some unscrupulous person in a wrong direction, it just boomerangs on the transmitter himself, because of the natural law of circuitry.

If one desires to develop proficiency in the art of Yogic Transmission as practised in Sahaj Marg System, he has to undergo special training. Even after obtaining permission of the competent authority to impart spiritual training through the process of Transmission, a trainer should consider himself an abhyasi, and continue the practice by attributing all his success and failures to the Divine agency and not to himself. Our Master Revered Babuji has clearly defined the gamut of spiritual training, the Goal of human life, and the possible approaches of true Yogi in his various works.

The lighter Transmission is, the more effective the result will be. Attentiveness and receptivity play a major part in the effectiveness of Transmission. If Divine Thought, or the idea of Divine is missing, or is not taken as the object of attention or receptivity, the result will be disastrous. In such cases, there will be mutual exchanges of undivine elements, and the transmitter will be a greater looser because the process of cleaning or purifying the internal system becomes a channel for receiving those impurities, grossness, etc. The Ultimate Condition is so subtle and simple that if anything other than That covers That, one quickly loses sight of That. That is the reason why sometimes even the very highly advanced persons slip down to lower levels and stagnate at some stage or the other. Only the help of a Great Master can save, and in fact, that help becomes inevitable at higher stages to march forward. It is possible to receive such help only through Yogic Transmission.

Our Master, Revered Babuji Maharaj, has given us simple mental practices to maintain continuously the link of an abhyasi with Ultimate through Constant Remembrance. This link can be established easily and quickly by the aid of Yogic Transmission; but, as has been cautioned earlier, Divine Guidance alone can make Transmission, fulfil the Divine purpose. “The old order changes yielding place to the new and God fulfils Himself in many ways”.

May Master give us wisdom and enlightenment to follow the real spirit of the System of Sahaj Marg!


Source: Call of the Fellow Traveller