Thou Art The Only God and Power

The creation came into being by the creator. We call him God, Almighty or Master. When the question arises in the mind as to what is meant by creation, we perceive it with the help of sense organs. The things such as earth, space, water, continents, countries including the inhabitants, animals, plants, shrubs, forests, rivers, mountains and beyond such as sun, moon, stars etc. this is what we think it to be God’s creation. However there are many manifestations in the creation which we cannot perceive through our sense organs and beyond our imagination. As per the reference in our Shastras, there are many worlds. We believe in them although we are not able to perceive them. According to Shastras, there exist 13 worlds like our earth.  They are

1. Bramha loka
2. Vaikunth loka
3. Dev loka
4. Nakshatra loka
5. Vidyadhara loka
6. Siddha loka
7. Karana loka
8. Gandharva loka
9. Apsara loka
10. Kinnara loka
11. Ugra loka
12. Patala loka
13. Naga loka
14. Mrutyu loka (our earth)

These worlds happen to be different with different rules. Apart from this, there might be various worlds which may be called imaginary ones. But our ancestors and our great saints had the vision of these worlds and experience too. These worlds are looked after by many functionaries who are known as Gods and Goddesses. One who has created these worlds, is the Master as well as the Creator. He happens to be responsible for creating the sun, moon and stars in addition to Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is considered as Omnipotent, Complete, Immortal, Indestructible and Eternal. It is all due to Him. All things exist in Him and He exists in all. He is the Master of all things. Everything is under His control. All Gods and Goddesses carry out their work as per His direction. The Creator compassionately bestowed man with special qualities. Even Gods and Goddesses are deprived of these qualities such as healthy body, vibrant sense organs, highly evolved consciousness, intellect, mind and ego. After having realized this speciality and importance of these qualities, one should utilize them to achieve the goal of life subject to His Grace. In case of boredom during the course of practice, one can enjoy the means of entertainment (physical, mental and sensual) for the time being and revert back. The most important thing to keep in mind is that these things are to be considered as gifts by the Lord. The seeker is not supposed to claim these things as his own. Keeping this in our mind, we have to utilize them cautiously and temporarily without attachment. Therefore, He is the only God and power. It means that He is the only worthy of being worshipped, no one else deserves to be worshipped. The credit of this brief reference goes to Lord Krishna while lifting the mount Govardhan.

The special personality appeared in the human form with the Creator’s Original power and mastery for the guidance of humanity towards Divinity and to establish the civilization based on spiritual values after thorough overhauling of the atmosphere of the Universe. The speciality of such a personality is that there is nothing of his own with complete Self-Pralaya and merging in and emerging out from That. All powers remain under His control. Laws of nature are made by Him. He also possesses the power and authority to suitably change those laws depending on the needs of time. There remains no time gap between his thought of action and the related effect. He is the only one to decide what to happen when. Circumstances get modified from time to time under its influence. The speciality of His working is that it is not exhibited by him as the doer. Nothing is impossible for Him and He is unlimited (Infinite).

The great personality appeared in the human form with mastery over the powers and attributes of Creator for the purpose of human welfare to uplift from human to Divine level. That Great Personality is our Master Shri Babuji Maharaj. Such personalities do not have any beginning or end. They look after the administration of all the worlds as per His will.

It is our fortunate that we had an opportunity of Satsangh with such a Great Personality. We set right our life by making Him as ours with love, devotion and faith. We can dissolve the tiny creation of our own making with the help of His power and support. It is not possible to perceive His complete personality through our sense organs. It is possible to perceive the glimpses in the form of experiences and feeling only with His Grace. Practice is only our attempt (Nishkama Karma), it may not be fruitful. It becomes fruitful only when it is graced by Him, that is why He happens to be only God and power.