As said by Shri. Babuji Maharaj, ‘whenever there is any hostility in an organisation, it is like adding sour (thing) to the milk’. Hostility is considered as a poison to the spiritual life. It not only obstructs the path of progress but also pollutes the atmosphere of the (training) centre and destroys completely the spiritual beauty.  In fact, even a small spot in the purity gets magnified as rift. How is it possible? When a thought arises in a practising aspirant, it is thrown out due to the spiritual power present in him. Later on it expands. As a result, the ideological rift appears in the dealings. We do not take notice of it. It stagnates not only our progress but also paves the way of downfall.

Let us find out the reason for hostility/rift. It is because of an inherent desire to enhance the self-prestige. When we become aware of our ego, its role increases. Praise and respect are palatable to all of us. We don’t lose anything if we go on respecting others. There is always a kind of happiness in it. We understand it if we practise the same for some time. The spiritual seeker needs to cultivate it in his nature so that he develops respect and love for others and that nature unconsciously happens to transform him. It facilitates to develop love and brotherhood in us. Thinking is in our control. Hostility reflects the defect (dis-figurement) of mind. Whenever we get a bad thought about others, it gives rise to hostility. Since our thought possesses power of its own, it causes the defect. If it is repeatedly pondered over, it results in the effect on the heart and starts spoiling our dealings (living, speech and behaviour). In order to remove the hostility, one needs to take up a thought quite opposite. In case it proceeds in this way, there won’t be any hostility in the society and spirituality. Reality remains only when the rift is removed. It is possible only through constant remembrance. As a result there is decrease in the accumulated rifts and increase in divine qualities.

The power of Original thought exists in our thought. Consequently, when a hostile thought with its inherent power resides in our mind, it is observed that we face a disaster. At that time, we try to remove it so as to create an atmosphere for restoring the spiritual beauty and smoothening our progress. Our practice becomes easy when we ignore other irrelevant thoughts and contemplate to achieve our fixed goal early. All impurities melt away giving place to purity. There won’t be any scope for obstruction. When we are in one thought, no question arises while thinking that Master is separate from me. We remain there permanently. We don’t mind if we don’t get name/fame. No one needs to offer it. It is because we have been great from the beginning. But the desire of greatness has become a covering and brought us to this present state. The seeker should not entertain the following –

1. Self-prestige –

It is common to see that persons project themselves as great while talking. It is generally observed among the ignorant and the lessintelligent. ‘Empty pot makes more noise’ the saying holds good with such persons. This type of nature is poisonous in our practice. The result is stagnation.

2. Dejection

When the expected desire is not fulfilled, the result is dejection, when we don’t get respect, hospitality and service hence dejection and when we look at others with a feeling of jealousy it gives rise to hostility. It is because the desire is ruptured. That is why we should always try to talk about the greatness of Master rather than the self-prestige. According to Master, all seekers are abhyasis. There is no discrimination between the abhyasi and preceptor. All are abhyasis. No one should forget it. Each abhyasi needs to inculcate lowliness, insignificance, ignorance, humility and politeness. With these qualities, we can develop an environment of love and harmony. Hence we should think properly on this subject and take a decision. Then only we can become rays of the sun which illumines the spiritual world.