Master in His talks and writings has given lot of stress on constant remembrance. He has considered it as prerequisite for rapid progress. Master says if remembrance is there take it for granted remembered one is close to you. Closeness brings into you the attributes of the remembered one. There is another proverb which says ‘As you think so you become’. So when the object taken for remembrance is Highest, then naturally one gets transformed into Highest.

Repeated thinking of Goal drives the thought from waking consciousness to a particular level in sub- consciousness. There are various levels in sub- consciousness. From there it reaches the Source or Base of remembrance. In remembrance there is sensation (power). It disseminates to all atoms of one’s being. This energy later on gives rise to the ideation process. Then formation of ideas start which subsequently develops into thought (power). It reaches to the same sub conscious level and empowers the initial thought taken in the waking consciousness. The result will be more clarity of goal, change of consciousness to higher or subtler level. Refined thought again is driven to deeper layers of subconscious mind and it stimulates the Base. Same process is continued establishing a circuit. This unbroken chain or cycle is said as constant remembrance.

Link between 3 precepts:

In morning meditation we try to dwell on pious thought. This should continue till evening cleaning. In cleaning, all obstacles which prevented us to be in that pious thought are burnt and thrown out, reorienting the mind. This will continue till bedtime prayer. We repeat prayer, think deeply on its meaning and go to its Bhava. Later on, we forget even this and go into prayerful state. This continues till morning. So the link between 3 precepts i.e., meditation, cleaning, and prayer is constant remembrance.

Remembrance is Puzzle:

Remembrance is recollecting whatever is stored in memory. Now question is what have we stored in our memory regarding Master? We are proceeding towards the unknown having our own concept about it. In meditation there is change in the level of consciousness and we are unaware of the happenings in that particular conscious level. It is a process of recording the unknown and erasing the stored concepts. This unknown is also said as ‘Nothingness’. It means constantly we are memorizing ‘Nothingness’ making it a puzzle to understand. Hence remembrance is a puzzle.

Remembrance is master key:

Master has written in one of His messages that He has devoted major part of His life to constant remembrance. Also He has said that remembrance is the key. In fact it is not only the key but master key, a key which opens all the doors, i.e. door of ignorance, door of impotency, door of secret of existence, door of mechanism of nature etc., and makes Infinity i.e. Master within our reach.

There are many techniques of constant remembrance. It is for the individual to choose and practice which suits his temperament.

Different ways are:

1. To retain the effect of meditation and abide in that state for as long as possible leads to constant remembrance. With the closed eyes it is meditation and with eyes open it is remembrance.

2. As soon as we rise up before meditation a suggestion is given to oneself to remain in Master’s thought for whole day. Later on, when we become busy in other activities and feel that we are diverted from Master’s thought, we should re-suggest our mind that remembrance is continuing in sub conscious mind. This gradually develops conviction in us of being in His remembrance always and leads to constant remembrance.

3. Attributing everything to Master i.e. considering all the activities as duty given by Master to look after His creation results in constant remembrance.

4. Taking His quality i.e. all pervasiveness of Master, feeling it naturally within, leads to constant remembrance. This is actually transcending from quality to substance and then substance to Source.

5. Considering all actions done by Master himself may it be meditation, cleaning, prayer or remembrance. This will gradually develop the state of constant remembrance.

6. Love brings the remembrance of the loved object frequently. It is said that one can love another person of his own species best. So Guru is taken into account as the personification of Supreme. Remembering His form repeatedly leads to constant remembrance. Note: Form is what He exhibits and not what we see. What we see externally is His figure.

Constant Remembrance is Absolute Silence

Remembrance is almost akin to the vibration which had developed at the time of creation for the purpose of bringing the existence into being. Source of this primordial vibration is the ‘State of Nothingness’ where everything is silent or mute. Hence this state where even silence is silent is said as constant remembrance. In short, constant remembrance is Absolute Silence. Our Master stated it as ‘Yaad ki bhi yaad na rahe’.