The ultimate source is all-pervading. Individual beings have formed subtle and gross sheaths around themselves. The sense of separation has caused the feelings of incapacity and impotency and degeneration. Struggle and strife have set in. The tendency of the struggle is for the creation of still more grossness and complexities. The will power of one who has shattered away all his coverings and complexities help others in regaining their lost Kingdom. The will of such a one gets power direct from the ultimate source and the power works if transmitted, upon the inner most core of the individual’s being.

A stir in the ultimate has been the cause of creation. The same power which has been the cause of creation is in man in the form of thought. That power in man is normally detected downwards. It can be directed upwards also, in which case his unfoldment commences. This turning upwards can be effected through transmission very easily. The transmission is due to the effect of a strong will which has regained its pure form of the Original Stir.

The Divinised being will help only the willing ones. Anybody who desires to regain his original condition can seek for the benefit of transmission. Such seeking or such willingness helps to create receptivity for the Divine grace to flow in. Surrender to God, cooperation with the Divinised Master, Love of Sadguru etc, are all methods to create the receptivity. Where there is no receptivity, none wills to transmit. Receptivity is like the attracting power of vacuum, and the transmission is directing the flow of the Divine grace towards the receptacle.

Much has been said about the Divine grace in almost all the religious books of the world. The very word “grace” denotes something like caprice, whim or fancy of some unpredictable person. Every aspirant for the Divine grace, hitherto, had to wait for an indefinite period. Thanks to the discovery of Sahaj Marg, it is now possible to get control and command over that power by a human being. The aspirant need no longer wait helplessly for the event to happen. The flow of Divine grace can be directed through the will power. This transmission is being practiced in Sahaj Marg. The abhyasis and the preceptors of Shri Ram Chandra Mission are experiencing and experimenting with it daily.

It is a basic fact that the formations of complexities, grossness and other complicated knots inside one’s being, depend entirely on the ignorance of his own real nature. If only his subconsciousness is lit up by the original nature, the knots begin to loosen and the complexities get removed and the grossness melts away. This can be easily effected through transmission which works like a light kindling another light. The ultimate consciousness works through super-consciousness directly upon the subconsciousness of the aspirant. That is the reason why many aspirant complains of having not “felt” anything during transmission. The question of “feeling” or “sensation” pertains to the ordinary or waking consciousness. It normally takes some time before the effect of transmission is perceived in one’s consciousness.

The practice of spiritual transmission through yogic methods is not entirely a new invention of today, although the credit of bringing it to the reach of all men goes to the inventor of Sahaj Marg. We come across instances of revolutionary changes in the lives of individuals when they came into contact with some personality of high caliber in spirituality. There are instances recorded in the oldest literatures of the world, like Upanishads etc. wherein the teacher transmits the Divine knowledge into the heart of the seeker through some mysterious means. The famous Bhagwadgita is one example of transmission. Swami Vivekananda’s transformation at the feet of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a historical record of transmission. Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj founder President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission absorbed the entire transmission of his Samartha Guru. The present day students of Sahaj Marg are the living examples of the practice of transmission.

How exactly the transmission is done is however bound to remain a mystery, because it is not describable through words. Only certain hints can be given, which may at the most prove to be similes or metaphors. The preceptor is taught certain methods by the Master to give training to the seekers, or the aspirants or the students of yoga according to the methods of Sahaj Marg. Those methods relate mostly to the formation of will to be directed at the student to effect certain changes or modifications. The will force directly touches the causal body of the receiver and effects it. Thus the seed of light is sown in the field full of manure. The watering is done through suitable activity of thought and in due course the beautiful white flower blossoms. As has been already stated, the receptivity or the co-operation of the receiver is a must for the seed to fructify.

Before the advent of Sahaj Marg, the seeker of Reality was advised long and laborious methods of practice to become fit to receive the Divine Grace. Those practices were mostly physical, for example cleaning of body etc., breathing exercises, doing good works like charity, study of scriptures, repetitions of God’s name and worship of Idols. Each practice took a long period to become a good habit. By the time the seeker could master all the virtues and gain sufficient mastery, he would have grown too old to receive the transmission in full to utilize it for the Divine work. Many a time, due to the development of mechanical habits in course of his long physical practice, he would develop internal solidity and grossness as to block the way for the transmission of Divine Grace, thus defeating the very purpose of all those practices. If those archaic methods are practiced blindly, one can get nothing but the harmful effects like obsession, insanity etc. No doubt, virtues are good things. They have to be necessarily cultivated. At the same time one should take care not to be too conscious of them in himself. Such consciousness works like poison. In fact, one gets perverted to the extent of considering his own manias and obsessions to be great virtues.

In the practice of Sahaj Marg the necessary attitudes for the transmission to be effective are developed unconsciously. Even when one attains great heights in spirituality through the effect of transmission, he is not aware of his powers. His willful surrender to the Divine, causes him to act quite in accordance with the Divine commandments. No physical practices are necessary, nor are there any prescribed in Sahaj Marg to develop virtues. The right attitudes are automatically developed in an abhyasi, due to his practice of meditation according to the methods of Sahaj Marg. The internal cleaning and the purification is effected by transmission. The wayward tendencies of mind are regulated and reoriented correctly in a very natural way and in a very short time. Although it may appear to many as unbelievable yet it is a fact beyond doubt. Any doubting Thomas can verify it by taking up the practice in right earnest.

Discrimination and renunciation (Viveka and Vairagya) are two essential conditions for progress in spirituality. Methods are prescribed to practice Viveka and Vairagya. According to the practice of Sahaj Marg, separate practices of Viveka and Vairagya are not necessary. They are just conditions of mind, which develop in the student automatically by the help of transmission. Even a life time of practice of discrimination between the real and the unreal cannot create the condition of mind which can be called the state of viveka. Similarly no amount of the practice of detachment with the world can bring the condition which is real vairagya. In fact, viveka and vairagya are not in themselves methods for practice. When the abhyasi takes a deep impression of the Ultimate Reality upon his mind through transmission, the preliminary state of viveka is already attained by him; and when he attempts with interest and enthusiasm to attain the goal as quickly as possible leaving aside everything else, he attains the primary state of vairagya.

There are certain points in the body, which, if pressed through transmission, creates in man such wonderful spiritual conditions which take years of practices to attain through other methods without transmission. The experiences of students of Sahaj Marg provide ample proof of the above statement. The individual student will be having some specific tendencies of mind, which obstruct or retard their speedy progress. Those tendencies can be set right in a moment by transmission. Since all these tendencies are developed by the activity of thought only, their correction too is effected by the power of thought. This correcting power can be had through transmission, when the heart of the student is linked up with the will of the transmitter or the preceptor.

“You can have it just for the asking”, or, “the door shall be opened to you immediately you knock at it” are not silly statements of great saints. The method of transmission has proved in practice that it is really as easy as that. Go to any preceptor of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and verify it for yourself. This disbelief had set in the minds of people because of geberal non-availability of the method of transmission so far. God is the simplest and the purest Being. The method of Sahaj Marg is based upon that above theory. There is no room for the hypnotic or materialistic effects in the Yogic transmission of Sahaj Marg. A simple method of meditation aided by transmission will take the aspirant to very great heights in spirituality most easily and within a very short time. “Yoga without tears” is the title given to it by a great philosopher of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, in his serious humour.

The power of transmission is really a yogic attainment of high order. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to gain it by self effort. But it can be had from one who has got it. The method of getting it once again, is through transmission only. It cannot be had by those hankering after baser powers, or by those who are interested to become gurus, or by those who are egocentric. Complete surrender to Master alone is the way to get it from Him as a gift. In fact, even the thought of awareness of surrender should be given up to establish real oneness with the Master. Then everything of the Master will automatically become his. A real Master is always very eager to make his associate just like himself in the spiritual field. When the abhyasi or the student comes to the required standard the capable Master transmits into him the power of transmission and permits him to impart to others spiritual training through transmission.

The theory and practice of spiritual transmission are based upon the fact of establishing a connection or a relationship between the Master and the student, wherein the Master focuses his attention on the abhyasi to impart the Divine impulse. Generally when a person evolves to the extent of getting directly linked up with God, he cannot or he will not look hither or thither. To become a Guru and to think of helping others in the ordinary sense or to feel himself superior to others is or should be impossible for such a Master. Then, how can he transmit to the abhyasis? Here again, a mystery comes. Such a great soul gets commands from “above” to serve mankind. Along with the commands, he automatically gets the powers also to do the job. Thus, only he who has been thus commanded is able to transmit and none else. And in the Divine order he who is given the job is completely free to work as he thinks fit, i.e. he is free to adopt suitable methods to do the given work. The accomplishment of the work involves both the destruction and construction. Therefore, such a Master will be having command over the destructive and constructive powers of Nature and is free to utilize those powers to complete the given work. Babuji, in some of his writings has given indications of the presence of a special personality in our midst, who is working to effect the change as required by Nature. That special personality in our midst, who is working to effect the change as required by Nature. That special personality has got Absolute freedom to utilize all the powers of Nature, as he thinks fit.

Nature is a wonderful workshop. There is a world of metaphysics operating behind this physical world. To describe that world in terms of this world is almost impossible. Nevertheless there is a parallelism between that and this. Hitherto this parallelism was utilized in cleaning and purifying this world to attain the purer and brighter worlds. Thanks to the invention of Sahaj Marg, a direct access has now been made possible through transmission, to the brighter world. No longer are required the tedious and laborious and many a time self-defeating practices to proceed on the spiritual pilgrimage. One can straightaway take up the journey with the help of transmission and the journey can be quickly completed also, if one desires, through transmission, and that too quite safely and easily. All the whirls and pitfalls on the way are either cleverly circumvented or crossed over, with the least pain or danger.

The help of transmission becomes absolutely necessary at higher stages in spirituality. The higher conditions are too fine and too subtle to allow a man to rise to still higher levels by his own self effort. They are slippery too. Every moment there is the likelihood of fall. The help through transmission alone can maintain one on such a condition and can help him to rise to higher levels. The method of transmission also is still refined at such stages. In fact, the transmission is received directly from the ultimate source within. The ultimate condition of the transmitter is realized in one’s own heart and the transmission is got directly from the Absolute base within. This topic is likely to create confusion if described further. Suffice it to say that the differences created in one’s thought between the Lord, the Messenger and the Devotee fade out. One enters the sphere of the Centre where one’s very being depends on transmission alone. No other method, puja or worship can be of any utility there. Everything is dropped off. The structure falls down. If transmission is not there, one is likely to be shattered to pieces, at such higher stages.

That was the reason why man’s highest approach was hitherto limited upto the finer-most condition of egoism. To dissolve even that shred of egoism while still living in this body is impossible without transmission although much lies ahead for man to attain. The practice of transmission has made it easy for man to attempt to gain still higher levels of being. He can safely enter the sphere of splendour and can even cross the seven rings of splendour and start swimming in the Infinite Ocean of the Centre through the help of transmission while still living in the mortal frame.