Life stands for admixture of body, soul, heart, mind and sense organs. Its foundation is primarily the Life Force. The soul becomes ‘Jeeva’ when it perceives its existence. The God given body, mind and all other parts have a specific life-span. This life-span differs from person to person. Before it comes to end, we should achieve the Goal of life by the help of a Master of caliber. The life itself happens to be a gift from the God. According to the scriptures the human life is consequent to 84 lakh births of different species.  God bestows three boons along with this life only on few.

1. Human life
2. Interest in Spirituality
3. Association with a “Mahatma (Great personality)”

Such few persons sincerely pay heed to the Goal of life and attempt to achieve it. They need to have by luck an association with a capable Master. They have to start practice with full faith in Him and an acquaintance of the given method. Those, whom the Master grants His Grace and extends the help, develop sufficient clarity about the Goal of life. As a result, they start doing their practice properly. The practicants begin to experience the form of the Master within a short period. Then, the Master and the Goal become one. They try to mould their life like that of Master. The Real Goal is to imbibe all facets of Master’s life like mind, intellect, ego, lifestyle, communication, behaviour, dealing etc. and to attain identicality / oneness with Him or complete mergence in Him.

How is it possible?

Innumerable particles erupted from the Original Centre as a result of “Kshobh (Stir)” at the time of Creation. Each particle possessed awareness of its existence. There was a sort of pain in it because of its separation from the Original Centre. Since the pain continued further even today, each one became restless for the peace of mind. Even now, their effort for peace of mind is proceeding in different directions. People are striving for wealth, name, fame, knowledge, service, love, brotherhood etc. These things do not provide mental satisfaction or peace, as understood out of many an experienced. To get rid of that pain, they turn away from the original place / position and go after its similar reflection. They cultivate interest in it and become extrovert. Thus the awareness of ‘I’ dawns. Later on, they establish a sort of relationship with external objects through sense organs. As a result, they embark on individual decision and develop ego. It is so possible because they possess all the power and potentiality like that of the Original Centre. By the help of the same thought power, they start creating in a peculiar way their own creation, resembling the one from the Original Centre. Further on, they give rise to their own world depending on individual interest, desire, association and environment. Day by day, they proceed down hill under the impact of their own individual mindset like good and bad, like and dislike, me and mine, familiar and foreigner, joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure etc. Consequently, they continue to live in their own created world, forgetting altogether their arrival (birth) from the Original Centre.

Practicants get three boons, provided the Master is pleased to bless. Boons happen to be highly beneficial in their progress.

1. Financial stringency
2. Social disrespect
3. A kind of physical trouble / pain (not life threatening in nature)

Considering these boons as the grace and gift from the Master and proceeding further with the practice devotedly, the practicants realizes that each and every thing like Prana, Aatma, Body, Mind, Intellect, Ego, five sense organs and their perception is offered by Him alone and nothing is as his own.

Knowingly or unknowingly with the resultant ups and downs, we have brought down our life to the present condition. Now we have become aware of our duty by the help of Master. The only practice in life is to annihilate our own self created world completely and reach original condition (as existed at the time of Creation) without giving any scope for further individual creation. Master’s help is absolutely essential to maintain the twin conditions permanently. It is possible to realise our Goal only when we get help from the Master at every step and every moment. Therefore the Goal of this life is to elevate our efforts till we receive the help and become one with Him.

Our prime duty consists of surrendering the mind, intellect, senses (complete resignation) to His will, becoming the ‘living dead’, accepting the slavery to Him, leading an entirely introverted life as a completely dependent slave. Then only we will be entitled to address Him as Master. In other words, our Goal should be to surrender each and every thing to Him and get oneself completely dissolved so as to be His instruments.