MANY a time, I had to satisfy the curiosity of some abhyasis by replying to a particular question: “How do you transmit?” To my wonder, I have found that any answer ranging from “I don’t know” to “I exercise my will-power” has satisfied many an earnest and eager abhyasi. I wish to state frankly that every time I answered that question, I was sure that I was quite correct, and not a trace of doubt crossed my heart.

Now, I feel that I should explain it in a detailed and frank manner to the earnest seekers. In this connection, I am reminded of the words of our Master who once wrote to me: “Neither I transmit, nor do you. The real transmitter is someone else.” Therefore before trying to analyse the “how” of the Transmission, let me explain what is meant by Transmission.

The Sanskrit equivalent of the word “Transmission” is Pranahuti, which literally means “to sacrifice one’s own life force”. That gives an indication of the extreme intensity of love with which the Great Master desires to help an abhyasi to march on the path of Spirituality. Our Master is one with the Divine Principle. When He pays special attention towards an abhyasi, His Infinite Love is, as if, focused on the heart of that abhyasi. That causes Divine Grace to flow directly into an abhyasi. And thus Transmission takes place. If there is a similar effort on the part of an abhyasi, he receives Divine Grace directly. It means that the attention of an abhyasi also should be focused on the heart of Master with love and intense craving. Then alone there is proper and full reception.

Therefore, Transmission is the infilling of Divine Grace. How is it done? How is life force breathed in? That, again is the job of Master. Man forgetting his Original Nature, misuses his own thought and builds a sort of net-work of limiting knots around his own being. and thus blocks the way for the smooth flow of the original current. It is necessary- to shatter that network in order to return to one’s own original condition. A capable Master can do it, applying His own Will Power. He cleans the heart of impurities and removes obstructions, which are there in the form of complexities and coverings. Master’s intense love to help an abhyasi to regain his lost kingdom compels Him to give away His Prana for the sake of an aspirant. Thus He breathes into the craving heart, the Ultimate, or the Original Power by forming and exercising such a will as necessary for it. The only condition for the correct result is the co-operation of an abhyasi. In as much as an abhyasi resists the inflow of Divine Grace, he will remain deprived of that much benefit and the process is prolonged further.

It is also possible Through Transmission by Master to tear off that network in a moment, and to infuse an aspirant with the highest condition, at once. But as normally there will not be so much preparedness on the part of an abhyasi, the wise Master seldom uses such a risky method prematurely.

Finally, I wish to make it clear that Transmission is a matter of practical and personal experience alone; and all descriptions and explanations are merely for intellectual orientation to grasp the Spirit or the Essence. Those desirous of practical knowledge may go to the capable Master with love, faith and confidence, and have a taste of the nectar.