MEDITATION is an act of making the thought dwell upon an object. Repeated practice of Meditation and increased interest in the object meditated upon makes Mediation take its natural form. In due course, the effort to meditate is minimized to nil and then it ceases to be a willful act. In such state, only the result or pure knowledge remains. When this (knowledge) too goes away, i.e., when Meditation proceeds towards Reality, or the essence of the object meditated upon, the real or the natural state is the result.

The above is true only when Meditation is done as it ought to be done, and when the object chosen for Meditation is in conformity with the result aimed at.

It is a known fact that every act produces a result. Yet, it is still a mystery as to what precise result a particular act will produce. There is always a factor of adrishta (unseen) which governs the results. Nevertheless, a close control over the acts and their results is possible to be acquired through the development of an intuitional insight. It’ll also be observed that the acts themselves are the results of some subtle causes. When more than necessary interest is attached to have the desired results without knowing the play of adrishta (unseen) factor, without developing the proper intuitional insight, and without being aware of the real cause of the act itself, disappointment, misery, and diseases will be the results. Neurotics, maniacs and half-wits fall within this category.

It has been already pointed out that Meditation is an act. Naturally it will have some results. Here too there are various factors working. If it is desired to see God and converse with Him, and consequently by reading some cheap books, or on the advice of some neophytes, if a picture of God is taken up for Meditation and carried on by applying will force, it will produce some results. The same is the case with efforts to start godly vibrations, or the so-called ajapa japa in the body through the practice of mantras. The mechanical repetition of mantras like: Om Shri Anantha Subrahamanyaya Namaha, or easier ones like Sossssham combining this with breath; or more rhythmic ones like Lailaha – Illallah or Two Plus Twenty, Twenty Five which may be easily combined with the steps while walking, will also bring some results.

As the real cause or the urge to start Meditation is not known, and as there is no intuitional insight with regards to the mechanics of Meditation, and as adhrushta factor is working, these acts will start bringing results, which the doer of the act had neither anticipated nor desired. Still if the act is pursued further the result will be hallucination, neurosis or insanity.

Due to the dangerous results observed in many cases, some teachers have criticized the path of Yoga, calling it a method of intense imagination, etc.. And so they have prescribed the way of devotion coupled with emotion for Meditation purposes. But this too is not without risks if unwisely followed. Some people have lost sight of the aim. Some have developed the so-called “saviourmania.” Some others have again fallen prey to the previously mentioned neurotic states of seeing visions and hearing voices.

The thought of so-called identification of oneself with the object of Meditation has led some in other directions. For instance, some ‘Saints’ have usurped the place of God and declared themselves to be such. Some declare they have come to “save” mankind. Some say they have brought down God to earth to effect speedy evolution. Some others, again, proclaim that they are distributing light in the world. And these “Gods” or “Saints” have got a large number of devotees too.

Then, jnani teachers are also no less in number. Almost all our ochre-colour dressed swamijis are perfect jnanis, no less than Poorna Brahmajnanis! They prescribe various methods of Meditation. Their jnan extends from race-course horses to Lord Narayana sleeping on the snake in the ocean of milk! They know all about curing of various diseases by invoking the favour of the respective Gods! They can invoke the favour of Goddess Lakshmi to win a lottery or a raffle! And they prescribe meditation.

Still more sophisticated swamijis are there, who have captured God by their knowledge of scriptures. They can speak for hours together on public platforms about how souls have originated from God, as sparks of fire: how God has created this wonderful world: what happens when a soul departs from the mortal cage, what is liberation, etc., etc. They too prescribe meditations; such as to think of the world as a mere illusion, not to love (if not to hate) wife, children, father and mother because they do not follow a departed soul, to imagine that the wonderful sound of Om is heard when ears are closed, etc., etc. If they get “deserving” disciples they reveal to them that they are Brahmas – the guru as well as the disciple.

Well, the long and short of the above is that Meditation should be taken up after fixing our aim towards the attainment of the Highest. Then a proper guide must be chosen who is an adept in this art and who has attained the Ideal. Afterwards, one may start the practice as per His instructions. The spirit of doing Meditation is the realisation of the reality of the object through linking of the thought with a subtle quality of that object. Hence, it follows that Meditation should never be done on that which ought to be, in fact, the result of Meditation. All confusion and complexities are due to the negligence of this primary principle. If, fortunately, one comes across a Master of the highest attainment, he should meditate upon the Form of such a Master in order to realise Him.

All the more, if one meditates upon the Form of a Master of highest attainment, he is apt to go up to the Goal and it is the easiest process. The accuracy of this method is found by testing it, but the general way of Meditation is prescribed as to meditate on Divine Light to achieve the same end so that it may suit every mind. The Reality behind is inexplicable.

To go beyond bounds is the work of a saint, and to remain within the bound is the work of an ordinary person. How should we examine the methods prescribed as to whether they keep us within bounds or carry beyond! If the latter is the result of Meditation and proper guidance is available, they will do well.

None can proceed to higher regions without the help of a guide because direct power is working to keep one in the form as one is. How to reconcile when objections are raised on each point of good thing without testing the accuracy? It happens mostly when one takes the direct route to God. The mentality is so perverse that they would like to grasp not the true sense but the lines leading them towards something other than the Goal; because they hear such things from almost all platforms.